*Britney Spears*

UGH! It's Britney...

But we had to put her in here, because she is associated with Justin Puppy, and even though Justin Puppy is not one of our most favorite things, he still does deserve to have his page.

Okay, so we must admit, we like Britney more than Christina, but IT AIN'T FAIR! Sure if we got breast implants and liposuction we too could be pop stars! I mean we lip sync with the best of them! :) (Nah, we be all real, %100 natural, but we also aren't famous... hmmm, I think that might be a hint WHY we aren't famous...)

The only thing that really irks us about Brit, is that SHE CAN NEVER EVER EVER APPRECIATE "Oops!..." The way we can! We love "Oops!..." because it comes right out and says what a big tease and whore she is!!! We wish WE could have recorded that song it's SO AWESOME, even with the stupid "Titanic" reference! And if she tries to tell you it isn't about that, SHE'S LYING!!! Just like how the puppies lie their asses off about "Digital Getdown" (ANOTHER MAJOR FAVE in our books!) :)

WE ARE SO PROUD of little Brit playing Justin SO well and so true to life on SNL though! Right down to the ugly ass pants and the ghetto speak... See Justin Puppy she's not ashamed to admit that you guys are together! In fact we'd have to sya Brit is a great little entertainer there!

And Justin Puppy face, stop being so mean and saying that you and Brit are just friends, we all know the truth and trust us the 12 year olds will get over it. You two make the sweetest little annoying couple we ever did see, and it's much better than the couple you make with that garbage can, you know that the garbage can never reads your letters anyhow...