*Lance's Book*

Yeah yeah yeah, so Lance didn't write a book, but he just doesn't do much to acutally pick on him too much, besides we thought those shiny choir outfits were CUTE, Lance Puppy! So we kinda just made this product up too, LIKE ALL THE OTHERS! We're such liers, heeheehee.... :)

Lance Bass' Pimp Daddy's Guide to Horniness

Here's a quick preview...

Step 1: Create a band with four other members (all of the same gender) and spend every moment of your life with them. Cut off all contact with anyone of the opposite sex (or same sex if this is your preference)

Step 2: Remain the shy, quiet one for a majority of your first tour. This gives the other people the impression that you are not a horn dog and that you are quite cool and collected. It's all about how you pull yourself off in the beginning.

Step 3: Create a situation in which there will be several members of the opposite sex around in skimpy/risky outfits.

Step 4: Catch them all off guard (they all believe you are shy and quiet)!!

If you would like to learn more, just order Lance's Pimp Daddy's Guide to Horniness. You can order by phone, email, or snail mail.

If any of these other products strike your fancy call 1-800-SAD-GIRL to order your Justin Timberlake Translator, Chris Styling Gel, and/or Lance Pimp Daddy's Guide to Horniness. If you have access to the internet our website is www.shitynsyncboyproducts.com. Prices may vary depending on how much we care to send these products to you.

Enjoy the rejects of N'Sync and have a wonderful day! :)

You know we're only teasing! We love da puppies! :)