*Why YOU Should LOVE Our Webpage*

If you do not like our webpage for any other reason but this, we will be satisfied and happy with making it:

Bri had to save JUSITN, LANCE, and CHRIS pictures on her computer hard drive!!!!! Not only that but ALSO BRITNEY AND CHRISTINA pictures as well!!!! So please tell us it was all worth it, it was worth the horror of having to save the horrible image to the hard drive and take up space on Bri's computer! You cannot imagine how icky that was! It took an extreme amount of restraint to hit the 'save' button, not the 'delete' button without Bri vomiting copiously (Oooh! That's a shiny quarter word!) upon her keyboard. If not, Bri will be EXTREMELY bitter, not only because they're famous and she's not, but becasue she saved the awful images for NOTHING!

Thank you! Just thought we'd share that with you! :)