The Daily Adverstiment

Bri and KB say... GO HERE! :)

Boys There's No You Without Us

We created this wonderful page to highlight what's the newest of the new on our page, or just things we really really really really really want to share with all y'all! :) So we titled it our daily advertisment page, even though it isn't changed daily or anything, we just wanted you to see these things so we had to lure you in somehow! :)

Today's 'Daily' Date: September 20th, 2000!!!

Here's our highlight for Kim, who a college girl like us and who we fell madly for after she signed our guest book, she's bright, sweet, smart, funny... we're surprised the boys of *NSYNC haven't found her yet themselves and wisked her off!!! Well, PLEASE go visit this cool chicks site, we promised that we'd try to be good friends and support her SO GO NOW! We promise, you'll love her too! :)

Moral of the story: Sign our guestbook and get a featured highlight on our page! :)