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First a little story about the site:


Late 1980’s and early 1990’s happened to be the era of my teenage; they say that stage is when you define the person that you will be for the rest of your life… looking back at it I concluded it’s true, because I went from Heavy Metal to Pop and then to Hip Hop and R&B (which are the genders that music is all about for me at present).


I specially fell in love with this thing people in the music industry call New Jack Swing, I never thought I was gonna reach it through a bubble-gum-labeled group called New Kids on the Block; they were my favorite, but I really became a huge fan when they released “Face the music” which, in my opinion, is one of the representatives of the musical trends of that time.


In my leisure time I used work on some remixes and mix tapes, the first one was in 2000, I also got involved a little with web mastering, but I really didn’t become that good. Well, a little later I began mastering this site, which for a reason that is out of my understanding survived my lack of attention J, it was originally created as a tribute to New Kids on the Block, but now I’ve decided to bring along the rest of the artist that represent that era, so if you’re in your thirty-something, I know you’re gonna enjoy these mixes!


God Bless! Love, DJ Pospre.

February 2009






From Mexico to the world!!


Here are the mixes I’ve done, I hope you enjoy them, they are totally free (the download files even include front and back covers), but If you wish to make a donation in support of these works contact me to




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NKOTB Hypermixes


1 Face the music (Dre day scrap dub mix)

2 Hangin’ tough (The kids get tough mix)

3 Call it what you want (Short edition)

4 The first album medley

5 Step by step (The Dan AD Remix)

6 You got it (The right stuff) (The Inciso D remix)

7 Never gonna fall in love (The AD Studio acid mix)

8 The solo medley

9 Games (The non-believer shock remix)

10 Dirty dawg (Barking Hip-Hop ultimix)

11 My favorite girl (Upbeat mix)

12 What’cha gonna do (about it) (Short edition)

13 Face the music megamix

14 The Jordan Knight megamix





Download: HERE





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What the Funk?!


Megamix 1

Intro / Gillette – Do fries go with that shake?, East 17 – I want it, Gerardo – Pepe (Bust a cap on’em), House of Pain – Jump around

Megamix 2

Arrested Development – People everyday, Fugees – Fugeela, Paperboy – Diddy, MASE – Fells so good

Megamix 3

Doug E. Fresh – Spirit, 4 The Cause – Stand by me, Mel B – I want you back, Boyz II Men – Vibin’

Megamix 4

Janet Jackson – Got ‘til it’s gone, LL Cool J – Mama said knock you out, Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hurray, Pras – Ghetto Supastar

Megamix 5

K7 – Come baby come, Joe Public – Live and learn, Color me badd – Heartbreaker, Bell Biv DeVoe – Above the rim


Download: HERE

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Remixed Eighties


1. Intro – Remixed Eighties

2. M.A.R.S.S. – Pump up the volume (Bonus beat)

3. Snap – The power (Jungle fever remix)

4. Technotronic – Pump up the jam (Top FM mix by Kevin J & R Cue)

5. Paula Abdul – Straight up (Marly Marl mix)

6. Rick Astley – Together forever (House of love mix)

7. New Kids on the Block – The right stuff (12” Version)

8. Bobby Brown - My prerogative (Extended remix)

9. Milli Vanilli – Baby, don’t forget my number (Heartline mix)

10. Dino – I like it (Extended 12” version)

11. Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison (London style)

12. Dimples D – Resucker DJ (Remix)

13. Depeche Mode – Policy of truth (Extended version)

14. Fine Young Cannibals – She drives me crazy (David Z Remix)




Download: HERE


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Remixed Nineties


01 - Intro – Remixed Nineties

02 - Backstreet Boys - Backstreet’s back (Matty’s Remix)

03 - East 17 – Hold my body tight (Brian Harvey Mix)

04 - TLC – Creep (Maxx Remix)

03 - Lauryn Hill – Doo woop (Gordan’s Dub)

04 - Salt n’ Pepa – Shoop (European Radio Mix)

05 - Michael Jackson – Jam (Teddy’s Jam)

06 - Marky Mark and The Funky bunch – Good Vibrations

(Club Dub Mix)

07 - Chumbawamba – Tubthumping (Butthumping Mix)

08 - EMF – Unbelievable (Hip Hop Mix)

09 - Snow – Informer (Clark’s Fat Bass Mix)

10 - Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hurray (Pete Rock Remix)

11 - Tag Team - Whoomp! Here it is (WPGC Remix)

12 - Wrecks-n-Effect – Rump Shaker (Radio Remix)



Download: HERE






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