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Trying to Move On

Nick sat staring at the blank television screen. Maura rounded the corner, laundry basket in hand.

Nick honey... you do know the t.v isn't on right?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, just thinking.."

"About what?"

" Nothing in particular?"

"Nope just letting my mind wander" Nick replied heading towards the kitchen.

Maura picked up the laundry basket and headed down the hallway. Nick pulled out a carton of ice cream and put six large scoops into a bowl and covered it with chocale syrup and caramel sauce. He sat at the table and began to eat. Maura sighed as she stared into the kitchen.

"Hey wanna take a walk a walk tonight?" She asked

"Not really"

"How about some basketball then?"

"Not tonight" He grunted.

Maura had been trying to get Nick out of the house for nearly a week without success.

"You are going to spoil your dinner you know" She snapped, talking some chicken out of the fridge.

"I'll still eat dinner." Nick sputtered between bites.


"What is for dinner" He asked.

"Fetticini with chicken."

"Yum!" Nick smiled.

"I'm going to go grill up this chicken." Maura smiled as she began boiling water for the pasta.

"Ok honey."

Maura grabbed the phone as went outside. She started up the grill and sat down next to the pool.

"Desperate Measures. Gotta call in the enforcements." She said aloud as she dialed.

"Hey! You have reached the Littrell family! Leave a message and we just may get back to ya!"

"Umm, hey Bri, I just wanted to talk about Nick a little, just give me a call back. Bye." She hung up the phone and returned the grill.

After dinner Nick went into the livingroom and started watching a baseball game. As Maura loaded the dishwasher the telephone rang.She snatched it off the wall.


"Hey Maura its Bri."

"Who is it?" Nick yelled.

"Leighanne. Its for me!" Maura shouted back.

"So what's going on?" Brian asked.

Nick hasn't left the house in 6 days, he refuses to do anything, he just watches t.v and eats all day."

"Thats not good..."

"I just need some ideas, what am I going to do?"

"Look I will call AJ and tell him to call and get him outta there. Maybe he can get some info from him.."

"ugh, thanks Bri!"

"I thought you said it was Leigh."

Maura turned and saw Nick at the kitchen door. "Yeah, the baby was crying, got hungry. She passed the phone to Bri."

"Oh, can I talk to him? He asked.

"Of course... Bri just tell Leigh I will call her tomorrow ok?"

"Sure...wink, wink." Brian laughed. Maura passed the phone to Nick and went back to the dishes.

" Whats up Brian?"

"Not a whole lot, just daddy type things.."

"Sounds great!"

"Yeah but I miss you bud!"

" Me too, why ya gotta live so far away?"

"It sucks..hey have you heard from the other guys?"

"Nope, not really."

"Well AJ claims he wants to hang out, you should give him a call tomorrow."

"Fo' Sho' " Nick laughed.

"Alright then, I should go, but don't be a stranger call a man once in a while.."

"Sure will, I guess I will catch you later then."

"See ya buddy!"

Nick hung up the phone. "You know I ain't stupid!"

"Nick, what are you talkung about?" Mara exclaimed.

"You told him Ive been moping around the house didn't you?!? Look I am just relaxing, taking it easy. Don't go callin' the fellas and blabbing my damn business. If I want to watch sports and eat junk food, and drink all day, everyday for a year, I WILL. This is my house and I will do whatever I want! YOU GOT IT??" He yelled.

"Nick I didn't say anything!! Why are you being so defensive?"

"Look, I know you think I am all depressed and I don't understand why! I am just taking some time to lounge around in MY HOUSE!"

" Ok, first of all this is OUR house, I believe two names are on the deed. And I didn't do anything wrong, and I do not appreciate being yelled at for talking on the phone!" Maura screamed back.

"Yeah. Ok. WHATEVER."

"Nickolas you PARANOID FREAK!! You can kiss my ass!!! She yelled and ran out of the room and up the stairs. Nick sat at the table and put his head in his hands.

"God...This is bad..." He muttered.

Upstairs Maura sat, locked in the bathroom. She ran her fingers across her cell phone and sighed. The boys hadn't been together in ages and now they'd postponed the album critics were calling "The farewell album". Nick had finished his solo tour and had no immediate plans for a follow-up album. He'd been sitting around for days at a time, when he did leave it was for junk food, beer, or the occasional DVD. Maura tried her best to just let Nick do what he wanted to do, hoping he'd snap out of it. She kept telling herself he was just going through a little rough spot. "He's only missing the guys" She told herself. After all, he'd spent the last decade with them in an extraordinary situation. Now they were seperated by not only miles, but personal lives as well. And Nick was hurting.

"I don't even have anyone to call" She said out loud.

Her family was in Minnesota, so were the few friends she still talked to, and they were upset she lived so far away with a man she wasn't even married to. She flipped the phone open and sighed as she dialed.


"I'm sorry I told you to kiss my ass." She said.

"Where are you??" Nick asked, puzzled.

"The bathroom."

"Oh, I see...Look I am sorry I yelled you like that. You are the only person who really gets me, and I really don't want to screw this up."

"Me neither. I love you."

There was a knok at the door, Maura hung the phone and unlocked the door.

"But I love you more." Nick smiled and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Let's go to bed, Im tired..." Maura laughed as the walked down the hall.

Maura rolled over and looked at the clock. 3:18. She rolled over to look at Nick, only to find empty space. She sat up, expecting to hear to hear the t.v downstairs, but there was only silence. She got out of bed and put on her robe. She walked downstairs and looked around. She glanced in the kitchen and turned to go down the hallway when she saw the patio door ajar. She slid open and stepped outside. It was windy so she gather her robe tighter. She looked and saw Nick on the beach at the edge of the water. She walked across the deck , down the stairs, and onto the sand. Without warning Nick collapsed face first into the ocean. Maura reaced toward him and pulled him out of the water and onto his side. She ran into the house and grabbed the phone. She fumbled with the number as she ran back outside.