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Cute Stuff

I've run across alot of quotes from the boys over the years. Here are some of my favories.


~Facts are facts, you guys said 5 minutes and it's been 5 minutes and 35 seconds.

~ I'm married to these guys

~ Let's go interupt shall we

~My butt hurts~

Take off your shirt Nick

Would you STOP?!?!!

~You'll probably see me riding this roller coaster...But in REALITY..I ain't gonna be ridding this rollercoaster

~ A.J's to blame for this~

I leaned over to kiss her and fell right out of my chair.


~So I went on t.v and made a fool of myself

~ The flying wha?

~ You see umbrells only work when the water comes from above

~ Suga, Suga!

~ This is all mine I hope you know, Life Styles of the Rich and Nicky.


~Those are stolen towels ~Uh-oh!Im in trouble

~Ow.My ear. MY EAR.

~I like to watch AJ spend his money, he's good at that.


~Hey, where do I stick this thing?

~ I need love~

It's in the key of AJ

~ It's been real, Im out!


~I want a divorce!

Then I'm naked.

~ It's all your fault Nick~


~ Where the hell am I going?

~ Friggin fall on that stuff

~ It's kinky isn't it?

~ Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question, yes is the answer.~

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