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She felt a sneeze coming on as she dug through the box of old things in the back of the garage. She was deep in thought when her step-fater's voice knocked her out of them.

"Kaci! Get in here!" He yelled.

"What?!" SHe yelled as she walked into the pathetically small living room.

"Get me more beer!" He demanded.

"Go to the fridge and get it yourself!" Kaci yelled.

Kaci was 11 years old and her step-father treated her VERY badly. She had no brothers or sisters. She wasn't even allowed to go to school. She had to stay home in case He needed anything. She didn't even have a name for Him. He didn't deserve one. She sneezed.

"Not from the fridge! From the store!" He yelled, "And wipe your nose!"

"Oh, Lay off her!" Kaci's mother could be heard from the bedroom. He also treated her mother very badly.

" No! You got the car! You go get it!" Kaci yelled. He lept up from his chair and at her throat. She tried to run, but he pounced on her and pressed her against the wall.

"I told you to do something, and you best do it! For your own good, little girl!" He yelled through clenched teeth with his hand around her throat.

"Now go!" He yelled. She spat at him as he let her go. He chased her out of the house. Her mother could be heard fighting with him down the street.

At the store, alot of people noticed the bruises on her face and the cigarrette burns on her arms. Nobody said anything. They just stopped and stared. She walked over and picked up a case and carried it over to the check-out counter.

"Whoa little lady, can I see some ID?" The man behind the counter asked.

" Oh, I'm not buying this for me, this is for my step-dad." Kaci said looking up at him.

" I'm sorry. I can't sell this to you." The man said. Kaci felt fear well up inside of her.

" Please?" SHe squeaked.

" I'm sorry." The man said.

" You don't understand--" She began.

" I'm sorry,Little one." The man said. She just bowed her head and walked out of the store. She knew what He would do if he didn't get what he wanted. She decided not to go home right away.


"Are you sure this is the right town? Even the right state?" AJ asked the driver.

"Yep. This is Albuquerque." The driver said.

" Not much here." Brian commented.

They passed alot of people walking.. Including Kaci. Only Nick passed a glance. What he saw in that little girl's eyes chilled him. What he saw was fear. He also noticed the bruises and burns.

"What's wrong?" Brian asked Nick

"N'Nothing.." Nick said.

When she finally decided to go home, it was already dusk. But Kaci got a surprise when she got home. The house was surrounded by cops and an ambulance was speeding off. When she asked an officer what had happened, he told her that both her parents were dead. Both had been shot. One had a chance at living, but barely alive.

"Are you the daughter?"Another officer asked.

She turned and ran, sobbing, remembering her mother.

She ran all the way into town. The town of Albuquerque. Where she saw the blonde man. She almost forgot. But that didn't matter anymore. Nothing did. She wanted to get away. Stop the pain. She ran in to a place called "Journal Pavilion". Little did she know, that the music she was hearing throughout the concert-hall, lead to the blonde man and his best friends.