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About Me!

Hello! Welcome to my webpage! I am really bad at updating, so This place is always under major construction!

Let me tell you about myself. Im 21 years old and a huge fan of the boys, Im not an over grown teeny bopper, I just really love and respect the music. Im also a big Journey fan, as well as a Huuuge Garth fan. I also like The Who, Aerosmith,U2, The Police, and many others!

I haven't been able to update much lately due to the fact that I am planning a wedding! My fiance Kristopher and I will be married sometime next year. There's lots to do!

Other than school and planning the wedding, I dont do much but take care of my two guys, Kris as well as my over spoiled cat Dui. (Pronounced like Duey)

I urge you guys to email me your stories or humor etc it's much easier if I can just copy and paste it, especially on my time schedule.

Thanks for stopping by!!