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In An Instant

Howie opened up the long drapes that had been long keeping out the sun. As the golden rays poured in Howie hid his eyes, not accustomed to the light. He'd been held up for days in his small home, not answering the phone, drowning himself in old Cd's. It had been many years since he'd seen any of his bandmates. A reunion tour lie just ahead. "We'll be on tour no matter what" Aj had told reporters earlier that day. "Maybe this will draw more attention to the tour" Howie thought as he stepped out into the yard.

The sound of the ocean crashing many feet below comforted Howie. He stepped onto the ledge where he'd sat many nights before looking down into the ocean. He took a breath and let go, ready to fly.

News of his death spread quickly, and his bandmates began to mourn. After a memorial service The remaining four received a package in the mail. It contained a letter and a few personal items. Howie had sent it.

Kevin opened the letter and began to read.

~~~ Dear Kevin,Alex,Nick and Brian, I am sorry to put you through this but I felt it was my time to go. I urge you to continue on with the tour and ask of you all simply one thing. Please Remember me. I will be waiting for you all on the other side. I left you all a few things, pictures, trinkets, little things I cherished. I will see you when you get here. Live and Love like there is no tomorrow. Goodbye guys I love you all. Howard.~~~

Kevin folded up the letter and let the tears fall. Aj turned his head toward the sky, "I promise you Howie, I'll mourn you 'till I join you.