U- Nick, I love you with all my heart. I cannot imagine not living without you. Yes. The answer is Yes! N- Baby. This is so great. I love you. U- I love you too. You kiss him and everyone starts to cheer. Justin- Wait, Maybe we can recreate this scene again, Only with different people. Justin gets on one knee and says Justin- Brit, you are such an amazing gurl. Every the Mickey Mouse Club I have been in love with you. I have gone out with other gurls and claimed that I loved them, but I was lying to myself. The only person I have ever loved is you. Will you do me the honor of being my wife, forever? Brit- Yes. Yes! Then everyone starts to cheer again. Nick and Justin put the rings on your fingers. You guys just dance the night away. You kind of drank a lot but it did not matter. You were going to get married to Nick Carter. Nick took you home around 6 in the morning. Luckily enough neither of you had plans the next day. You went home and fell right asleep. Then at 12 in the afternoon the doorbell rang. You went to the door and found nick there with a dozen roses in his hand. U- Hey baby, I mean fiancee, how are you? N- Good. How are you wife-to-be? U- Wonderful. You put you arms around his neck and kiss him. Then you hear someone clear his throat. You look and there was a cop there. Cop- Sorry, but does ************ ************* live here? U- This is she. How may I help you? Cop- Do you know a Ms. Amanda WillaFord? U- Yea. She kidnapped my little gurl. Why do you ask? Cop- She just got out of jail, on parole. U- Excuse me, you mean she wondering the streets?! OMG. Cop- that is why I am here. I here to inform you about it. You have to know. U- Thank you for coming by. Cop- If she were to bother you in anyway please contact us as soon as you can. U- Yes, of course. N- Good day officer. Cop- good-bye. N- Man, Where are the kids? At my momís house. Maybe I should go pick them up. N- Do you want me to get them? U- Yea. Bring them here. I gotta go to Orlando anyway. I will take them with me. I gotta call Jus! tin and tell him about this. Bye Hun. N- Bye Babe. You immediately run to the phone and call Justin you tell him about the situation he wanted to take the kids but you told him how you were going to Orlando. He said that he was going there too in 2 days. You hang up and turn around. You see Willa. U- Willa! How did you get in? Willa- I broke in. Come with me. She grabs you arm and pulls you to the door. U- Where are we going? Let go of me! Willa- you ruined m life. Now I am going to ruin yours. Letís go. U- Let go of me. Willa- No. She takes you outside to her car. She pushís you in and gets into the drivers seat and drives away. She stops at a stoplight you open the door and jump out. You begin to run. You notice that you are near Justinís condo. You just keep on running. Willa jumps out of the car and chases you. You see Justinís house. You go and turn the doorknob. It was locked. You start to bang on the door. Willa is getting closer. Then the door opens you step in and so does Willa. You see Justin and Brit. Willa- I gotcha you know. No where to run or hide. She pulls out a gunÖ..