U- Nick. Please get her back as soon as you can. Please. I need her. Have a safe flight. N- Thanx. I will see you soon. U- Bye. You were at the airport. You got there before Nick so you can fix you ticket and get your bags ready. After Nick got on the plane you got on the plane too. You sat all the way in the back. A lot of people gave you funny looks but just ignored it. At one point they showed a broadcast of your press conference about Julie. Some people just looked at you and brushed it off. It was a long flight. When you got off in Paris. You kinda of followed Nick. You made sure he did not see you. You kept your distance to not make it look so obvious. When he checked into a hotel you checked into one across the street from him. As you were waiting for him to leave all you ever saw on the television was your press conference. Then you saw Nick leave the hotel so about 2 min. later you followed him. Then he wen onto an isolated road. You kept your distance. It did not look funny cause there were other people there. Then Nick went into a driveway and a house. You determine it was Willaís house. You park your car outside and wait, and wait, and wait. You are there till 10 at night Paris time. Finally you decide to go inside and see what is going on you go in. You look for Julie. No one was downstairs. You go upstairs, you go into a room, and you found Julie. U- Julie (you whisper)! Julie- mommy, I am so happy to see you. I missed you. Look at this doll Amanda bought me. U- Leave it here and we will pick it up later. Letís go. Letís go home. Julie- Okay. U- Honey can you be quite for mommy. Julie- Okay. She pretends to zips up her mouth, locks it up and pretends to throw away the key. You just smile and you are happy that you got your baby gurl back. You walk past a room and see the door a bit open. You are curious to look. But you are also afraid that maybe Willa was in there. You decide to look for Nick. You look in every room except the one you thought that Willa was in. You look into the room and ! you see Nick getting dressed and Willa on the bed. You put two and two together. Nick looks up. U- I cannot believe this. N- *************, please. Let me explain. U- I trusted you. I cannot believe this. Knock, Knock. You wake up. You were dreaming the whole time. U- Huh?! You look and see Nick with Julie. U- Julie! You get out of the car, take her from Nick, and give her such a big hug. U- Come on Honey. Letís go. N- Wait. What are you doing here? U- I just had to see Julie. Nick, just let me take her with me. N- Fine. Hurry though. Willa is gonna come out of the house any minute now. Go. You put Julie into the back seat and drive away. You were finally calm in such a long time. Now it was time to go home, tell the cops about Willa, and send her to jail. Where she belongs. Everything in your life couldnít get any better.