Justin- Okay so I have decided that we should first release a statement stating that we have 2 kids. That we were married for a couple of months and then proceed to the kidnapping. U- When is all this? Justin- Right now. U- What? Are you serious?! Justin- Live. On National Television, on TRL. U- OMG. I am not ready for this. Justin- You will be fine. Just remember that we should not sit right next together. U- Cause I am in a relationship and it would look odd? Justin- Exactly. Okay here we are. U- Letís go. You guys walk in and see so many reporters from across the world. U- Who did you tell. The whole world. Justin- Pretty much. I gotta to get back Julie. You just gotta be calm. Here we go. Be careful. U- I might have just got out of the hospital but that does not mean that I am in critical condition. You guys sit down with 3 seats between you. You look at Justin and he gestures that you should start first. You decide to talk about your condition. U- Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for coming to this press conference. We have a lot of things to go over today. Reporter- How are you Ms. ***********. U- I am doing better. I will be fine. Thank you. But please hold all questions to the entire end. We are here to discuss many things. Mr. Timeberlake and I have to confess many things. Please do not make any judgments until we have explained everything. Justin, would you care to start. Justin- Sure. Well, Ms. ************ and I have known each other for a while now. 11 years to be exact. 6 years ago, N Sync and I had to go to Europe to start off our career. I had invited Ms. ********** to come along. While being in Europe we had started a relationship. We grew close. Then 9 months later Ms. ************* gave birth to our first child, Andrew Riley Timberlake. At that point of our lives we were only 16 years of age. So we had decided that we were not to get married and we were to continue our relationship. 2 years later Ms. ************* gave birth to our 2nd child, Julie Ann Timberlak! e. Right after Ms.************* gave birth to Julie we had gotten married. During our marriage we had concluded that the love had left and we were better off as friends. ************, would you like to continue. U- Sure. So we got divorced at the age 19. Then we both continued our lives as we are living now. Now, the other reason we have called you here. Our daughter, Julie has been kidnapped. We know who has kidnapped her. We will not release that information however for if we do, we are afraid that this person might try to kill our daughter because of it. Now we are asking the world to please help find our daughter. She is only 3years old and she needs to be with me. I need her. I cannot go to sleep with out her. Please. You start to cry. Justin- To the person who has her, please. I know you are not doing this to torture Julie. We know why you are doing this. Please return her to us. Please. Man. I cannot believe this is going on. Any questions? Reporter #1- How did this happen?

Justin- Our daughter had been staying at Nickolas Carterís house of the Backstreet Boys. She had asked Mr. Carter if she could go outside and he agreed and so she went out side to the backyard and from there she had found her way to the front of the house and that is when we suspect is when she got kidnapped. Yes. Reporter #2- This question is for *************, do you think that your relationship with Mr. Carter might have affected this. Maybe a fan did this to get back at you? U- my relationship with Mr. Carter is none of your business and I will not answer that question cause it doesnít. Yes Reporter #3- I just have to say is that you guys did a good job of making sure that the media does not know anything about this. Trust me I am one of those people who investigate these types of things. I would have not known until today U- Thank you. Anymore questions. You continued the rest of the time answering questions. Until there were no more questions. Then you were at the point of breaking down so you asked Justin to take you home. You go home and see at least 20 different messages from people in the entertainment industry. All of them were saying that they were there to help you and help you get through this tough time. The last message was form Nick. He just wanted to see how you were doing. He said that you looked Sick at the conference. After the message was the song "Anywhere For You" you listened to the song and after that he said to call you after you got this message. You called him. N- Hello? ***********? U- Yea, it is me. I loved your message. N- Thanx. How are you? U- Tired. But I have never been better. Do you remember what you said yesterday, about me now knowing how much you love me? N- Yea? What about it? U- Well I have been thing about it and I do know you love me. I have always known it. Just never really occurred me till now. Listen I would come and see you but it is kinda late. Listen I will drop by tomorrow. N-Yea. I need to get out of here so I can get on a plane to France. U- why? N-! Remember I gotta see Willa and get Julie back. U- Ohh yea. Is the cop still there? N- No, he is coming tomorrow. U- Oh. Okay Well, the Aj invited all of us over to his house tonight. I better call him and tell him that I am not going. N- Why not? U- Now is not the time to party. N- It is not a party. He just wants all of the guys and their gurls and mine to bet here. U- Oh. Well maybe what I need now is friends. N- Yea. Friends are exactly what you need. I will see you tomorrow. U- Sure. Bye Hon. Click. Ring Ring. U- Hello? P- Hey there. This little gurl here missís you. U- Who is this? Willa- I thought you knew. Didnít Nick tell you? U- Is this Ashley? ( you are playing dumb cause if she knew that you knew then that would totally ruin nickís plan) Willa- OMG. No it is not that basterd. Canít you tell that this is a gurl? Jeez. U- OMG. This is not Ashley. Who are you? Please send my baby back please. You break down into tears. Willa- You caused yourself to get into this position. Now you are going to have to try to get yourself out of this. Click. You throw the phone. You are just sitting there crying. P- *********, are you okay? You do not respond. You are just sitting on the floor and crying. Brian- ************, are you okay? U- No. I cannot handle it. I tried to be strong. It is not working. I need Julie. I cannot live through the night without knowing where she is. B- We need to get you some help. U- NO! I donítí need help. What I need right now is something to drink and I know where to get some. Letís go to Boneís house. B- Oh no, no, no. You are not gonna drink. U- I am 21. The law states that I can get drunk if I want to. So I am, I am gonna get something that will calm me down. B- We will go to Boneís house, but drinking is sooo out of the question. U- Whatever. Letís just go. B-Fine. Letís go out to the car. You go out to the car and see Leighanne is already there. You get in. Leigh- Hey gurl! How are you? U- fine. I got a question to sniff ask you sniff ask you. Leigh- Sure. What ! is it? U- You guys live in Atlanta right? B- yea? So? U- How come you guys are always in Orlando and over at my house? B- well, we have a house in Orlando, before tour starts I like to come down here to be in contact with the guys. Also, we live a block away from you and since Nick is not around we just wanted to check on you. You are a young gurl all alone in a big house. U- Excuse me but, I do have 2 kids and I have been married. I am not young. I have been through more than any other 21-year-old out they are. Trust me. Leigh- We are here. U- Finally. I can go to the bar. B- You are not gonna drink. This is just a get together. No one is gonna drink. U- Except for me and Bone. You get out of the car. Leigh- What happened when you went into the house? B- The door was wide open, and I found her on the ground crying, the phone over near broken glass. She must have thrown the phone and broken something. Leigh- Did you check to see who called? Maybe is was Amanda! B- Maybe it was her. Should I go check? Leigh- No, cause she would suspect something. U- Are you guys coming. Everyone is inside. Not out here. Come on. Leigh- Coming. You guys go inside and see everyone was already there. Kev- Hey ******, How are ya? U- Good. Yo Bone. Aj- What? U- Where is the bar? Aj- where it has always been. In the kitchen. U- Thanx. Aj- No Prob. B- Aj lock the bar this gurl is not gonna drink tonight. U- Hey, you are not my father. Bone, do not lock it. I am gonna drink as much as I want. Kev- Are you sure? What happened? U- What happened?! Where have you been? My little gurl is somewhere else in the world and I cannot even call her to tell her a story on the phone. I cannot jump in the car, go over to Justinís Momís house, tuck her into the bed, and tell her that she can come to my house tomorrow and to spend the day with mommy. I cannot do anything until she is here. Andy. Andy is here. I am gonna go see him. That is what I need. I need my other kid. Aj-***********, calm down. You need to sit down and relax. I know this is in! tense for you but you have to sit down and think about this. The more you freak out the more stressed out you are gonna get. Sit down. U- No. I am gonna see Andy. How-Let me take you, please, for Andy sake. U- What do you mean for Andyís sake? How- Well it looks like right now you are under a lot of stress. U- I am fine. I will be fine B- Let one of us drive you. Please. You just look at everyone and the looks on their faces. They looked really worried. U- Fine. Whoever wants to take me, take me. But make it fast. Kev- I will drive you. U- Fine. Letís go. You guys go out the car and get into his car. U- Kev, hurry up. I need to go see him. Kev- calm down. We are going. U- I am not going to survive the next couple days. I swear. Kev- yea you will. You just sit there and think about Julie. You go to Justinís Momís house and spend the whole night with Andy. You sat there the whole night watching him. Scared that someone was going to take him away. You never left his side. In the morning Justin came and said that he heard about everything that had happened the night before and suggested that you should go to the hospital to see Nick. You see the worry in his eyes and go. When you get to the hospital and see Nick walking out of the hospital. U- Nick. I thought you were suppose to be in the hospital for another week. N- Well, they saw such a big improvement in my scar that they said I could go home early. U- Cool. So, um, letís take you home. N- I heard about what happened last night. U- Does the whole world know? N- I actually called Boneís house to see how everything was going and Brian told me about everything. Who called you house last night that you broke a lamp? U- Excuse me? N- After you left Brian said he went to your house and the door was still open. He went in, picked up the phone, and saw the broken lamp. He saw a number on the phone on the caller id. U- so? N- why didnít you tell me that she called? U- do I have to tell you everything? Are you my father?! Jeez. I have got to leave this town. People ! here are so annoying. N- People here care for you and what you are going through. They want to help you. Parents would understand what it would be like to lose a child. Besides if you were to leave, no matter where you go people will feel sorry for you. The whole world knows about your situation. I saw the broadcast too. Everyone in the hospital saw it too because it was broadcasted it on every single channel. Even the weather channel. U- Well sorry for caring. N- you need to go home. You have bags under your eyes, you are pale white, and look as if you have not eaten in a long time. Come on we are gonna go home. U- Fine. You guys go home you take a shower, put on some new clothes, and Nick prepared a huge meal for you. After you eat you and Nick discuss about the whole Willa thing. He decides to go to the home in about a week then he would sneak Julie out and he would get on the next plane to America. You wanted to go to France and being there when Julie leaves. He tells you it would be safer if he went by himself. Still, you have your sneaky ways and decide that you were going to check where Nickís flight was going to land and then get a coach ticket and basically follow Nick to Willaís house. You just had to do it. Or else. You were going to go insane.