Nick- You will see her again man. I will make sure of it. Justin- I do not know, I do not trust you. Not anymore. You can never come near her again when she is found. If she is found. U- Justin, do not talk like that. Julie is going to be in our arms again soon. Okay?! Justin- How do you know? How can you be so sure? How can you be so calm? U- you think I am calm? Justin, if I was not in this bed right now I would be walking back and forth freaking out. But I cannot do that till tomorrow. And now is not the time to point fingers. This is not Nickís fault. Justin- Oh yea it is. He should have been with her. U- Oh yea, who was the one who lost her in the mall? Justin- That is not the same! U- Listen, she could have been kidnapped if it was not to Lance. Listen, she asked him to go outside and he wanted her to have a good time and he said yes. Then she did what she was not suppose to and she went to the front yard and that is when Willa kidnapped her. Justin- WillaFord is behind this? That bitch and to think I supported her with album. Man, I gotta go. I gotta call the FBI. U- No. Justin, now is not the time. We need to give out a public statement about Julie and Andrew. N- Andrew? Who the hell is Andrew? U- UmmÖ.Well I had another kid with Justin. N- When? Last night? This kids pop out of nowhere. I cannot keep up with your life. Nurse, I need a different room. U- Nick where are you going? N- Somewhere, were I could think with you not in the room. U- Fine, leave, I will not visit you. N- But I will visit you. Nurse- Come on sir. We found a room for you. Justin- Bye Carter. N- Later. Bye ***********. U- Bye. Nick leaves. Justin- I cannot believe you are going out with that guy. U- You wouldnít understand. Justin- Yea I would. You love him right? U- Yea, but the way I feel for him I have never felt for anyone before. Justin- Well I still think you and Lance should have been together. U- Lance and Me? Ha! What a joke! Justin- He still likes you. U- Sure. Then Britney runs in. Brit- **********, gurl! How are ! you? I heard about what happened so I can to see you. Oh, Hi Justin. Justin- Hey. How are yaí? Brit- Fine. ***********, Listen. I need a place to stay for a while. Seeing that Justin and me are not together anymore. Besides, I was thinking, You, Jessica, Christina, and me could move in together. It would be cool. U- I would love that. But right now is not the time to talk about this. Julie got kidnapped today. Brit- What? Who did it? U- Willa. Brit- are you serious? But I thought she was on tour! U- I guess not. Brit- I am sorry. Does Andy know yet? U- Nope. He is only 5. He would not get it. Brit- I have always been confused. How did kids and the marriage thing happen? Justin- Well we have known each other since we were about 10. I parents knew each other. So that is how we knew each other. U- When Justin went to Europe I wanted to go to. We were about 15 at the time. That same year I got pregnant. Then, we decided that maybe we should not get married and I had Andrew Riley Timberlake. Then I got pregnant again 2 years later. Then Julie Ann Timberlake came into out lives when we were 18. We got married. The marriage lasted for about a year. That is it. Justin- I better pick up Andy from my momís house. Later. U- Bye. Justin left. Brit- It is so hard to be in the same room as he is. Not only that but we gotta do a photo shoot soon, together. U- You will survive. I know that you still love him. Brit- Yea I do. But does he? U- We just gotta find out. Brit- How? You pick up U- We just gotta find out. Brit- How? You pick up the phone and dial Justinís phone number. Justin- Hey *********. What is going on? Did they you find her? I'm at my momís house. **************, Talk please. U- do you still like Brit? Justin- what kind of question is that? U- just answers the question! Justin- I donít know. After seeing her today. I have no clue. U- Okay. By the way you gotta meet me tomorrow at the hospital so you can take me home and we can discuss this situation. Justin- Okay. Later. Brit- So? U- Mixed feelings. Just wa! it, he will come to his senses soon. Brit- Well I gotta go. Call me. Okay? U- Okay. Buh-Bye. Brit- Bye. You were left alone in your room. You were thinking about what had just happened. Nick left you to go to another room. Was he serious about what he had said to Willa? You still could not believe that she was gone. You were still in shock. Knock, Knock. You look up and see Kevin and Kristen in the door way. U- Hey guys. Kris-Hey gurl. Are you okay? U- I couldnít be worse. Kev-You are getting out tomorrow though! U- But I gotta start making plans about something. Kris- What? U- How to get Julie back. I also gotta start looking into school for Andy. Kev- Who is Andy? U- My other kid. Kev- You have two kids?! Aj- What? Man. Does Nick know? B- I wonder what he is going through. Leighanne- He must feel terrible. Howie- Two kids and the media still do not know. Man you must be really good at keeping secrets. N- More than you think. Everyone- Nick! N- Can I talk to *********** alone? Aj- Sure. We were just about to leave, right? H- Leave to go get something, but we will be back. So make it quick Nick. I need to talk to this gurl. N- Whatever. Everyone leaves. U- Close the door. Nick closes the door. N- Listen, I have been thinking. I should not have been like that earlier. I am sorry. U- I am sorry that I did not tell you about Andrew. It is just that I think it as an embarrassment. N- Donít you know that I still love you? U- I do not know anymore. N- What do you mean, You do not know anymore. I would give up my life for you. U- Nick, you do not know how many times people have told me that. I have heard it from Justin and Ashley. N- But they do not love you anymore. I love you. U- Not only have they but Lance, and a lot of other people. N- Listen, if you cannot see that I love you, then I will give you time to see that. I know you love me. That is why I am gonna give you time. Until then. I will see you around. You get up. What do you mean " Until then"? What are we through again? N- No. It is just I am gonna be! in the hospital for another week also I know you are gonna be busy with the whole Julie thing, so I know I am not gonna see as often.