N- What? U- I am not ********* *********. My name is *********** **********. I am an 18-year-old girl from Washington State. I came out to Orlando when I was 15 years old and told everyone that I was 18. That is how I got all these jobs. I finished high school early. My parents were forcing me to do so many things. To get degrees in all these things that I could not handle it. I wanted to be a fashion designer. That is why I came out here. N- Are you serious? U- Nick, you fu(kin’ @sshole. You actually think that, that happened to me. Now who is the gullible one? N- Funny, haha, I am really cracking up. U- but Nick seriously, my life has and is so confusing. You do not want to get into my head. Ever. N- why not? U- you would be lost once you get there. N- well let me tell you something, all I gotta do is look in your eyes and find my way. U- Aww. Aj- Time for me to go. Um, good luck with you to. Nick, tomorrow, rehearsals. Do not forget. N- Yea man. Later. U- So what do you wanna do? N- Well what do you wanna do? U- This. You kiss him. Justin- Excuse me…May I come in. U- Sure. What is up? Justin- I heard about what happened. Little Girl- Mommy! U- Julie! Hun. What are you doing here? Julie-Came to see you. I missed you. N- Mommy? U- Nick this is my daughter Julie. N- Hey, J, take Julie to the cafeteria and get her some candy. Nick hands Julie and 10-dollar bill. Julie- Thanx. Let’s go daddy. N- Daddy? Julie leaves. N- When were you planning to tell me about her? U- When the time was right. N- and when is that? U- When I can for sure trusts you. N- Man. Marriage. Kid. What else you got. Grandchildren. Another family in China. You get out of your bed and go up to him. U- Nick, I am sorry. Ashley found out at the end of our relationship. That is how long I kept the secret from him. I was not ready to tell you. N- How do you take care of her? U- My mom, and Justin’s mom trade off. Since I am in either New York or Orlando the plan worked out just fine. N- How do you spend quality mother/daughter time together! . U- Easy, disguise. Nick, I can have a personal life with out anyone knowing. Trust me. I was one of those fans that could find out anything about their favorite artist. I know how to take care of myself. I got pregnant before we got married. It was perfect cause while I was in the last stage it was winter and performance fleece’s were in at the time so I wore those a lot. N- I remember seeing you on TV with them on. U- Did I ever look bloated at any point? N- Yup, I use to all ways think that you were pregnant. Know I found out that you have a kid. Man. What a life. U- Nick so many things has happened to me. I do not want our relationship to get ruined because of it. It happened when I got together with Heath Ledger. I caused our relationship to not work out. That is why with you and Ashley I made sure to tell you at the right times. Only you found out sooner than expected. N- Man. Julie- Mommy, Mommy! Daddy got me ice cream. U- J, you are not suppose to give her ice cream after 8. You know that she gets hyper. Justin- Sorry. Couldn’t resist. Does he know? U- Oh yea. Every single detail. N- Man I am happy for you. You got a kid and all. That is kool. Maybe this way I can find out if I am ready for a family with **********. Justin- Hey she is a kool girl. A friend to me. But she can be whatever you want to you. As long as you treat her well. I mean she is my ex-wife. I love her like a sister. So watch out. N- whatever man. Julie- Mommy. Who is that? U- Hun, this is Nick. Nick this is Julie. N- Hi Julie. I am Nick. Julie- Are you my Mommies new boyfriend? U- Yes he is. Julie- Good. Cause I did not like the last one. He smelled yucky sometimes. N- Well I am not gonna smell like that. Let’s go home and give Mommy some rest. Julie- Mommy, can I go home with Nick. U- Sure honey. You are gonna stay there, Then tomorrow you are going to Grandma Lynn’s. Julie- Okay. I can finally get back sparkle Barbie. Nick takes Julie home. There he tucks her into your bed in his house. Then he calls you up and talks to you f! or a while. The next morning Nick wakes up with Julie screaming. N-WTF. Julie- Ahhh! Nick. Help. Nick runs out of the room and into the hallway. He see’s Aj tickling Julie. Julie- Stop. That is not funny. Nick! Aj- Hey Nicky. Nice kid. Yours? N- Naw, *************. Man you gave me a heart attack. I thought that someone else was here. How did you get in? Aj- I got a key, Remember. Wait. Did you just say this is ********** kid? What is your name? U- Julie Timberlake. Aj- Did I just here right or did she just say Timberlake? N- Yup. ************ was pregnant with her when her and J got married. Got married, had kid, bad marriage, joint custody. Goes to New York and Orlando off and on. Aj- Man. That is some crazy sh.. N- Don’t curse in front of her. Julie- I am hungry. N- Let’s go get something to eat. Julie-hahahahaha. You do not have a shirt on. N- Ohh yea. Hey how about Aj take you to the store to get your favorite cearls and foods then come home and eat, okay? Julie- Okay! N- Aj. Not junk food. Aj- Okay. We will get some fruits. Ring. Ring. N- Hello? U- Hey babe! Awake already? Is Aj already there? N- You sent him down there. U- He called me and I asked him to come down there. You see Julie wakes up earlier than you. So I needed someone to watch her. N- And calling me was not an option. U- Nope. Listen. I don’t want her coming by today. Too many reporters. It will scare her. N- Okay. We will just hang out here. I can have the guys come over. We can watch her together. U- Aww shit. I gotta call Leighanne now. Man. The five of you together. N- Haha. That is funny. We will be fine. U- Are you sure? N- Yea, we will be fine. U- Okay I gotta do tests all day. So hang up so I can leave a message for Julie. N- Okay bye. You both hang up. Then you record a message just telling Julie that you are fine and that you will see her soon. At 1 p.m. the guys came over. Julie- Nick, can I go outside to play. N- Yea. In the backyard though. Kev- I cannot believe that she has a kid. H- I know. But you gotta live with it. B- S! he is a cute kid. Aj- Okay you guy’s back to the songs. Okay of all the songs we written…. Julie is in the backyard playing with the ball. It went over the neighbor’s fence so she uses he side door of the house to go get it. As soon as she goes out to the front yard someone comes and pulls her into a car. Julie- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. N- Julie!!!!!!!. Where are you? He runs to the front yard. He sees the car drive away. He sees Julie with her frighten face, tears running down her face, and the worry in her eyes. What was Nick gonna do?