Nicks Mind- Man If I would have not have mentioned the baby thing on TV, then none of this would have happened. If I did not push her to get an abortion then I would be waking up right now with her next to me in bed. Not here on the ground. What am I going to do? She lookís so helpless. I wish I could do something. This is my entire fault. Man, I love her so much. How come they wonít let her be near me. She wrote "sorry" all over her body just for me. Why couldnít she just come inside to say sorry? Not in the pool. Maybe she did it because I love the ocean. This is not the perfect time to like the ocean. Oh no. Cameraís I gotta get them out of here. N- Excuse me. This is private property and no one is allowed to be here except for these people and people who have authorized permission. Some guy from ET- Is that ***************? You ex girlfriend. N- I am not answering any questions at this moment. Please come back later, I am sure someone else can answer some questions. E! - But this is not fair. What are we going to tell our bossís? N- That I told you to come back later. Explain what you just saw. SECURITY! Security comes and takes away all the people. They stand in front of your house, waiting for a statement. Ambulance Person- We need to take her down to the hospital. She needs medical attention that she needs from there. N- I am coming with you. AP- Sir. I know that she must a girlfriend or something but you cannot come with us. Hospital rules. You can come and see her when she fully examined and is in pretty good shape. Other than that. Please do not come to the hospital. N- Danm it. You donít understand. AP- Yea, I do. Same thing happened to my girlfriend. Only I watched her die in front of me. Trust me friends take it harder than family. Just stay here until you are contacted by someone in the hospital. N- Fine. I will handle their goddamn reporters. Can I at least walk out with you guys? AP- Sure. He walks out with you by his side. A tear drop falls out of his eyes. MTV- Here he comes. Th! at is ************ on that thing. OMG! She is dead. E! Ė No way. She is like one of the nicest people I know. N- Ladies and Gentlemen of the Paparazzi at 7 this morning I woke up to take a morning swim. I stepped out side and saw Ms.*********** in the pool on a flotie. The moment I stepped outside she feel in the pool. I called 911 immediately. I gave her as much medical attention as I could. But it was unsuccessful. Now she has to go to the hospital for more medical attention. That is it. That is what happened. No questions. He goes away. In to the house. On the chair and lays down. He stares at the ceiling. He sits there all day. Thinking about you. The whole time. At 9 at night Brian drops by. B- Man you gotta do something. N- I need to lay here until the phone rings and tells me that I could come down to the hospital. B- Nick, Bone and Me are gonna take you out to a movie or something. N- I want to stay home. Aj- We will rent a movie. N- I donít want to watch a movie. B- How about we watch a little bit of television. N- No. I just want to lay down here. That is it. Aj- Let me get you some food. N- No. I am not gonna eat. Not until I know she is fine. RING RING. Nick jumps and picks up the phone. N-**********? P- No this is Sheila from the Orlando Hospital. Ms. ************ is asking for you. Do you mind coming down? N- Of course not. I will be there in 10 min. He hangs up. N- She is awake. I gotta go. Aj- Hey we will drive you. You might get into an accident. N- Whatever. As long as I get there. B- Letís go. Your POV. U- Where is Nick? Did you call him yet? Nurse- Yes we did. About 10 mins ago. He should be here any minute now. N- Like now. U- Nick! Baby! N- Man I was so worried. U- Well I am fine. Water still in my lungs. But it will go away. I am sorry. N- I totally forgive you. But what were you thinking about sleeping in the pool? Are you crazy? U- Yea crazy for you! N- Baby, never ever do a thing like that again. U- What ever you say. Aj- Gurl, never ever do that to anybody again. We were so worri! ed. B- I know. Losing my friend is hard. N- Yes. Never ever. Coming to the hospital seems to be common with us. Letís make only when we have a baby or something. U- Nick I am not going to marry you. I am sorry. N- But I thought that is why you said sorry. TO come and marry me. U- Nick I am only 21. N- And I am 22. Man. I thought everything was back to normal. U- Canít we just be together. Not married? N- No, I gotta know that you will for sure be there every morning when I wake up. U- Nick I cannot gauruntee that. N- That is why I want you to marry me. U- Nick. Itís just. I have gotten married before and it did not work okay? Happy that you spilled it out of me. I have been married before. N- What? When? U- When I was 18. Justin Timberlake and me use to be really close. Then he proposed and we got married. It was not a healthy relationship. We decided being friends was easier. N- You married Curly! OMG! That is why you always talk to him on the phone. Cause you guys use to me married! Aj- Damn. Does Brit know about this? U- She was my maid of honor. N- And you are kool with her dating him? U- I was kool. They broke up today. I cannot believe them. N- Man. There is a lot to you that I need to learn. U- More than you think. Trust me. You donít even know the half of me. N-Like what. U- Like my real name is ********** *********.