Em- You stupid Whackstreet Boy. How could you do that? Of course she is gonna say no. You just stare at Nick. You look into his eyes and you see those same eyes that asked you out. Those same eyes you saw after you kissed him. The same eyes that were there at your first date. Those eyes that said you meant to have an affair with Aj. Those same eyes that told you to get an abortion. Those same eyes you saw last when he left your house, and life for good. Those were those eyes. You were on national television. What are you gonna do? Eminem is your boyfriend. You love him. But do you love him the same way you loved Nick? Are you just saying that you love Eminem so that way you can get over Nick? Or do you really love him? Em- Are you gonna answer babe? N- Who is it gonna be? Me or Him? U- Uhhhhhh, well, I, he, Nick, baby, Ohhhh MMMyyyyy GGGGGooooddddd. Nick what the hell did you just do? You run out of the room. Em- Nice job blonde. N- Look whoís talking. ***********, Wait. U- Leave me alone. Em- I am coming with you. N- No, I am going. U- Both of you leave me alone. Nick I cannot you just did that. And Em I cannot believe you just said that. How the hell do you know if I am gonna say yes. Just leave me alone. Eminem and Nick just stand there and watch you leave. Em- Man I hate you. N- Not more than you hate me. I love her more than you do. Em- Whateva. I love her. N- No, I do. Em- Shut the Fuck Up man. N- No. Em- then I will make you. He punches Nick in the face. N- Wrong thing to do you black wanna be. Nick punches him. Em- Now it is on. Nick and Eminem get into a brutal fight. You can hear them fighting but you just keep on going. You look back then bump into someone. P- Are you okay **********? You look and see Dan from O-Town. U- Dan! How are you? Dan- Good. I just say what happened, are you okay? U- I just gotta get out of here and go somewhere where I can think. Dan- I understand. I gotta get out of here too. My gurl just told me that the only reason she loved me was to get into the music industry. ! U- I am sorry. I guess we can both go and weep together. Dan- Sounds great. But knowing you, we must go to the store first. Cause the last time you were this sad me and the fellaís had to go to the store all the time to buy you food. SO letís go. U- Hahaha, Sure. You guys get in to his Bentley and leave. You guys go to Safeway and shop there. You buy as much junk food as you can. And you buy a couple of CDís. People give you guys funny looks cause you guys are dressed in formal clothes. Then you guys go back to his condo. U- This is how to live. Off junk food. D- Easy for you to say. I have to excercise to make these pounds go away. U- Dan, did you know that Ashley was cheating on me? Dan- The truth? U- Yea, I wonít get mad. Dan- Yea. We told him not to. But he kept on doing it. Especially when he was drunk. Cause he could not think straight then. BNAG BANG!!!!! Em-************, come out. This is stupid. N-Yea, come on out. U- Hell no! You guys are the worst people I have ever met. Besides how did you know I was here? Em- We saw you leave with that wannabe. Dan- Hey who the hell you calling wanna be punk. Come and say that to my face. Dan runs to the door and opens it. Em- Gotcha. Nick and Eminem come in. Nick- Please come with us. U- No. I donít wanna be with either of you right now. I am fine where I am. Em- ButÖ.U- No buts. Give this to Haley. You give him a big bag of skittles. Em- Man I cannot believe youíre not coming home. Haley is gonna be so upset. U- Youíre right. Maybe I should go with you. N- He is just setting you up. He wants you to come with him that way he convinces you to stay with him. U- Then Nick why donít you come with us. Em- I am not gonna have him in my house. U- One night. Cause I gotta move my stuff anyway. Em- Fine. One night then. U- Letís go. Which car did you come in? Both cars. U- Okay. I will ride with. N&Em- Me. U- One way to solve this. Rock Paper Scissors. Em- What? N- Just do it. Em- Fine. Nick wins. U- I am gonna go with him. Em- Damn it. Fine then. But if I ! notice any hanky panky I am gonna come after the both of you. Just then your cell phone rings. U- Hello? Brit- Gurl, how are ya doiní? U- Awful. Brit- Where are ya? I am gonna take you to my house. U- you know what, not a bad idea. Nick I am gonna go to Britís house. Em- What about Haley? U- Bring her by Britís house. Brit, I am on my way. Brit- I will have Justin pick you up. I am staying a little after. U- I am at Danís Condo. Bye Hun. Brit- Later. You turn to Dan. U- Dan thanx for letting me stay. That was sweet. Dan- No prob bob. Good luck. Let your heart be your guide. Just then Justins car pulled up. He honked the horn. U- Bye peoples. N- Bye. Damn it Em. This is your entire fault. Em- Shut up. U- Hey Justin. Justin- Hey. Letís go. On the way home you guys did not talk. Then Justin broke the silence. Justin- You wanna be on our album? U- What? Justin- just wanted to break the ice. U- Oh. So, how are ya? Justin- you? U- Good? How are things between you and Brit going? Justin- To tell the truth, I like her and all it us just that I donít think that the love is there anymore. U- I am sorry. I wonít tell her. Justin- I think she knows too. I am just too afraid of telling her. U- Sorry. Justin- Youíre lucky though. Nick still likes you. U- So? What is your point. Justin- Well, everyone is saying that he really loves you. That no one would just prose to someone after 6 months of knowing each other. U- We were together for 3 months. We broke up 3 months ago. Justin- Still, I heard that he has kept videos and pictures of you in one room of his house. That he goes in there all the time to see you. Cause he cannot see you everyday. Especially with you being gone in Europe the last month. Did you know what happened? U- What? Justin- Some stole a painting from his house and it was a picture of you! U- What? Justin- Truth. Listen, maybe you are not ready for marriage, but at least be with him. You two are a match made in heaven. No one use to stay that when you and Ashley were together. But everyone uses to stay ! that you and nick were a match made in heaven. U- I still do not know about him and me together. Did anyone tell you about me being pregnant? Justin- What the hell? NO! You were pregnant? U- Yea, Only it was not Nickís kid. It was Ajís. But still I wanted it to be his. He didnít want it to be that way. Justin- He is a year older than me. I understand. I would not want a kid now either. Do you think that Joey wanted a kid? U- No! Justin- He did. Because he needed it. Nick does not. U- I guess you are right. Maybe I should talk to him. Justin- Let him cool down. Then talk. Here we are. You pull up to this beautiful house. U- Wow. How pretty. Justin- Letís go inside. You walk in and see Haley is already there. U- Hi Haley. HY-************! I missed you so much. U- Me too. Babe, are you ready for bed? HY- Yup. U- Letís go. You guys go into the guestroom you put Haley into bed and tell her a story, then she says. HY- I am glad you are gonna marry my daddy. I want you to be my mom forever. U- What did you say? HY- Daddy said that you guys are gonna get married. U- Did he? HY- Yup. U- Go to bed. You go downstairs and sit down in front of Justin and Britney. You look pissed. Brit- What happened? U- Em said that I was gonna marry him. He said that to Haley. I cannot believe him. Justin- Calm down. U- NO, I know who I wanna be with now. And I am gonna do it in a way which that person will know that I want to be with themÖ