U- Nick are you serious? How could you think like that? N- I am thinking about our careers. Come on. We both are working people, you are in the spotlight ALOT. Especially because we are together. Tht makes it even worse. People would be like " I knew that it would happen." It would be an expected thing. Aj- I have had it. Man, If you are not gonna take responsibilty then I will tell everyone

that it is my kid. Would that make you feel better. U- You don't have to do that. Aj- NO Nick is too young to go through this. Besides, they would expect this thing from me. U- However, Nick is my boyfriend. They will say that I cheated on him. Aj- Not unless you told the media that you two hooked up 2 months ago and that we were together for a month and it did not work. U- But people will say that I had two backstreet boys. Girls will kill me. N- True. Very true. This is so
complicated. U- Nick, look at Joey Fatone. He has a baby gurl. He is not scared of admitting it. N- Yea, but he is older. U- By one year. You can do this. Let's just keep it on the down low. I mean I don't look pregnant now, do I? N- No. U- There you go. In a couple of months it will begin to show. Not now. I will never do anything to mess up your big night. I know the VMA's are important to you. Britney walks in. Brit- You okay? U- I will be fine. Never mind. You run into
the bathroom and throw up. Nick runs in after you. N- I'm sorry. I should take responsibilty. You were right. Whatever happened to you and Aj shouldn't count because during that time we were broken up. So it does not really matter. U- I am sorry. N- Hey, people make mistakes. U- I love you. N- I love you too babe. You kiss him. U- But now I gotta throw up. You puke in the toilet. Britney comes in. Brit- I will take it from here. Leave. N- Fine. Nick leaves.
Kurt Loder- Welcome to the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. I am Kurt Loder here with Nick Carter and his girlf! riend ********* *********. How are you two tonight. U- Good, and you Kurt. KL- Awesome. N- Yes congrats on 20 years man. I cannot believe MTV has been here for that long. It has seemed
longer. KL- I know. So what is going on with the BSB performance tonight. N- Well we got something special for the fans because they were the ones who made MTV and Everyone who is here come to life, and to persue there careers. KL- I am sure they will love that. Then all of the sudden Chris from N Sync jumps into the booth. Chris-AHHHH! It is Nick Carter!!!!!!I Love Him So Much!!!!1And O
MY GOD, it is *********, the fashion designer. Can you tell me something. Is this outfit make me look fat? U- Haha, Yes. Chris- Who the hell designed this outfit. Then he tries to read his tag. Then The rest of the N Sync fellas come into the booth and the rest of the BSB. All the gurlfriends except you and Britney leave, Only because you are more popular than them. Kl- Here is something you don't see on a day to day basis. Two of Pop's more major groups in one Boor\th not
fighting. and look here comes O-Town. We better make room. You look over and see Ashley with somegurl, You look closer and see that it is Willa Ford. They all come into the booth. Willa stands right next to you. She starts to kiss Ashley on the neck. U- Excuse me, but there are other people here. WF- sorry, I just wanted to let everyone know that Ashley is my man now. And not yours. U- Well let me tell you something, Nick use to be yours, until you beat the shit out of
him, Now he has moved on something way more better than you. I mean look at your make-up, and clothes, and I saw your " I Wanna Be Bad" video, let me tell you something gurl, Those "sexual" moves you made, are not sexual, they actually look like what a 12 year old, wanna be stripper would do. WF- Excuse be but do you want to fight me. U- Bring it on gurl. N- Ladies, stop it. A- No, I want to see this. U- Shut up Ashley. It is so typical of you to move on to a whore. I am outta here. N- *********,! wait. I am coming too. Brit- ********, what up gurl. J- Britney, where are you going? Chris- Come on guys, We gotta go and get away from thses Wannabe's. Aj- Yea, at least N Sync has there own identity and do not try to c0py us. Let's go. Brian goes up to Willa and Ashley B- Listen, if either of you try to hurt her then I am gonna kick both of your ass', you here me? WF- Whateva! B- Willa I know what you did to nick, I would not mind spreading rumors. And you O-towner, listen I have had it with you guys copying us. make somthing for yourselves other than guys who have their lives taped on Tv. A- Shut the Fuck up man. H- Adios, suckers. A- Later Losers. K- Ohh we will see who wins tonight. We are up against each other in 3 different catagories.
Sarah Michelle Gellar- And the Winner is The Backstreet Boys
Julie Roberts- The Backstreet Boys
Nsync- BSB!
The bsb won all three awards agianist O-town. you guys go to the MTV after party. There Nick has a little too much to drink. You were standing there talking to Brit, Christina, and Jessica Simpson when he comes up to you and kiss your stomach. N- Man I am soooooooo happie! A babie! That is what I was missing in my life. Just then Kurt Loder comes up to you. KL- A baby? You two are having a
baby? U- Nick doesn't know what he is saying. Right Nick? N- I knows what I am saying, and I am saying that we are gonna have a baby. Only we don't know if it is mine or Aj's. You see she slept with both of us. In the same day. U- Nick I cannot believe you. N- What. We might as well tell the truth. U- Nick I hate you. You were about to live when he grabs your arm. U- Let go of me. N- No. Stay. U- Nick let go. N- No you have to stay. U- I want to go. (remember this is on television. kurt loder does not leave anywhere with out a camera.) N- Your not leaving. He slaps you. U- Nick,we are through. That is it. N- Fine, Leave. See ya at home. You leave. As you are leaving you bump into Eminem. Em- Are you okay? U- Hey Em! Did you *sniff* like *sniff* your out*sniff! *fit? Em- Yea it is awesome? Why are you crying? Did that Whackstreet boy do something to you? U- No? He puts his hand up to your cheek. U- Ow. Em- Did he slap you? U- No, nothing happened. Listen I got to go. See ya later. You run out of there. You notice Brian leaving you go up to him and ask him for a ride. He says yea. You tell him and Leighanne the whole story on the way home. Brian threatens. to kill Nick for you. you say no. That you should not have told him about the baby thing. Let's jump to the Grammies. Oky this is what has happened. You and Nick seperated and never saw each other. Everytime something about each other came on the television you guys would turn off the TV. Nick has been with no one, cause he wants you back. You decided to move on with your life, You and Eminem saw each other alot and then you guys hooked up. You were in a good, healthy relationship. You have been together for 2 months now. Let's go to the Grammies........
U- Thank you very much. I designed it myself. Brian- Well you look great. And Em. Man you choose a very nice gurl. Em- Thanx, she is my angel. She is great with Haley, and she is the perfect women for a guy. U- Aww thanx hun. Thank you Brian for your time. You were leaving and then you bumped into Nick. U- Sorry. Nick! N- ***********! nice to see you. U- Same here. N-Emimen. Em- Whackstreet Boy. You see a gurl behind Nick. U- Is this your new gurlfriend? N- No, just a gurl I know. Wila. U- You are going out with Willa Ford. WF- Did someone(she looks at you) or something say my name. Em- Hey, whore, back off. WF- Hey Em. Em- Willa, don't start. U- Don't start what? WF_ Me and mr. Chocolate here had a thing for one night. U- Willa, are you determined to hook up with everyguy I am with. Willa- It has worked so far. N- Umm, ***********, where is the baby? U- I had a miscarriage. N- Really? That means that....I am not.....U- NO. Actually it was Aj's baby. I went and got a blood test. It would not have been your anyway. N- Does Aj know. U- Yea. I told him. Listen I! gotta go inside, See ya later. N- Yea. You leave Nick stares at you the whole time B- Man you need here back.....N- I know. Willa- What the hell?! You want her back. N- Willa, I did not even ask you to come. you just showed up. Now leave. WF- What the fuck! I hate you. Buh Bye Carter. N- Later, whore. B- Thank god she is gone. N- I know. Aj- Now do this. In your performance of Yes I Will go up to *********** and sing to her. N- Not a bad idea. I will do it. half way through the grammies you are excited because Britney asked you to be in her performance of Can't Make You Love Me. You are gonna sing with her and Christina. As you were about to leave, the BSB performance came on. So you sat and waited. Then Nick came down to the ilse and began to sing to you. You jaw drpped to the ground. At the end of the performance, infornt of the whole world Nick said N- Will you marry me?.............