U- Nick I cannot make a decision like that in one minute. N- I know. That is why I am gonna give you as much time as you need. I gotta go anyway. I gotta call the guys and have them help me move your stuff into the new house. S- Stop sucking up. She is gonna choose me. She has known me the longest. N- FYI, you Ricky Martian wanna be. I am not sucking up. I was gonna do it anyway. U- He is right Scott. Are you sure I am gonna choose you? S- Yea. Come on. Think about it. We've known each other since kindergarten. You've known him since last week. U- So. N- I gotta go. Later. S- So Do I. Move. N- No. U- Bye guys. As they are leaving Nick bumps into Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. U- Hey guys. Brit- What up gurl? J- Hey there Carter. How ya doin? N- Good? You? J- Good. N- How are you Brit? Brit- Good. Who is this? S- My name is Scott. *********** best friend. J- Kool. Come on Brit. Brit- See ya guys later. S- Later. U- What is up? J- Nothin. In the area. We decided to drop by. Why is Carter so mad? U- Scott told him that I would go out with my Best friend instead of him. Brit- Huh? What is going on? U- Scott asked me out. And so did Nick. Now I gotta choose between them. Brit- Why don't you go out to dinner with the both of them and then see who you like the best. U- Not a bad idea. You call Scott and tell him the idea. He likes it and will go along with it if Nick does. It was noon. You decided to go home( your new house!) and see how it is coming along and tell Nick the plan. Britney and Justin give you a ride. When you get there you see a pizza car pull out of the drive and Brian closing the door. Which means the guys are gonna have lunch. Perfect. You can talk to Nick now. You decide to surprise them cause you weren't expected. You go in the house and stay as quite as possible. You can hear the guys in the kitchen. You listen to what they are saying. Nick is speaking. N- Man I don't know what I am gonna do! She is gonna choose him over me. I know it. K- Don't be so sure of yourself. She might choo! se you. N- Might. there is a 20% chance she will choose me. B- Dude, how the heII do you know? N- They're best friends. They have known each ever since they have been 5 years old. That is 15 years. Compare that to 15 days. That is a big difference. Aj- Dude the way she looks at you I have not see anyone look at anyone that way. She loves you. N- Oh yea. Then how come she did not choose me when I asked her that question that morning. K- Remember Ashley. He hurt her. She wants to make sure she makes the right decision. *Now you go back to the door open it and then slam it. U- I am home. Anyone hear. There must be. I smell pizza. H- Hey ************. How are you? U- Good. H- Why are you home so early? U- I came to see how the house looks so far. and you guys just brought the box's and decided to see what I have. H- Sorry. U- It is kool. where is everyone? H- In the kitchen. As you get closer you can hear Nick saying "How do I look? Is my hair fine? I look like a bum. Geez." You enter the kitchen. He was wearing a tank top with some blue jeans. He looked fine. U- Hey Nick. N- Hey ************. How are you? U- Good. And you? N- Fine. How was work. U- Boring. How is the house coming so far? N- Umm all we need to do is go and buy new furniture cause these don't match the house. U- Good idea. Let's go shopping on Friday for some. N- In the Morning. Remember, Dinner that night. U- Ohh yea. Then we can do it Thursday. N- Sure. Aj- Hello?! There are other people in this room. U- Sorry. Nick can I talk to you. Aj- Do we get a hello. U- Hello guys. Nick can we go in the other room. N- Sure. You guys go in the room. As you are leaving Aj says- Have fun. Remember Nick is gonna go shoot a video soon. No Hickes. U- Man. You spolied all the fun. N- Aj, your an ass. You know that. AJ- I know. Have fun. You go into the other room and You tell Nick the plan. He agrees to go along. Okay let's jump to Friday. you go on your date with Nick. Remember it is dinner his house. Then a movie. Let's go You went to the Doctor earlier thi! s week and he said you did not need crutches. All you needed is a brace. You decided to wear these tight black pants with a "Rockstar" red shirt. You head over to Nicks house, cause your having dinner there. You ring the doorbell. He opens it. He is wearing baggy blue jeans. a white shirt under a golf shirt. He looked hot. U- Hey. N- Hiii. you look, awesome. U- You look good too. N- this way. You go over to a table that has red rose petals on the table. Nick cooked. U- Wow. You actually cooked. I think we need to put 911 on speed dial. N- Haha. Very funny. I actually cooked very well. U- What is it. N- Spaghetti with sauce. U- Wow. That is good. Perfect. Italian. N- I know. You guys talk during dinner about stories you had. Then it was time to go see pearl harbor. It was already 7:30 when you got to the theatre. The movie did not start until 8. So nick bought you desert. Candy. Which you loved. You went and saw the movie. In some parts you were kinda busy with Nick doing something else. Actually throughout out half the movie you guys made out. Then finally you went home. The next day you were suppose to go with Scott to dinner and a movie. let's go.When he picked you up he was in a dirty shirt with some worn out jeans. You wore some tight dark boot cut jeans with a shirt you actually designed. You guys did not match like you and Nick did last night. For dinner you guys went to Burger King cause he did not have enough money. Then you guys and went and watched Evolution. he did not even try to kiss you. That is it. There was nothing special about this date. The next day Scott and Nick were both to come over so you would tell them your decision. When Scott came over He was dressed in a nice suit. Nick was already there. Scott was 30 mins late. The fellas came over too because they were helping with the moving. U- Umm. I went on a date with the both of you and when I came home last night. I thought about each one. and I made my decision. It is gonna be Nick. S- what the heII. I thought it would be me. I mean y! ea I did not have enough money. But come on I treated you good. U- it wasn't about the money. The fact that you treated me like just another one of the guys made me realize that we would be better off friends. Last night was just like us going out like friends. S- Man. Well I gotta go to an audition. See ya later. U- Bye. Talk to ya later. S- Whatever. You go over to Nick. U- Do you like my decision. N- Umm. I gotta tell you somethin. U- What? It does not sound good. N- I had a one night stand last night. U- with who? N- You.