U- Nick I would love too. But the problem is, I cannot go anywhere with this ankle. N- Well we can have dinner here then go out to a movie. U- that sounds nice. Okay. We will do it. How about Friday. We can go see Pearl Harbor. N- that was what I was thinking. U- great minds think alike. N- really? are you thinking what I am thinking right now. U- probably not. tell me what you are thinking. N- this. He kiss's you. You like the way he kiss's. U- wow. Umm I gotta go to work now. N- Really? Do you have too? U- Yea. If I wanna keep my job. Your phone rings. U- hello? P- Hey there ***************. How are you? Guess who is in town? U-Scott. Is that you? Boy I have not seen you for 1 year. Where are you? At your house. But no one is there. Why is there a "For Sale" sign in the front? U- I am selling it. S- you broke up with Ashley? U- How did you know? S- Everytime you break up with your boyfriends you sell your house. Where are you living now. U- Well in Nick Carters house. You know where that is, right? S- Yea. I will come by. U- Actually met me at my office. I am gonna go there anyway. S- Okay. Later. U- Bye. N- Who was that? U- Scott. My Best Friend. N- Kool. Do you want me take you to work now? U- Yes. I gotta go house hunting today too. You wanna come? N- Sure. I would love too. Let's go. U- Okay. When you guys pull out of the drive way you see a house next door to Nick's house. U- Is that house for sale? N- Yea. That is a good house. You wanna take a look? U- Of course. The sooner I find a house the better. You go inside and see the house. You love it. U- I am gonna take it. N- Cool. Welcome to the neighborhood. U- Kool. Take me to work. N- K. Let's go. You go to work. When you step into the office you see Scott. S- What happened to you? U- I was running on the beach and got hurt. S&U-J.Lo. You both laugh. N- Man you too must be S&U-related. No. You laugh again. U- you see the thing is that we always use to finish each others sentences. S- That way it did look like we were one person. N- Uh hu! h. - Confusing I know. N- Well I gotta go. Talk to ya later. U- Sure. Bye. N- Adios. S- He your new boyfriend. U-Friend. So what brings you to Orlando. S- I want to start my singing career. U- hahahahahahahahaha. S- what is so funny. U- you, sing. Yea right. S- I can too sing. He starts to sing. U- Wow. I guess you can.... S- Of course. I also got a confession. U- What. Spill your guts to me. S- well, we have been friends since the 1st grade. we have lived near each other and went to each others houses all the time. U- Like Joey and Dawson? S- huh? U- Dawson's Creek. S- yea. But ever since you have moved from New York I have missed you. I want to kno if you would be my gurlfriend. U&N- Wat? U- Nick what are you doing here. N- I was talking to Jonathan. And I heard someone singing. They were really good. So I decided to see. And I heard him ask you out. What is it gonna be, me or him?