N- What? U -Just kidding. Sike. Haha you should see the look on your faces. You actually thought I was pregnant. Aj- Well with the fact that I could be the father. U- No. the test came in and it was negative. Aj- Good. I can still live my life as a pimp. U- Whatever. Good night. N- where are you going. U- To my own bed. N- Why don't you sleep in here. Cause. N- Just because I am naked does not mean anything. U- Nick I have seen you naked before. N- How? He is red now. U- In Miami. You were in the shower and I walked in by accident. N- that was you. U- Yup. N- at least it wasn't anyone else. U- good night guys. Aj&Nick- Good night. Aj- Man you can not let her go. She is perfect. N-I know. She is perfect. I want to ask her to the movies so bad. Aj- do it man. Go see pearl harbor, perfect movie. It is an action movie and Chick Flick. N- You are right. Dinner here, then the movies. Aj- Yes, but you gotta cook something good. N- Yea. Nick jumps on to the computer and searches for the perfect dinner. You wake up to the smell of something burning. You run out of your run in your crutches and run into the kitchen. U- Nick. N- Cough Cough Yea. U- are you cough okay? N- Yea burned the toast. u- I gotta go the office today. N- sure. You go up to him and kiss him. N- I like that. U- Well you looked so cute cooking that I just had to. N- Uhh, *********. U- Yes. N- I was wondering if you would love to go out to dinner sometime.