U- Nick stop. Listen I may be mad at you but that does not mean you gotta go all out for me. I am not those types of gurls that want things that means you are sorry. A simple "Sorry" would have done it. You did not have to do this. N- But I wanted you to know that I am truly sorry. I am sorry. U- You are forgiven. I am sorry about what I said back at the hospital. I did not mean it. N- I did not mean what I said either. B- Aww how sweet. Now lets move some of these flowers. That way ********** can get through. Nick and Brian move the flowers and make a walkway for you since all the flowers take up the whole room. Knock Knock. U- Come in. A- Hey. U- What do you want. A- Just came to tell you that I moved out and all your stuff is being delivered to Nick's house. Since you are staying there. U- Actually I am at Brianís house right now. A- I will call the company and tell them to send it there then. later. u- adios. forever. N- Your not gonna stay at my house? U- I am sick of going from house to house. I gotta go buy a new one and fast. Jonathan come in here. J- yea. U- Call my real estate broker and tell her to find a new house in the Orlando area. J- Is there a budget. U- Nope. Tell her to pick nice houses then I will choose one. J- Gotcha. I am gonna go out for lunch. U- See ya. J- Bye. N- well I gotta go. U- Where are you going? B- We got put down some new tracks for the new album. U- are you gonna pick me up? B- Sure. at 8. U- perfect. I will met you in the parking lot. B- Bye. N- Later. U- Nick wait. Brian go out he will be there in a minute. B- K. N- Wat's up? U- This. You kiss him. N- I thought you did not want a relationship. U- That was when I was anesthetic. I did not know what I am was saying. Now I am sure. N- I will definitely call you later. U- Good. He leaves. Then you go through the day making sketches for the VMA's. The Hardest one was britney spears' outfit. She just had to top last years. Then at 8. you go down stairs. You see Brians car pull up. You go in. U- Hey Bri. P- Hi **********.! U- What the he!!. Ashley? A- Hi Honey. He locks the doors. U- Let me out. A- No... U- Leave me alone. N- *********. Ashley let her go. A- Naw man. she is my gurl not yours. We are leaving. N- ***********, I am gonna get you out. Aj- What is going on? N- This mutherfu(ker won't let her go. Aj- Yo man, you better let her go before I kick your @ss to Taiwan. A- Sayonara Boys. He drives away. U- Ashley what do you want. A- you. U- Just leave me alone. A- No you are my gurl and it is gonna stay that way. U- You have gone crazy. A- Yes I have. I miss you. I want you back in my life. U- How did you get Brianís car? A- I didn't. I bought one identical to it. U- Why? A- for you. get that through you head. U- well get this through your head. I hate you. And I love Nick! A- No you don't. you are just saying that because you are mad. U- Whatever. Where are we going? A- Somewhere special. He pulls up to your old house. U- why are we here? A- you'll see. He drags you inside then up the stairs then he goes in the bedroom. U- Why are we here. A- I want to get it on. U- hell no. A- Well then I got to force you then. U- That is called rape. You can go to jail. A- No one is gonna find out. Cause if you spill any of this to the cops I will kill you. I swear. U- I won't do it. Aj- ********** are you here. U- Up here. Ashley covers your mouth. Nick runs up the stairs and sees you. N- Let her go. A- I need her man. You got enough gurls. I need her. N- Have Willa. I will trade you. I'll have ******** and you have Willa. A- Naw man, Willa is old news. I need something fresh. Nick takes a step forward. N- give her to me. Ashley pulls out a gun. A- one more step I will kill her and myself. You are now crying. Then all of the sudden Nick Jumps forward and takes the gun from Ashley and Ashley pushes him toward the window. N- Man you should have not done that. I could have died. A- My point exactly. Aj- *********. U- In here. Aj comes in and carries you out. Aj- we gotta get out of here. U- What about Nick. Aj- Nick is a big boy. U- n! o we gotta go back for him. Aj- fine I will put you in the car with Kevin. Stay there. Kevin is in the drivers seat ready to go. Aj puts you in the car and goes in after Nick. K- U okay? U- Yea. I need to call the cops on Ash. K- We did. Attempted Kidnapping. U- Good. Just then the cops come and Aj and Nick walk out of the house. Aj- He is upstairs. Be careful he has a gun. Nick gets in the car. U- are you okay? N-Fine. U- I am so sorry guys. This was not suppose to happen. Aj- Listen, we care about you. We don't mind. U- where is Brian? K- he got caught up in things so we came to pick you up. u- ohh. You decide to stay at nicks house since all your stuff was there. You were really scared so you decided to sleep in Nicks room. At one point in the night you go and sleep in his bed. He wakes up. N- Are you okay? U- yea, just scared. Aj- Ah ha. I knew it. you two are together. U- Aj it is 3 in the morning. Aj- I know this is usually when I come to nicks house and bother him, N- Yea. Night after night. Why man? Aj- It is fun. U- Yea, now leave. Ring Ring. U- That is my cell. Hello? Hey George how are ya? What? No way? That cannot be true. But. Okay. Bye. N- what? what happened? u- I am I am pre...preg...pregnant.