The last thing your heard was nicks voice saying "are you okay baby?" Then next thing you kno you wake up and the first thing you see is light. U-Oh no, I am in heaven. P-*********, good you woke up. U- is that you god? P- I think she is still weezy from that anesticia. N- okay. U- nick, did you die too? good, we can be together. N- I can see what you mean doc. so how is she gonna be? D- well she is gonna be fine. We did some tests on her and her cast has to be for 2 months now, that gurl that pushed her caused the bone to break and it is hard to restore it, but she will be fine. N- thanx. you hear that you will be fine babe. U- can I see my uncle George? I miss him. N- not now, later. D- there is one more thing. when gurls come in, we make sure we do an intercourse test on them. to make sure they are not pregnant. N- yea, so? D- well we found some sperm and we also found a menstrual chart in her purse. N- so? wat is that suppose to mean? that she could be pregnant? D- yea. It is not for sure but there is a possibility. She might be late that is it. If she were to start having morning sickness, pains. N- sh*t. D- it is not that bad being a father. you seem like a great husband already. I will leave you two alone. N- husband. The doctor leaves. Nick comes over to you and kiss's you on the forehead. N- I wish. U- you wish what? N- nothin. How are ya. u- good. where is my uncle George? N- baby, we are not in heaven we are on earth. You bumped your head and broke your ankle. U- that is bad, huh? N- yes very bad. U- I love you. N- wat? U- I love you nick, N- I think that the anesthetic. U- no I really mean it. N- ok then, I will ask you again later. U- Kool. Where is Ashley. I want to kick his aspirin. N- he is gone. But you wanna see Aj, Bri, and Leighanne? U- sure come on down. they are the next contestants on my show! N- yo, guys. in here. B- hey *********! How are ya gurl? U- fine, fine. and you my Bri-Bri. B- fiiineee. Is she okay N- anesthetic. B- ohh. So how is she gonna be? N- fine. cast for 2 months! , and she might be pregnant. Aj- no way. she cannot be pregnant. she has not got it on in a while. N- how would you kno? Aj- we talked about it one day. N- okkaayy. Other than that she will be fine. L-you mean she might have Ashley’s kid. N- yup which is not a good thing. cause I think she might kill herself about it. Aj- are you sure it is his kid. what if it is someone else’s? N- who else has slept with her? not me! B- or me. Aj- ummmmm N- Bone? Did you guys get it on? Aj- well........ B- Bone tell us. Aj- fine fine. Well when she left her house and came to mine, and when everyone went to sleep. I guess I and her were still drunk. I can remember a little. But I do remember waking up next to her at 3 in the morning so I got her dressed and took her to her room. that way nick did not suspect anything. N- Man, I could kill you. Aj- I did not kno you liked her then. sorry. N- Sh*t. Man, I am outta here. U- why are you mad? N- go to sleep. Aj- nick, dude wait up. N- I could have her sue your @ss. That is rape. Aj- she was the one who came into my room and took off her clothes. N- yea, she was upset, she needed someone. She was depressed, that is why it happened. Aj- man. she is as much fault as me. N- no cause she was more drunk than you. What if she were to have a baby? What are you gonna do? How are you gonna explain to her this story. there was no other witness. Aj- I will take a lie detector test @sshole. Jeez, I made a mistake. Leave. N- Fine. B- you guys are like little kids. *********** is asking for you nick. N- fine. he comes in the room and he looks at you. N- wat?! U- sorry to upset you I just wanted to say good-bye and sorry for ruining your day. N- I am sorry. U- nick just leave me alone. and you could not tell me about the pregnant thing? Just to give you the FYI I was not drunk when I went into Aj's room. I was fine. Okay? He did not take advantage of me. N- wat? U- and you should not get upset at him cause that was way before we even hooked up. a week ago. that is 7 days. and 168 hours. It was! just for an hour. but you just cannot realize that. We both made a mistake. and I am sorry. I do not want to see you anymore. Cause I would never do anything like that if we were together. I cannot handle all this pain. Please leave. N- but, U- leave. I will decide when to talk to you.