His arm is around you. You turn and look at him, he looks at you. You move in closer and then Aj- Aww Sh!t! Sorry guys. Did not mean to disturb you. N- Wat are you doing here. B- You mean what are WE doing here. U- wat is going on? Why are you all here? Aj- Kev and Me came to say that we are sorry about not telling you about your ex. We just thought it would hurt more it you heard it from us. U- I understand. I forgive you. K- Thanx. Wat were they doing. Aj- They were trying to kiss. B- I knew it. You guys like each other. U- No we don't. We just got caught up in the moment that is it. I would have stopped him anyway. N- you would have? why? U- I do not kno. I am tired I am gonna go to sleep. N- Let me help you. U- Naw, I can do it. Sit here and chill with the guys. Good Night everyone. Everyone- Good Night.(nick's pov) N- she is gone. Why did you all have to come here? I was gonna kiss her. K- Nicky, Nicky, Nicky, we kno that. That was one reason why we came. N- Wat? y? Aj- Cause Dude, she just got out of a relationship. She does not need the pressure of going into another. It is too much stress for her. Leighanne- Nick we see the pain she has. Even though she is mad. She is hurt. Leave her alone for a while. then hook up with her. N- Okay how about in a week. Kristen- Give her time. She likes you. We can tell, but now is not the time. Wait till all her pain has heeled. N- You guys think she likes me. H-Just an opinion. It is not a fact. B- She does. N- how would you kno. B- I just kno. N- and you thought Willa was nice. B- I am right 70 percent of the time. N- yea sure.(your pov) you went in your room and layed down in your bed. You wanted to kiss him so bad. If you would have admitted that you wanted to kiss him then everyone would kno you like him. you sit up and see a figure in the dark U- Nick? P- No it is me Ashley. U- wat are you doing in here. And why are you wet? A- Well when you talked to the reporters nick pushed me into the pool. U- really. Serves you right. What do you want? A- you. U- tha! t is not gonna happen. After what you did to me. No way. A- Maybe this would convince you. He comes over to you and kisses you. knock knock N- ***********, do you need anything.

U- Ashley get off me. you whisper. No thanks nick. I am fine. N- You wanna talk. U- no, can I be left alone. N- sure. He left. U- wat are you trying to do to me. A- Come home. U- no. door opens. Aj- yo ********** we are gonna watch a movie wanna come. wat up Ashley. ASHLEY??!!. N-What? Wat is that @sshole doing here? A- came back to get my gurl. Kristen- Why? She does not like you. A- oh yea, then why is she still wearing the promise ring I gave her. huh? U- I totally forgot about that. You try to take it off. U- It wont come off. A- Good. N- here let me help you. U- why are you so anxious to get this off me. N- you deserve better. U- really like who? Nick is trying to pull of the ring, he is frustrated. N- Me. The ring comes off. Here you go. Now leave. U- By the way Ash I am selling the house so you better find somewhere to live. Like at Willa's house. A- But But, U- Leave. A- Later. This is the last time you will ever see me. U- yea, cause there is no way I am gonna design your outfit. He leaves. Aj- buh-bye honey. A- shut up! B- Little mad aren't we. A- it is your guys fault you know that. Why did you make her come back. K- Hey man. She would have found out anyway. H- yea now get out before I get my Latino posse on you. A- Whatever. U- thank god he left.

Kristen- Now nicky, what did you say about *********** deserving better, like you? N- I did not say that. U- Yes you did. you said I deserved better. And I said who? and you said me. N- do I did not. Everyone- yes you did. N- fine I did. It was just a spur of the moment thing. B- sure. anyway. ***********, you wanna go to a movie. U- Sure. Nick you gonna come. N- No I am gonna chill here for a while. Aj-*********, can you be my date? U- sure. Let's go. N- you are gonna go with Aj? U- yea is there something wrong with that? N- no. I was making sure I heard right. U- ohh okay. Let's go people. You guys get in to Ajís car and leave. You talk to Aj the whole time about nick. Of all the people you chose nick. when you get to the movies you guys decide to watch Pearl Harbor. Perfect movie. Action for the guys. Drama for the gurls. In the middle of the movie you see a tall figure come up the stairs and sit right next to you. P- hey. how is the movie? It was nick. U- good. why did you come? N- I got bored. U- how did you know what movie theatre to come into. N- Easy, this is a movie for guys and girls. U- good thinking. He puts his arm around you and you lean in and put your head on his shoulder. he kisses your head and puts his head on your shoulder. Then at one point you fell asleep. FLASH! U- wat the F***! P- Ha I got it. wait till this is in the National Enquirer tomorrow. Who-Ho. U- what happened? Aj- the movie is over lets go. U- what happened? B- the fact that you just broke up with Ashley and your head was on nicks is what happened. U- ohh, N- yea ohh, let's go. U- why are you upset. N- I hate the paparazzi. they make me upset. U- come here. You pull him in and kiss him. N- Wow. what was that for. U- to calm you down.

You guys leave the theatre to find out that there are a bunch of fans. you hold on to nicks hand while you guys are leaving. Then all of the sudden someone stops you. P- *********? U- yea? P- my name is Amy. U- Hi Amy how can I help you? Amy- Ashley did not cheat on you. U- please, I do not want to talk about this now. Amy- why are you with him? U- he is my friend. Amy- why are you holding his hand? U- cause I gotta get through the crowd. Amy- whatever. She pushes you. Your crutches fall and you cannot get up. Nick falls down too. Now you too are on top of each other. The next thing you know, Black.