“What are you doing?”
“OMG! It is Britney Spears!”
“Cut the crap. You know it is your twin.”
“Ok ok ok.” Sorry, didn’t know that you were PMSing!”
“Have you heard that joke about the three blondes trying to get into Heaven?”
“I’ll stop!”
Blonde jokes are always Bernadette’s weak point, she can’t stand those jokes, just because she is a blonde and I am a brunette.
“What’s on TV Berny?”
“Conspiracy is about to come on.”
“Awesome…I’ve been wanting to watch that!”
So Bernadette and I spent the next 95 minutes watching 15 Nazis creating the Final Solution. It was a good movie, just too depressing.
“I’m going to bed.”
“But Gen, you haven’t told me about your night!”
“Later Bern, later. I want sleep…in large quantities!”
“A blonde, brunette, and a redhead died and they were trying to get into Heaven….”
“ok ok ok, fine!”
Ugh…can’t a girl ever get sleep?
The sound of many people walking into my house…can’t be happening. I came out of my bedroom and saw Casey and a bunch of my friends starting a party.
“Hey Genna, how about we call those five fine hotties we know so well?”
“Ok, fine Casey, I’ll call Nick.”
I dialed Nick’s number and he answered the phone…
“Listen baby I’m sorry, just wanna tell ya don’t worry. I will be late, don’t stay up and wait for me….”
“Hey sexy, it’s great hearing your voice. It puts a smile to my face.”
“Awwww…thanks. Well, My sister has started a party and now Casey wants BSB over here.”
“You didn’t want me with ya?”
“I personally want sleep but being with you would make-up for it.”
“Deal, I’ll bring the boys over if I can sneak off somewhere and get sleep.”
“Come right over, I’ll change the sheets on my bed.”
“Remember I live in a two bedroom house and I thought you wanted sleep.”
“Fine, I’ll be right there.”
“See you baby.”
“Love yaz.”
“Me too.”
Fifteen minutes later four Backstreet Boys and one very tired Nick walked in. I led Nick to my room and we talked for a bit and then we both fell asleep. That is until…
Casey and AJ walked in, they were supposedly going to do seven minutes in heaven.
“Whoa, Nicky-boy! I see you got some lovin’!”
“Go away Bone, we are just catching up on sleep.”
“Fine, we’ll join ya’ll downstairs.”
Nick and I walked downstairs, at the bad time too.
“Yo Gen Gen, truth or dare?”
I wasn’t about to pick truth because last time I did, I had to admit, well, I’m not telling ya.
“OOO…good. Well the Miss Florida pageant is coming up so you have to enter in that and compete.”
I wanted to kill Brad…this was low,this was down, this was dirty.
“NO way.”
“Yes way!”
“I’m not doing it.”
“We’ll let you and Nick go back upstairs and get more sleep.”
Nick and I went back upstairs and fell asleep and didn’t wake up until morning.

Early the next morning…
“Hey Nick.”
“Yo B-Rok…sup?”
“Not much, I have an awful crick in my neck.”
“Oh sorry bro.”
“Not your fault, did I wake ya?”
“No, I’ve been up for a bit, watching Genna sleep.”
“You know when you’re in love when you can watch your girl sleep and be perfectly content.”
“I don’t think I’m in love.”
“C’mon Nick, grow up for once. You are in love. I know it.”
“How Brian? You are not me!”
“Thank God. I mean you can tell, the way you hold her, the way your eyes light up when you see her, and how you fall on your bunk and sigh after you come back from a date with her.”
“You must be gay to notice all of these things Brian.”
“Nick, everyone notices it, you’re in love, trust me. I am happily married and I should know how people look when they are in love.”
“Whatever B-rok, I want some sleep now.”
“Fine, I’m gonna sleep on thefloor.”
Nick fell asleep, of course I didn’t hear this event happen but Brian told me about it years later.
Hours later I woke up. I put on my bathrobe and headed downstairs. There was a sight to beseen down there, people drunk, lounged around, and all asleep. I started to make some coffee, and then I tripped over AJ, whom was on top of Casey. I didn’t want the details about that fiasco. Finally the coffee was done and I poured myself a mug and sat down to drink it. Nick walked downstairs and gave me a kiss.
“Morning baby.”
“Morning Nicky…”
“Shut up you two, ya’ll sound like married people!” Aaahh…the sounds of Bernadette in the morning.
“Whatever sis.”
“I gotta go to Jive. Bye, talk to you later.”
“Call me.”
“Will do.”
“Bye baby.”
“Bye... I love you.”
There were the words…I love you…