You told me you loved me, you said that you would never leave me. One dark and stormy night my whole life changed in a flash, one second you're here, the next you're gone. They said that you didn't feel anything, said that it was painless. But when I look into your pale, cold face I see fear and pain. You left me with nothing, only a distant memory of what we had, what we could have had. I have to call your parents now. I have to tell them that their oldest son, their first born is dead. It wasn't your fault, the other driver was drunk. I have to tell your parents that your dead and that the drunk that killed you is okay. The phone is ringing, what do I say?

"Yes can I please talk to your Mom or Dad?" I ask your youngest sister. Your father comes on the line next. "Yes, it's about Nick, we were coming home from the movies and this other car swerved in front of us. It hit us head on. Yeah, I'm fine but, Nick- oh my God, Nicky. Nick was killed on impact." I hear your father break down as I hear your mother and sister start to also- they heard. Your dad identified your body. At your funeral all your friends came, each placing a rose on your casket. They played "One Sweet Day" and "Never Had A Dream Come True". Everyone was crying. As they lowered you into the ground I realized that I would never see your sparkling blue eyes, or your contagious smile, or see your breath taking smile. I start to cry harder. They told the press about it, they were devastated. There has been a out pour of cards and such. The guys are going to take some time off. Aaron is really taking it hard, he won't talk or eat. The others mope all the time and I can barely get out of bed in the mornings. Whenever I hear one of your songs or see your picture I break down again. Everyone really misses you, we all want you back. We will see each other when the time is right. I have to go now but, I'll visit you as often as I can. I'll be a Senior this year so I'll be busy, but I'll always love you. It's always been you, no one else has ever come close.