Nikki woke up the next morning and didn’t have Nick’s arms around her anymore. She got out of the bed and went down the stairs and into the kitchen. Nick was standing there in his boxers cooking eggs and bacon.
“Morning sleepyhead!” Nick said.
“Good morning.” She said back.
“I made you your favorite, an egg sandwich and some bacon with orange juice. I hope you like it!” Nick said.
“You’re to much!” Nikki said. She went up to Nick and gave him a big hug. It lasted about 2 minutes.
“Now, let’s go sit down and eat breakfast.” Nick said. Nikki went over and sat down at the table and started eating while Nick went and turned on the TV to Celebrity Hollywood. It was a new show that had news on celebrities.
“Today in news, we have a story about one of Americas favorite hart throbs, Nick Carter. We recently found out, from an unnamed source that Carter found his girlfriend of 2 years, in the dressing room at Abercrombie and Fitch making out with another girl,” the reporter on TV said.
“Ok. Enough of that.” Nikki said. She got up and went and turned the TV off. “Anyway, what were you planning on doing today?” Nikki asked him.
“I was gonna go out on my boat for a while and come back and swim and do whatever.” He said.
“Can I come with you?” Nikki asked.
“Sure! I’m gonna run upstairs and put on my bathing suit. You can go get yours out of your bedroom.”
“Ok. I’ll meet you outside by the boat in 15 minutes.” Nikki said.
Nikki had her own room at Nicks house because she was over there so much, but she never stayed in it. She had clothes there, but she never slept in there. It was painted baby blue with all kinds of butterflies and stuff like that on the walls. It had French doors with sheer curtains. The doors went out to a circular staircase. The stars went down to the pool. She had a great view of the ocean from her bedroom. She went and grabbed her swimsuit and went into the bathroom. She put on her swimsuit and threw her hair up into a messy bun. She put on some lip-gloss. She wasn’t a big make-up person. She was wearing a hunter green 2-piece bathing suit. It was a string bikini. She loved it and she thought Nick would to. She put a cover up on and went downstairs to meet Nick.
“You ready?” He asked.
“Yea. Let’s go.” They were off for a great day together!