“Mandy,” Nick said, “Be nice.”
“Sorry babe” Mandy said.
“This is my best friend in the whole, wide, world, Nikki.” Nick said.
“SHE’S your best friend?”
“Yep, so learn to like her if you don’t already.” Nick told Mandy.
“OK Nicky. Anything for you.”
“Nikki, this is my girlfriend, Mandy.”
“Hi Mandy” Nikki said, trying to be nice even though she already didn’t like Mandy.
“Yea, whatever.” Mandy said to Nikki. “Nick, Come on! I’m ready to go to my place now!” Mandy said to Nick.
“But Mandy…”
“Nick, NOW!”
“Ok Mandy. Let’s go. Bye everyone.” Nick said. “I’ll see you tomorrow sometime Nikki.” Nick said.
“Yea, that will be fine.” Nikki said. Nick hugged Nikki bye and told everyone else bye and left with Mandy.

Next Day

Nikki had just woke up to what it sounded like a bunch of kids playing and having fun. ‘That must be coming from the Carter house.’ She thought to herself. So she got out of bed and went and looked out her window. She saw all 5 of the Carter kids playing around and having a good time in the pool at the Carter house. Nikki went and got her 2-piece swimsuit on a put on a sundress over it. She told her mom where she was going and went to the Carter’s.
“Hey Nikki!” Nick said. He jumped out of the pool and ran over and gave Nikki a big hug and got her soaking wet. “Come get in the pool.” Nick said.
“OK” Nikki said.
They all spent about 4 hours in the pool and then decided to get out and relax.
“Do you want to go to the mall?” Nick asked Nikki.
“Yea. I gotta go home and get ready though. Come pick me up in about 30 minutes.” Nikki said.
“OK. Bye!” Nick said.
What they were about to see at the mall would change both of there lives forever.