Leslie and me walked over to the Carter’s house and rang the doorbell. It sounded like a stampede of wild cattle coming to the door. The door opened and there stood all five Carter kids at the door. Each one gave me a hug and then I came to Nick. ‘He looks hot’ I thought to myself. ‘No Nikki, don’t think that. Nick’s your best friend.’
“Hey Nikki” Nick said, snapping me out of my trans., “Come here and give me a big o’le hug.”
I smiled and walked over into Nick’s arm. I inhaled his Gravity cologne I had gotten him for his birthday. He smelled so good.
“How have you been squirt?” Nick asked me.
“I been doing ok I guess.” I told him.
“That’s cool. Have you had any boyfriends lately?” He asked me.
“Just a few but nothing serious.” I said.
“Have you had any girlfriends lately?”
“Well,” He was cut off by this high voice calling his name. “Hold on”, he said.
Suddenly, I saw a gorgeous girl come around the corner. She had long blonde hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen besides Nick’s. She looked like she might have been a model because she had a great body. She started walking towards Nick and me.
“Nicky”, she said.
“Yea, baby?” Nick said.
“Nothing. I was just getting lonely.” She said.
“Ok. You can sit with me.” Nick said.
“Ok thanks. First, what is that thing sitting beside you?” the girl said in a very snotty tone of voice. Uh-oh! I thought to myself. This could be trouble.