You got it all

" ..........I was the game he would play, he brought the clouds to my day, then like a ray of light you came out of the night, Just one look and I knew you would make everything clear.
Make all the clouds disappear..." *

Next morning Julia woke up and didn't know where she was she looked at herself and saw some clothes that weren't hers on. Then she remembered she looked at her legs and arms bruises all over them what was she going to do for that nights show. She began to panic when she heard a groan coming from the couch and saw Nick sleeping in there. why did he do that she thought but she was thankful anywayz. Her mind drifted from the moment where Brett was hitting her to the moment when she and Nick decided to take things easy.
":God damn" she heard another familiar voice that broke her thoughts and looked on the floor "I'm not sleeping on the floor ever again" he said and Julia smiled and then confused
*does he know??*
"Hey Julie baby how are you feeling?" asked Aj sitting down on the bed and Julia just looked at him maybe he didn't know "Don't worry I know what happened" said AJ and hugged her while she was crying.
"I'm not as good as I thought I would be.........I'm all sore my head hurts and I really feel bad I mean emotionally... what am I going to do tonight I mean look at me all this bruises and I cant cancel because I don't want my mom to know........Oh my god AJ" Said Julia choking up.
"Don't worry baby don't worry well figure it out" said AJ while stroking her hair
"Good morning" said Nick going to the bathroom
"Not a morning person" said AJ
"It seemed so weird that he did that for me" said Julia
"Ok ... now I guess we have to work on those bruises" said Nick going out of the bathroom
"Thanks guys but .. .how ..... I mean....."Said Julia as Nick and AJ looked at each other.

Later that morning Nick AJ and Julia were on a department store buying tons of make up to cover everything Julia was wearing a cap and some sunglasses. The guys were too.
"I think this will be enough" said Julia going to the cashier. And then they went back to the hotel when they were going in they saw Patty in the hallway
"Damn I cant let my mom see me" She said trying to hide
"Ok there Julia go into my room and well talk to her"said Nick giving her the key.

"Hey Patty beauty"Said AJ
"Hey guys how are you" she said smiling
"Oh we are fine"answered Nick
"good have you seen Julia?" asked Patty and Nick and AJ shook their heads no.
"Oh well...... I need a huge favor AJ If you see her tell her that first Brett went back home because of some familiar emergency and second I'm going to La to fix some dates with the Firm ok guys?" said Patty
"Oh sure we will don't worry Patty" said Aj smiling
"Thank you guys Ill see ya later" said Patty leaving
"Well at least he is not around anymore" said Nick going into his room
"Oh hey" said Julia looking at them
"Hi, well good news.....Brett is gone and well your mom is going to La so ..." said Nick
"Oh ok.... well guys then I'm going to my room to change into my own clothes" She said she was wearing some of Nicks pants and T-shirt
"Ok good well go and look for you in a while"Said AJ as Julia left
"Man she is not doing good"Said Nick
"Now everything is starting to make sense"Said aJ
"What do you mean?"
"Well you haven't had the chance to talk to her and all that ..... but I mean she's kind of scared of guys"
"Obviously she was not scared of me"Said Nick and AJ laughed
"well the thing is that in the superficial side of the relationships she tries to seem the tough girl as you knew her but when I talked to her she never wanted to talk about herself always scared about me hugging her or whatever"said Aj
"What do you mean?"
"Well I thought that it was the fact that maybe she hadn't grew up ... you know... remember 2 years ago when we played the joke pretending that I was seducing her? How she reacted?" asked Aj and Nick nodded
"Well that's the way she kept on acting" said AJ
"Man.....I was really mean to her right?" asked Nick
"Well kind of ..... but my point being.....she's afraid of men all because of Brett...... that day that we went out and she was drunk she was crying and telling me that she was scared of him.....I didn't pay attention"said AJ
"Don't worry man..... now we have to help her..... I swear I wont ever be as mean as I was" said Nick. "Lets go"

Julia was in her room with all the make up packages open trying to cover up the bruises on her face.
"Uh I hate you Brett...." she said to herself when someone knocked on her door and she tried to hide all the make up
"Its us Julie" she heard Ajs voice so she just opened the door
"Hey guys come on in" she said she had changed into her own clothes she was wearing some denim shorts and a blue tanktop so it could be easier to cover the bruises
"Ugh what's that smell" said Aj going to the bathroom
Julia was about to talk but Nick interrupted her "Make up" he said
"dude, how would you know I mean..." said Aj looking at him
"No stupid that's the way my hands smell at the end of every show" said Nick and Julia just looked down. "Whatever is it working?" asked AJ
"Well yeah see...."said Julia putting her leg on the bathroom counter "but I think I will use pantyhose for tonight you know..... because I have to use quite a bit" she said smiling while both of them nodded
"Come sit down" said AJ patting in the bed and Julia did so "What is next?" he asked
"What do you mean..... my life hasn't changed you know.... Ill keep doing the same" she said looking at AJ and Nick was just there looking at them
"So what are you going back to Brett?" asked AJ and Julia looked down "Are you Julia?" he raised his voice
"I don't know Aj I mean..... right now I say that I wont but its always the same after he does this I say I'm not going back and then he comes apologizes and well get back together... is not that I love him..... well I do but its more that I'm afraid" said Julia talking really fast and looking down at her playful hands.
"Well then you should do something that keeps you away from him you know?" said Nick for first time. Julia looked at him and then back at her hands.
"Julia didn't you want a music career?" asked AJ and she nodded "then what are you waiting for we should record some demos and then start looking for a producer and company"Said Aj
"Well she could sign with our label you know?" said Nick
"Yeah!!!! Why not!? That would be nice ..... finally Nick you get to think" said Aj and Julia laughed "so what do you say Julia" she smiled and said yes.

* Lyrics : You got it all by Britney Spears.