Love Should Be a Crime

A few weeks passed by and Brett was still on tour with the guys and Julia. Nick kept on watching really close Julia's attitude he had noticed that she was wearing more and more make up. And during the shows even her arms had make up , he could tell because his hands finished all dirty because of it. All the guys noticed a change in her attitude against Nick and thought that having her boyfriend around was good for her, Nick and the tour itself. Nick knew that it wasn't like that he just didn't say anything. Of course in any given chance Nick and Julia would argue a little bit but then calmed down when Brett got to the scene.

That day was Howie's birthday and everyone was during sound check with him including Julia and Brett
"Hey Howie happy birthday boy!!" said Julia hugging and he hugged her way too close for Brett standing it Nick realized that and thought that was the perfect chance to caught Brett hitting Julia something he hadn't done because all of her fights with her.
"thank you very much girl" he said giving her a kiss in the cheek
perfect thought Nick

That night everyone was going out and Nick hadn't had the opportunity to catch Brett with Julia alone so when he heard that everyone was going but Julia and Brett he decided that he had to stay and he did claiming that his throat was sore and he needed to rest.

That Night he stood in his room fighting against his good feelings or just staying, at the end he decided to go and see what was going on on Julia's room
"You bitch .. you let him kiss you" he heard yelling and then Julia crying
"Oh my god Brett.." he heard he hit her and it had to be really hard for him to hear and then he heard Julia screaming really loud Nick was just there not knowing how to get in until he kicked the door open to find Julia on the floor cuddle up in a ball crying and Brett about to kick her
"Brett you son of a bitch you better stop" screamed Nick running to see Julia on the floor
"What the hell are you doing here Carter I thought you hated her" said Brett
"We don't like each other yeah, but I know one thing that a guy hitting a girl the way you have hit her is not right" said Nick standing up and looking Brett right in the eye
"Nick don't worry.." said a choked up Julia " it was just this time"
"Bullshit Julia Ive been watching you two and it is not the first time is it?" asked Nick and Julia just shook her head no
"For now you are coming to my room" said Nick picking her up
"Yeah right" said Brett taking Julia by the arm when Julia looked up Nick could se how bad she was.
"Leave her alone" said Nick and hit Brett right in the face and went out.
Once in Nicks room Julia was on his bed crying non-stop and Nick taking some ice cubes from the mini bar to put on her injures.
"Damn Julia why?" he said taking a towel from the bathroom " why did you let him?"
"I don't know....I love him Nick" said Julia taking the ice to her eye while Nick put another one in her lip
"You love him my ass..... I knew you were kinda scared of him from the first time that I met him but Ive being watching you and then you and him together is so obvious that he hits you very and I mean VERY often" said Nick
"What makes it so obvious" said Julia changing the ice from the eye to her swollen cheek
"First of all the first day he came here I over heard the fight and how he hit you and then..."
"yeah I found you out in the hallway that day" Julia interrupted him
"Yeah .... and then girl all the make up in the face and then the arms man! Every single show my hands ended full of girls make up and you don't wear short sleeve please Julia it was so obvious" said Nick and Julia just looked away
"You hated me" said Julia and a few tears started to flow
"I never hated you Julia and you needed someone's help" he said
"thank you Nick really thank you I owe you one" she said crying
"No you don't..... maybe we can try to take it easy after all " said Nick and Julia just nodded
"Good now sleep I have stuff to do" said Nick and Julia fell asleep.

That night AJ arrived to his room to see a note on the floor , it was nicks he had slipped it asking him to go his room urgent! It said
what did you do this time Nick AJ thought and went to Nicks room and knocked
"Hey" Nick said opening the door
"What happened?" asked AJ as Nick let him in
" ......god Nickolas" said Aj as he saw Julia on his bed " what is she doing on your bed man I cant believe it what happened" asked AJ
"Nothing Aj just shut up and see" said Nick as he took the blankets off of Julia revealing her in some boxers and shirt of his
"Ok? This is sick man" said AJ
"Don't be stupid man come closer" said Nick when Aj got closer he could see perfectly what Nick was talking about every single part of Julia's legs were bruised and her face and arms too
"What the hell happened to her?" asked Aj
"Brett hit her man! I just saved her" said Nick,
"Man what do you mean you saved her?" asked AJ whispering and going closer to see her
" Well its a freaking long story but I knew that he was hitting her so I was just waiting for the perfect moment to caught him and well I did..." said Nick
"I thought you didn't like her" said Aj and Nick rolled his eyes
"Man there you go as the other two....... the fact that we don't get along well doesn't mean that I will let him hit her the way he did today" said Nick
"Yeah whatever man lets go out so you can tell me everything I don't want to wake her up" said AJ and they both went out to the hallway
"Ok now tell me everything..."said AJ and Nick told him the whole story from the fist day he realized that Brett was hitting Julia
"Where is he Nick where is he???" asked AJ really pissed
"Well we left him in her room so he must be there still" said Nick as AJ began to walk
"where are you going Aj?"
"You'll see" said AJ as he knocked on Julia's room door
"Hey AJ ... I thought you were Julia" Said Brett opening the door AJ didn't say anything he just punched him in the face sending him to the floor
"AJ stop it ok?" said Nick trying to take AJ off of Bret
"You asshole don't you ever come close to her" said Aj while kicking him and punching him
"Ok enough AJ" said Nick holding him
"And listen to me Brett If you are not gone tomorrow morning you will regret it I swear" said AJ while Nick took him out of the room.