If They Knew

Next morning

Julia woke up and didn't know what she was doing on the floor in Aj's arms
"Oh my god" she stood up and looked at herself with the same clothes as the last night and Aj also
"AJ... Alexander wake up...wake up" she said shaking him
"What what??" he opened his eyes
"We are suppose to be in the reception in 20 minutes so you better run" she said as Aj ran out of the room and bumped into Nick
"wooo AJ spent the night with the bitch itself" Nick said
"No no you got it all wrong she was drunk so I just helped her" said AJ
" You better man I was about to lose all my hopes on you and you were about to lose all my respect" said Nick laughing
"Whatever Nickolas gotta run" said AJ and ran to his room

30 minutes later Julia was in the hotels lobby

"Oh my god I'm sorry" she said. She was wearing some blue jeans a baby-t her hair all wet and sunglasses.
"Its ok darling...." said Patty when AJ arrived
"sorry" he said
"Its ok AJ....whatever Julie darling look who is here" said Patty as a tall guy , black hair, wearing sunglasses jeans and denim jacket came
"Oh! ... Hi Brett!"said Julia as he hugged her and kissed her

Everyone began to load de buses to the next city when Nick went with Brett and Julia
"So you are Brett?" asked Nick smiling
"Yes and you are?" Brett said putting an arm around Julia
"Fucking Nick...if you ask me" she said
"Nick Carter man! Nice to meet ya" he said shaking Brett's hand " and really really man I admire you" said Nick smiling and taking a sip of water
"really why?" asked Brett looking at Nick and then Julia while she rolled her eyes
"For standing your outrageous immature gf man"
"Uh!! I hate you so much" said Julia as she was about to hit him
"Hey Hey Julia" screamed Brett and Julia looked scared which seemed extremely weird to Nick
"Man Brett you really control her good for you man..... I ll see ya around" said Nick leaving
"See ya Nick" said Brett and then looked at Julia she tried to smile
"Mm Brett do you want to meet the other guys?" she asked and Brett nodded

"Hey AJ ...look this is Brett" said Julia while introducing them she had already introduced the other guys
"Hey man nice to meet you you are really lucky you have one of the greatest girls Ive met too bad she's not my age" said Aj looking at Julia and she just looked at him not even smiling
"Yeah I know....I'm lucky" he said looking at her.

They got to the next city and went to the hotel.
The whole floor was empty Patty was gone to make some tour arrangements, Brian was spending time with Leigh, the other guys were in the gym ... the only ones left in the floor were Brett and Julia

Nick was coming back from the gym he was really tired all he wanted to do was to take a shower and take a nap before that nights show
"What the hell is going on in there??" he heard someone yelling he stopped death in his tracks
"I'm sorry Brett I really am I swear they all are friends" he heard Julia crying and sobbing
"Yeah right I know your friends Julia I know it!" he heard Brett's voice and was about to burst laughing when he heard Julia's voice again "They are friends really please Brett don't hit me please last time you said you wouldn't anymore"
"Well look what I find my gf leaves for tour I see her and has a bunch of guys with her so what do you think you deserve" Nick was scared yes he hated Julia but a guy hitting her wasn't right
"Ou..." he heard Julia screamed and then some sobbing " I'm sorry Brett....I'm sorry"
"yeah yeah whatever"
"I'm going somewhere to buy makeup and cover the bruise ok?" said Julia
Nick heard her opening the door and tried to walk away and seemed as if he was just passing by
"what? do you need something?" she said looking down nick wanted to say something but he couldn't
"No bitch" he said going to his room.