The call

Next morning at 8 am Julia was already in the gym getting ready for the rehearsal
"Good morning Julia" she heard Fatima's voice
"good morning Fatima how are you?"
"I'm fine I want to introduce you to the girls" said Fatima as she did so

"So your night was kind of shaky uh?" asked Kevin as Nick and Aj were walking with their sunglasses on
"Well yeah ... but not that bad" said Aj as the got to the dancing room
"What the hell are you doing here?" was the first thing that Nick said when he saw Julia
"Good morning Nick Julia will be replacing Amy for a couple of weeks" said Fatima
"What? Over my dead body" said Nick
"Shut up nick you are dancing and that's it" said Fatima

"Nick are you feeling all right?" asked Fatima
"Yes I just didn't sleep too good" said Nick
"Yeah right ... I would name it as hangover" said Julia as Nick was taking his position behind her
"Shut up bitch" said Nick.

2 hours later

"Ouch!! Watch out Nickolas" said Julia sitting down on the floor
"If you weren't so small I wouldn't have step on your foot" said Nick taking a sip of water
"If you hadn't spent all your night drinking and fucking then maybe you would be paying attention ........ jerk"
"Shut up bitch your problem is that you were jealous you wanted to be the one in my bed last night" said Nick as Julia stood up and slapped him on the face
"Don't you ever dare to talk to me like that. ... got it??" said Julia as everyone was looking at them
"Ummmm ok.... I guess toady's practice is over see ya tonight guys" said Fatima
"Thank god .... bye Fatima" said Julia picking up her bag and bottle of water
"bye Julia"

"Julia Ą!! wait Julia!!!" she heard someone calling her name she turned around and saw AJ
"Hey wassup Alexander?" she said walking to the bus that was gonna take them back to the hotel.
"Nothing really I just wanted to apologize myself for last night" said AJ as they were walking together to the bus
"Its ok Alexander.... believe me been there done that... don't worry?" said Julia walking without looking at him
"Really??" he asked
"Really boy.... next time you go out" she said looking at him and taking her sunglasses off "......let me party with you?" she said smiling and putting her sunglasses on again
Aj just laughed and ran to catch up with her " sure wanna go out tonight?" he asked and Julia just laughed.

A week passed by and that night was Julia's first show, the fights with Nick during the rehearsals were a must and everyone decided not to pay attention. She was in her room watching TV trying to think on a song when someone knocking on her door she got up and opened the door
"Wassup girl?" said AJ going to the room
"Nothing much" she said standing closing the door while AJ sat down on the bed
"good so tell me what are you doing tonight?" he said flipping the channels
"Mm nothing why?" she said sitting down on a chair that was on one corner by a table
"well since today is your first show I was wondering if you want to go out and celebrate...uh! I love this video" he said watching Destiny's child new video
"Yeah well maybe..... I don't know ...." she said looking through the window
"Why I mean you still owe me one clubbing night" he said looking at her and then returning his sight to the TV
"Yeah but I have to wait for a phone call" she said
"Phone call??? From who??" he asked still watching the TV as the video finished
"Mmmm Brett.... but Ill let you know tonight" she said trying to change the subject
"Brett? Is that a boyfriend?" he asked smiling and looking at her
"mm yep" she said " anywayz where do you want to go?"
"I still don't know .......but tell me why didn't you mention him?" he said laying down on the bed
"I don't know..... I really don't know" she said looking away
"Hey.. I detected a bitter vibe in there"
"Maybe" she said opening the minibar and taking a bottle of water
"cīmon Julie you don't trust me or what?" he asked
"I do really Alex and I thank you very much because because of you is that my summer haven't being as bad as I thought..... but talking about Brett is a little difficult for me" said Julia sitting down in the bed
"Ok lets see....I'm gonna help you..... how long have you being together?" he said looking at her
"1 year" she said taking a sip of water
"where did you meet him? "
"Umm school"
"Ok now .... do you love him are you happy with him?" he asked taking off his glasses Julia looked away "you don't love him right?" said AJ
"I really don't know Aj..... I mean .... its been one year... I don't know anymore" she said looking at him
"Well...." said AJ looking his watch " I think is time for us to leave but.. you are coming tonight and well have this talk later ok?"
"Mmm Aj....."
"Julie darling where does he phone you everynight?" he said
"my cell phone" she said biting her nails
"Ok stop biting your nails ... and you'll bring your phone so I don't care ok? Lets go" said AJ and they both left for the show.

The show was over and Julia did very good during the show
"good so now we are going out" said AJ while all the guys were in the dressing room.
"really who said so?" said Nick taking his shirt off
"I did so who is going??" said AJ looking at everyone
"MM I'm going" said Nick
"me too" said Howie
"Ok ok I will go" said Kevin
"Oh my god Kevin is going" said Aj in a funny tone "Brian?"
"nope guys Leigh is here"
"Ok Ok ... cool so make the plans and Ill be right back" said Aj going to the dancers dressing room

He knocked on the door and one of the girls opened
"mm hi is Julia around here?" asked Aj wanting to see
"MM yes just wait a second THERE ARE SOME GIRLS CHANGING" said the girl and closed the door.
"hi" said Julia coming out in a pair of nikes white tanktop her hair still done and the make up she had on the concert
"hey, hey , hey what are you waiting for? Go in there and change ok?" said Aj and Julia was about to say something but he hushed her " I don't care you are coming" said AJ and left
Julia went in and asked one of the girls for her clothes since she hadn't anything to wear for a club.
She was wearing a mini black leather skirt and a red tube top.
"Really Megan why in the hell do you bring this kind of clothes to a show?" said Julia looking herself in the mirror
"I don't know you never know what might happen" said Megan smiling
"Well it worked this time thank you very much and Ill see ya tomorrow girls" said Julia waving at them and leaving. She went to the guys dressing room and knocked on the door Kevin opened
"Hey Kev" said Julia going in
"Umm Julia ... mm" said Kevin opening the door in that moment Aj came out from the bathroom
"Hey Julie looking good?" asked Aj and hugging her
"What the hell is she doing here?" asked Nick coming from somewhere
"No no no what the hell are YOU doing here?" she said looking at Nick
"Ok ok guys we ALL are going ok? So don't begin with fights ok?" said AJ coming in between of them
"UH! Whatever" said Julia turning around in that moment her cell phone rang and she took it off from her skirt
"Hello?" she answered "Oh.....Hi Brett" she said walking out of the room as AJ tiptoeing went and stood behind the door trying to hear
"Mmm fine the show was great" he heard Julia said " no .. actually I'm going out today......Brett!! yes ....I know but I mean just with some friends and that's it yep ......Oh.... really? That's nice.... yep.... yep Ill see ya then bye" AJ heard Julia hung up and then she went back to the dressing room

"so??"asked AJ
"nothing...Brett is coming on tour from tomorrow" said Julia looking around
"Brett?" asked Kevin
"boyfriend..." said AJ and then looked at Julia again " But didn't you know I mean how does he know about the dates and everything?"
"My mom.... she loves him" said Julia
"Really really that's touching and everything but can we just leave I really don't care about your love life" said Nick Julia just looked at him
"for first time in my life and maybe the last one I have to agree with Jerk brat blondie boy in there..... lets go" said Julia.

Later that Night........

"really Alexander" said Julia stumbling in the hallway and AJ trying to help her to walk
" I don't want Brett near me I sooooooo scared" she said and began to cry while AJ was looking for her room key in her purse.
"but Why? I mean ...... he is your boyfriend" he said opening the door and helped her in
"No.... ok you know what" she said throwing her hands in the air and then fell on the ground " ok just forget it and leave me alone .....oh shit!!" she said and went almost crawling to the bathroom and threw up
"I hate him so much" said Julia crying while AJ was wiping her tears and mouth
"Its ok baby everything will be ok" he said hugging her