June 8th

"I really don't want to be here and its so freaking hot" said Julia standing in the Orlando airport with her backpack on. She was wearing a white tank top and white shorts and sandals her done in a pony tail.
"Hi Patty mmm we are a little bit late" said Kevin running towards them
"Oh its ok Kevin"said Patty smiling
"Yeah sure meanwhile Im getting cooked in my own sweat" said Julian and Patty pinched her arm "Ouch!" she said rubbing her arm
"Hey Hey Patty beauty" said AJ taking her hand and kissing it " and.... who are you?" asked Aj looking at Julia
"Julia dumbass" said Julia
"Oh my god Julia?? What happened to you? Man puberty hit ya right" said AJ lowering his glasses
"whatever Alexander can we leave now?" said Julia
"Mmm yeah. So where are the others" asked Patty taking her carry on bag and they headed to the gate
"Maybe at the gate" said Kevin

They got to the gate and Brian Howie and Nick were there.
"Ok guys lets go.... here your tickets" said Patty giving them their tickets
Nick looked at Julia and he knew that he knew her from somewhere.
"Ummm Bri! Whose that girl?" asked Nick
"dunno" said Brian while looking for his papers in his backpack
"whatever...." said Nick and decided to ask her
"Umm excuse me do I..."
"shut up asshole don't even try talking to me the next months ..... year whatever the time were spending together" said Julia without even looking at him
"Julia???" asked Nick when he recognized the voice and the insults
"No dumbass Britney Spears can you just get the hell far from me please"
"God not again.....Patty I'm sorry but ...." said Nick leaving
"I'm sorry Nick I thought you too would be over with your personal problems plus she is going to be all alone for the next year or something." Said Patty while everyone was boarding and Nick was in the airplanes door with Patty
"Its ok don't worry as long as your daughter don't star with her smartass comments" said Nick outloud when Julia went into the plane
"Jerk" she shouted and Patty just rolled her eyes

"Man! This is going to be one hell of a tour" said Nick plopping himself on the seat by Brian
"Why?? Whose the girl anywayz?" asked Brian opening a magazine
"you wont believe this..... the girl is Julia" said Nick
"What? Julia as in Patty's daughter, the same nerdish childish messy girl that toured with us 2 years ago??" asked Brian and Nick just nodded her head
"Well........ she grew up" said Brian Nick rolled his eyes and put his headphones on .

Days went on and Julia went from city to city with her mom and the boys having certain encounters with Nick but nothing important she was getting along pretty good with the other boys specially with AJ.

"And I'm dreaming
Dreaming about us
Thinking about us
Wishing it was us
The ones sharing happiness
Sharing hopes...."

"Wow Julie what was that?" asked AJ going into the room in arena where Julie was
"Umm just a song" said Julia keeping her guitar on its case
"Did you write it?" asked Aj reading the lyrics
"Wow and .... are you planning on ..like you know? Having a career or something?"
"Yeah maybe but shhh don't talk about it I want to do it by myself I don't want my mom involved on this" said Julia standing up " well I gotta go and help my mom with I dunno what she really wants to keep me busy... see ya later"
"see ya" said Aj
As Julia was going out of the room she bumped into Nick "damn watch your step jerk"
"Shut up bitch" said Nick
"Jerk" said Julia and left
"What?" asked Nick to Aj that was shaking his head
"Nothing..... do you like her by any chance?"
"hahahahahahahahahahaha that was a good one AJ you know how much we hate each other" said Nick
"Yeah I know but she is pretty good I mean yeah she was stupid 2 years ago and everything but she's grown up and everything.... did you know she wants to be a singer?" asked Aj looking at Nick that was playing video games
"No I didn't and I really don't care" said Nick and AJ just shrugged his shoulders.

"damn idiot!" said Julia going into the room where her mom was
"Nick I guess" said Patty with her eyes on the computer
"Yes .... whatever what am I going to do today?" asked Julia sitting down on a chair
"Ok anything else?" asked Julia
"Yep I need to ask you a favor" said Patty closing her laptop and looking at her

"So are we going out tonight or what guys?"asked AJ while the guys were getting ready "Mmm yeah I am in" said Nick "Yeah me too" said Howie "Sorry guys Kristin is coming today I pass" said Kevin "Yeah me too" said Brian "Ok then Nick, D and me" said AJ "That's not fair mom!!!!!" they heard Julia's voice "Brat alert" said Nick

"I'm sorry Julia but one of the dancers is leaving and I know that you know by heart every single choreography" said Patty while Julia was giving the back
"Yes Mom I understand it and I would do it if I was replacing any of the others boys but why Nick??" said Julia about to cry
"Because Amy is Nicks dancer and all the girls have certain positions that they cant change.... please Julia this is my job! I need you to help me" plead Patty
"Ok .. mom I will do it under one condition..... you have to start looking for the dancer from now" said Julia
"Yes sweaty I swear"
"Ok then when do I start rehearsing" said Julia Patty stood up and hugged her
"Ok.... mom you owe me one" said Julia going out of the room "UH!!"

Late that night around 3 in the morning Julia was writing and composing a song when she heard a lot of noise coming from the hallway in the hotel.
She peeked her head out of the room and saw Howie and Nick carrying Aj drunk as hell.
"Oh my god Alexander" Julia said running and trying to help them and whispering
"Go away bitch" said Nick Julia looked at him dispisingly
"Look asshole I'm trying to help your friend here ..." she went closer " ugh! You're as drunk as he is so you better go with your little slut in there have the score of the night while I REALLY help Aj" said Julia referring to the girl that Nick had brought that night
"Look you idiot If I have or not a girl with me its none of your business .... unless you are jealous because I actually can have some not like you little nerdy" said Nick
"UH!!!! I'm gonna kill you!!!!" said Julia and wanted to hit Nick
"Julia Julia" Howie hold her and took her to Ajs room
"Nick go to your room I will take care of this" said Howie and Nick nodded

Howie went into Ajs room and Julia was helping him to throw up
"eww Aj" said Howie
"Its ok howie don't worry" said Julia
"Julia baby...if you weren't that young I would ask you to be my girl" said Aj putting his head on Julia's lap she just laughed
"ok ...If you weren't a backstreet boy Nicks friend and such a flirt maybe I would" said Julia helping him up and Howie helped them
Once that Aj was in bed Julia was going to leave "Ok then Ill see ya tomorrow ok D." Said Julia
"Yep and I'm sorry about AJ Nick... about everything"
"don't worry Howie its ok" said Julia and went to bed