"Oh my god are you for real????" asked Karla to her best friend Julia
"I swear!! My mom got us backstage passes for tonight sorry I didn't tell you before" said Julia
"Oh god.. I'm gonna like meet the backstreet boys!!!!" screamed Karla and both,her and Julia, were jumping up and down
"Shut up......freaks"some cheerleader said passing them by. Julia and Karla weren't the most popular girls in the school.... actually everyone kept on calling them freaks pulling up jokes , of course they never did anything to stop that and their looks, old fashioned clothes , messy hair, huge glasses ( only Julia) and good grades didn't help too much to their, nerdish,freakish reputation.

"Ok how do I look?" asked Julia looking herself in the mirror. She was wearing a pair of jeans a backstreet t-shirt, and some snickers her hair was for once done decently.
"Great just great how about me?" asked Karla she was wearing the same except for the glasses that Julia would wear everywhere.
"Julie, Karla lets go" it was Patty Julia's mom.

19 year old Nick Carter was wandering around backstage going from one side to another.
"Dude, I just met the hottest girl in Orlando" said Aj going into the room where Nick was
"Really who is she?" said Nick turning the TV on.
"Just some Mandy Moore assistant" said Aj sitting down by Nick while watching Tv too
"Man I so not want to do the backstage today , Patty is bringing her daughter today" said Nick Patty ,Julia's mom, worked with them as tour manager.
"Hey Man, what if she looks as good as her mother" said Aj as Nick just looked at him weird.
"Wassup?" said Kevin going in and sitting down on the recliner
"Nothing much" said Nick flipping the channels
"Hey Kev do you know how old is Patty's daughter?" asked AJ
"Mmm 14 . .... no wait 15.... yeah she just turned 15 why?" asked Kevin taking a sip of water.
"Well I was telling Nick that she might be as hot as her mom" said AJ as he went on laughing and Kevin just smiled and shook his head.

"Ok Julie one thing before we go in" said Patty locking her car "no screams shouts and that kind of stuff ok?"she finished as Julia rolled her eyes. "and the same goes for you Karla" said Patty getting to a backdoor.
"Hey Patty" said the security guard
"Hey Bill do you know where the boys are?" she asked Julia looked at Karla weird she didn't know why her mom knew the guards and was talking about the boys as if she knew them.
"Mm they are in the room watching Tv I think"
"Ok thanks cīmon girls" said Patty and they got to the room Patty stopped and looked at the girls "remember girls....." Karla just rolled her eyes
"Hey guys" said Patty opening the door
"hey Patty looking good as always" said AJ kissing the top of her hand she just smiled. Patty was a really attractive woman, single young mother, she had Julia when she was 15 so by then she was 30.
"So ..... I want you to meet my daughter Julia and her friend"

*Oh my god a teeny bopper ewwwwwwwww* Nick thought while shacking her hand

The concert was over and Patty, Julia and Karla were back in Kisimee.
"Well I hate Nick with all my heart and soul" said Julia
"Why?" asked Patty while locking their houses door
"Because he didn't talk to me the whole night"
"Oh please Julie he doesn't know you he didn't have to talk to you he signed what you wanted and that's it" said Patty going to the kitchen as Julia went upstairs to her room with Karla behind her.
"Well from now on I hate the backstreet boys" said Julia and Karla looked at her scared.

2 years later

Julia kept her promise of hating the backstreet boys at least Nick. Not because Nick didn't talk to her that night but due to the fact that that very summer Patty took Julia with her on tour and Nick and Julia couldn't do anything but fight, they hated each other basically because of the 4 years of difference between each other and also because Julia was still a little kid she hadn't matured.
Now 2 years later Julia had grown up in every sense of the word and became somewhat popular in her school, she said goodbye to her big glasses and was about to graduate from highschool. Everyone seemed to have forgotten about her nerdish freakish reputation.

"Julie what are you doing this summer?" asked Patty while Julia was writing her graduation speech
"Nothing really maybe get a job" said Julia looking at her paper
"Are you still taking this year off?"
"Yep why?" asked Julia erasing some words
"Well I booked airplane tickets for the day after your graduation" said Patty Julia squealed stood up and hugged her mom
"Oh my god mom!!! That's soo cool where are we going?"said Julia still hugging her mom
"Mmmm Atlanta" said Patty taking a pencil to her mouth
"Atlanta?? Why??" said Julia taking a sit infront of her mom
"Well...... the boys tour begins here in Orlando and well then they go to Atlanta and well we are going with them" said Patty
"What??? Mom!!! Are you crazy I'm not going mom, I'm not spending another summer with that bastard" said Julia really angry
"Julia! First of all don't go calling Nick like that and you are going I don't care plus in the meanwhile I can help you with your singer, model whatever career"
"mom! Didn't you see how bad was 2 years ago we hate each other!! And I don't want you to help me with my career mom! I want to do it by myself I already told you that"
"Julia Leah Benson you are going and that is the end of the discussion" said Patty
"UH!" exclaimed Julia and went to her room