Meeting the Parents

The next morning Katie woke up to the sound of something ringing. She slowly got up and looked around the room. It sounded like a telephone, but she didn't have one in her room. She followed the sound and found a cell phone on her bad. She picked it up and answered it, “Hello?” She asked. “Hey baby.” Nick said. “Hi.” Katie said shocked. “Is this your phone?” She asked. “No. It's yours.” He said “What?” Katie asked confused. “I bought it for you. Now you can all me whenever and wherever you are.” Nick said. “Nick, you didn't have to do that.” Katie said. “I know, but I wanted to.” He said. “Thank you.” Katie said. “Your very welcome.” Nick said. “Do you want the number?” He asked. “Oh, yeah that might be kind of important.” She said finding a piece of paper. “385-0709.” He said. “Ok, got it.” She said. “So what are you doing today?” Nick asked. “I'm going to break the record for staying in bed.” Katie said walking over to her bed. “I might have to join you.” He said. “Maybe.” She laughed. “Just kidding. I can't I have to go to the studio. I'll talk to you later baby.” He said. “Ok bye, I love you.” She said. “Love you too.” He said then they hung up.


“You ready?” Nick asked Katie as she was walking down stairs. “Yep.” She said. “Bye Katie. See you Monday.” Becky said. “Bye Beck.” Katie said. “Nick!” Emily said running in the house. “Hey Em.” He said picking her up. “When are you guys coming back?” she asked. “Monday.” He said. Katie and Nick were getting home late Sunday night so decided that Katie should just stay the night over at his house and then come home Monday morning. “Is your brother Aaron?” Emily asked. “Yes he is.” Nick said. “Can you get him to sigh this?” She asked handing him a picture. “Sure.” He said smiling. “Thank you.” She said. “You are very welcome.” He said. Then he put her down. “Bye.” Katie said. Everyone said bye and then they left.


“We'll be there in a couple minutes.” Nick said turning down a road. “You think they will like me?” Katie asked getting nervous. “Of course. They will love you.” He said taking his free hand and holding hers to reassure her. She smiled and looked out the window. A couple minutes later Nick pulled up to a gate. He pressed the buzzer button and soon heard his mother's voice. “Hello?” She said. “Hey mom.” He said. “Oh Nick, sorry. I'll buzz you in.” She said. “He soon saw the gates slowly open, then drove in. He parked the car, and then they walked to the door. “You ready?” He asked. She nervously nodded her head yes. He rang the doorbell. “Nick!” Jane said coming out and giving her son a hug. “Hey mom.” He said. “Mom, this is Katie. Katie, this is my mom, Jane.” He introduced. “Nice to meet you Mrs. Carter.” Katie said politely. “Please, call me Jane.” She said smiling. “It's nice to finally meet you. I have heard so much.” Jane added. “Please come in.,” she said opening the door wider. Nick took Katie's hand and led her to the living room where they saw the rest of the Carter family. “Nick!” Aaron yelled as he ran to his older brother. “Hey Aaron.” Nick said hugging him. “What are you doing here I though you were on tour?” Nick said. “Nope, Me and Leslie have the next month off.” Aaron explained. “Good. So you'll be here the whole time we are.” Nick said. “When are you leaving?” Aaron asked. “Sunday night.” “That's not a long stay.” Aaron said sadly. “I know but both of us need to get back.” Nick said gesturing towards Katie. “Oh, is that your girlfriend?” Aaron asked. “Yep. Everyone this is my girlfriend Katie.” He said. “Hey.” Katie said shyly to his family. “Sit down.” Bob said to both of them gesturing to the empty couch. They both went and sat down. Nick put his arm around Katie and that was as close as they got. Katie was afraid that his family wouldn't like him if she were all over him. The next few hours they sat and talked and mostly got to know Katie. But Jane had told them to avoid the 'father' subject. At 6:00 they all decided to go out to dinner. Jane told them to dress up because it was going to be a fancy place. Katie put on her long black skirt and a light blue, turtleneck tank top, which was the same material as her skirt, and black strapy shoes. She walked out of the bathroom to see Nick standing, looking over the banister down at his family who didn't know he was watching. He was wearing black pants, pale green silk shirt. “You look great.” She said coming up behind him. “You look beautiful too.” He said after over looking her. “Thanks.” She said. “What are you thinking about?” She asked. “You, my family, touring, the band.” He said. “Something bothering you?” she asked. “No.” He said. “Just thinking.” He said. “Are you uncomfortable around my parents?” He asked. “No their great. Why?” She asked. “Well, you like, barely touched me when we were talking.” He said. “No, it's not that. I'm comfortable around them, It's just this is the first time I'm meeting them, and I just didn't that they would like me all over you.” She said. “They don't care.” He said. “Sorry.” She said. “No, I'm sorry, if you don't feel comfortable then don't.” He said. “Once I know they like me, I will because this is killing me.” Katie said smiling. Nick looked at her and smiled. She leaned in and gave him a kiss. After a minute she pulled away. “You have a great family.” She told him watching BJ mess around with Aaron. “Yeah.” He said. “Nick, Katie, you two ready?” Bob asked seeing them. “Yeah.” Nick said and left without taking her hand. She stopped him and took his hand in hers. They walked down the stairs and to where everyone was. “You two are so cute.” Jane said. “Thanks.” Nick said putting his hand around Katie's waist. They all walked out, when Bob stopped Nick. “I'll meet you at the car.” Katie told Nick. Nick said ok and then turned his attention to his dad. “She's a keeper Nick, don't let anything happen to her.” Bob said. “I know dad. I've known since the moment I laid eyes on her.” Nick said watching Katie as she talked to Leslie and Jane. So you think she is 'the one'?” Bob asked. “Yeah, I'm pretty sure. But I have never fallen for someone this fast. It's scary.” He told his father. “That's what happened with me and your mother.” He said. “Really?” Nick asked. “Yeah, first time I saw her, I knew she was the one.” He said. “But your both young yet, don't rush into anything too soon. You might get hurt.” He father warned. “I won't dad.” Nick said. Bob patted his son on the back and then Nick walked up behind Katie and put his hands around her waist. “Mom, are we going with you or by ourselves?” Nick asked. “Umm…I guess by yourselves because there isn't enough room in this car.” Jane said. “Ok we're following you.” Nick said. Then him and Katie walked over to his car. Then soon left.


“Nick, you almost ready?” Katie asked Nick. “Hold on, one more life.” He yelled. He was playing some video game yet again, with Aaron. “Yes! I beat the 'Great Nick' in Nintendo!” Aaron said jumping around. “Katie! You're my witness” Aaron said seeing Katie leaning against the doorframe. “Nah, my girl wouldn't lower my pride like that.” Nick said. “I wouldn't?” Katie joked. “Nah you love me too much.” Nick said coming and putting his arms around her waist. “That doesn't mean I won't say that your little brother beat you in Nintendo.” Katie said. “She loves me more.” Aaron sang taking Katie out of Nick's grip. “Don't you Katie?” Aaron said. “Yeah.” Katie said giving him a kiss on the cheek. Aaron turned bright red. “I got a kiss and Nick didn't.” Aaron sang out again. “I guess Katie doesn't love me. You can have her, Aaron.” Nick said sadly turning around folding his arms across his chest. “Katie walked up behind Nick quietly. “You know I love you.” Katie whispered in his ear. “No, you love Aaron.” Nick said. “It's just a little illegal.” Katie said. “Oh yeah.” Nick said stomped. “But you still love him.” Nick said. “Fine, come on Aaron.” Katie said grabbing Aaron's hand. They walked out of the room. Nick figured Katie was going to come back, and was surprised when she didn't. He went to go find her. He looked in his room, and didn't find her. HE went to Aaron's room and didn't see her there either. But he did see Aaron. “Aaron, where's Katie?” Nick asked. “I don't know.” He shrugged. Nick continued to look around the house and soon found her in her room packing with her back to the door. He snuck behind her and put his arms around her waist. “You mad at me?” He whispered. “No.” she said. “You sound like you are.” Nick said turning to face her. “No, it was all a joke, why would I be mad?” Katie asked slightly laughing. “You just sound mad.” Nick said. “Nope, I'm not.” Katie said. “Good.” He said and then pulled her in for a kiss. “So you love me?” He asked. “Of course.” She said leaning in for another kiss. They stood there kissing when they heard someone clear their throat. They pulled away and looked at the door. “Sorry, but you two might want to get going or you'll miss your flight and be stuck with us a little longer.” Bob said. “Alright.” Nick said. He went to his room and threw a couple more things into his bag and then took his bag and Katie's out to the car. They all said their good byes and soon left for the airport.