The Fight

The next day, Katie woke up with Nick's arms around her. She turned her head to look at him and saw that he was awake. “Morning sleepy head.” Nick said smiling. “Morning.” She said turning her head back around and snuggled with him. “Are you feeling better this morning?” Nick asked. “Yeah a little.” She said. “So what do you want to do today?” Katie asked. “Well I was wondering what the record was staying in bed?” Nick said. “Do you think we could break it?” he asked. “No question about it. But I don't feel like staying in bed today. And I promised Emily that I would go with her to her cheerleading practice.” Katie said. “Well.” Nick thought. “Is there a basketball court close to where she practice?” Nick asked getting an idea. “Yeah.” She said smiling. “Well I promised Jordan that I would play basketball with him.” Nick said. “Sounds good to me.” Katie said getting the picture. “I can call Brian and tell him to follow us.” Nick said. “Yeah that would be good. Jordan wants to meet him.” Katie said. “Then you and I can do something afterwards.” Nick said. “Yeah.” Katie said smiling. She turned back and looked at Nick and gave him a kiss. “I love you.” He said. “I love you too.” She said. “Oh, I need to ask you something.” Nick said. “What is it?” Katie asked turning over so it was easier for her to look at him. “My mom wants to meet you. Which means that we would have to fly to California to meet her and the rest of my family.” Nick said. “That sounds like fun.” Katie said. “You don't mind flying across the country to meet them?” He asked surprised. “Well I am not crazy about the flying part, but I really want to meet your family.” Katie said. “Well, I really want to meet your mom.” Nick said. “Well, not until my dad leaves.” Katie said. “I'm sure he will soon.” Nick said. “I hope so.” She said. “Well I am going to go call Jordan and tell him that we are coming and you can go call Brian and see if he wants to come.” Katie said getting up. “Ok. I am going to change.” Nick said also getting up and walking to his room. Katie walked downstairs and picked up Nick's phone and dialed her aunt's number. “Hello?” Jerilyn asked. “Hey. It's Katie. Is Jordan busy today?” Katie asked. “Nope. He doesn't have anything to do.” Jerilyn said. “Well, Nick wants to play basketball with him today. And I am taking Emily to cheerleading today right?” Katie asked making sure. “Yeah. Umm hold on let me ask Jordan.” Jerilyn said. “Jordan?” She yelled upstairs. “Yeah mom?” He yelled back. “Do you want to play basketball with Nick today?” She yelled. “Yeah!” Jordan said excitedly running down the stairs. “Yeah he does.” Jerilyn told Katie. “Ok, tell him and Emily that we will be there in a couple of hours to pick them up.” Katie told her. “I will. Bye Katie.” Jerilyn said. “Bye.” Katie said and hung up. She sat down in the bar stool and waited for Nick to come downstairs. She sat there when she heard the shower come one. She decided to go and watch TV instead of sitting there and doing nothing. She turned it on MTV to see that the press conference was being replayed. She laughed at how convincing her and Nick actually were. “There you go ladies, and Nick Carter lovers, Nick is officially single. So he is open for any girl that he sees, be ready if you see him on the streets.” Carson said. “What's so funny?” Nick asked coming down stairs in basketball shorts with his shirt in his hand. “Nothing. I was just watching the replay of our press conference. We're pretty convincing. Carson told every girl that sees you on the street to grab you while you are single.” Katie said. “Well the only girl that better grab me is the one sitting on my couch right now.” Nick said walking behind her and wrapping his arms around her. “But I already got you.” Katie said smiling. “I know, and you don't have to worry about me leaving.” Nick said. “You ready to go?” He asked. “Yep.” Katie said. “I called Brian and he is going to meet us at the 7 11 on the corner so we need to get moving.” Nick said. “Ok.” Katie said. She turned off the TV and then got up off the couch. Nick turned on his alarm system and then they left. They met up with Brian and then they left for the two-hour drive to Katie's house. When they got to her house she quickly changed cloths and then they went to Jerilyn and George's house to pick up the kids. Then went to the park where the basketball courts and where Emily's cheerleading practice was. Nick and Katie gave each other a quick kiss and went their separate ways, but were still where they could see each other. Every now and then Katie would look over to see Nick messing around with Jordan or going for a shot. And Nick would look over at Katie dancing and helping the younger girls. The next few hours where like that, finally the girls practice ended and the boys were done playing basketball. “Katie, I would like to talk to you.” Emily's coach said. “Ok, Emily go over with Nick. Tell him I will be there in a minute.” Katie said seeing Nick, Brian, and Jordan sitting on the bench waiting for them. “Ok.” She said and ran over to Nick and gave him a hug. Katie smiled and then turned her attention back to Emily's coach. “Yes?” Katie said. “Well I noticed your great talent in dancing and Emily mentioned that you love to write songs so I was wondering if you would like to write a song for the girls and make up a dance for it. For their computation they are having on the 25th of July.” She said. “You want me to write a song? Really?” Katie asked completely overjoyed. “Yeah, here.” She said handing Katie a piece of paper. “Emily brought this to me to show me some of your work, and you write great.” She said. “Thanks.” Katie said. “So will you do it?” The coach asked. “Of course, I will.” Katie said. “Great. Here are the requirements for the song. If you don't mind I want you to have the song and dance ready in a month and that will give us a month and a half to teach the girls.” She said. “Ok I will start tonight.” Katie said. “Thank you.” She said. “No thanks you.” Katie said. Then ran over to Nick to tell him the news. “What up?” Nick asked. “Emily's coach wants me to write a song and make up dance moves for their computation they are having on July 25th.” Katie said. “That s great.” Nick said hugging her. “Congratulations.” Brian said. “Thanks.” Katie said smiling. “So when do you have to have everything done?” Nick asked as they walked back to the car. “I have to have the dance and song written by the time you guys leave, and then the girls will start to learn it the next month.” Katie said. “Well you know that all of us guys will help you if you get stuck.” Brian said. “Thanks.” Katie said. They took Emily and Jordan home, and Brian drove home, and Nick and Katie headed to her house. “Hello?” Katie yelled through the house. “Anyone here?” She yelled. But got no answer. “Come on, let's go to the beach.” Katie said. “Ok.” Nick said and then they left towards the beach.


“So do you have a concert the 25th?” Katie asked Nick as they walked down the beach, hand in hand. “I don't think so.” He said. “Do you think maybe you could come? It would mean a lot to Emily…and me.” Katie said getting softer towards the end of her sentence. “I'll try anything for you. But I can't promise anything.” He said. “As long as you try.” Katie said. “You know I will. So do you have any ideas for a song?” Nick asked. “Nope.” Katie said. “Well it has to be up-beat, and full of energy.” He said. “And I was thinking it should involve dancing or something like that.” She added to what he had said. “Yeah.” He said. “So when do you want to see your parents?” Katie asked. “How about a week from today? We can stay the night and leave Sunday night.” Nick suggested. “Sounds good to me.” Katie said. “Good.” He said putting his arm around her waist. “So do you know where your aunt and cousin went?” He asked. “Probably eating lunch at my grandfathers. They always eat thee on Saturday nights.” Katie said. “When will they be home?” Nick asked holding her closer. “Umm…I don't know why?” Katie said. “Just wondering.” Nick said then turned her around and gave her a kiss. “You want to go to your place?” Nick asked. “Nick…Nick.” Katie said patting on his back. “What?” He asked. “There are reporters right there.” Katie said. “Shit.” Nick said. Did they see you?” He asked. “Probably.” Katie said softly dropping her head. “It's ok, umm are they looking at us now?” Nick asked. “Yeah.” She said slightly looking over his shoulder. “Umm…Do you think they suspect anything?” Nick asked. “They are coming over right now.” Katie said. “Umm…” He said quickly thinking. “Would you mind doing something?” He asked. “Sure.” She said. “Act like we got in a fight. Take my car and act like you are driving yourself home. Then I will meet you at he bar on the beach I will go out he back.” He said handing her his car keys. “God Katie! If you hate me so much, and you hate it here why don't you just go home?” Nick yelled swinging his hands in the air. “Fine, goodbye Nick.” Katie said and ran off the beach and to Nick's car. She drove north to make it look like she was going to the airport. “Nick? What happened?” A reporter asked. “Nothing.” Nick said with hatred in his voice. “Where did Katie go?” “I don't know or care.” Nick said in hatred then walked off to the bar where Katie was supposed to meet him. Katie parked the car so that it was easy for Nick to get in. She sat there for five minutes waiting and then soon saw him walking out slowly. He got in the car and they left towards Katie's house. “You think they bought it?” Katie asked as she turned into the neighborhood. “Yeah, they came up to me and asked why and where you went.” He said. “Good.” Katie said. They drove to Katie's house to see that everyone was over. “So much for having time alone.” Katie said to Nick. “It's ok. I like your family.” He said as she parked. They walked inside and went to the kitchen after saying hi to everyone to start working on the song.