The Meet and Call

“AJ’s girl crazy. He goes and flirts with hot, beautiful girls even if his girlfriend is there, or she is one of our girlfriends, so don’t be shocked if he comes up to you.” Nick said. Katie blushed and then they walked in the house. “Anyone here?” Nick yelled into the house. “In the pool.” Someone yelled back. Katie and Nick made their way back to the porch hand and hand. “Hey everyone.” Nick said. “Hey.” Eight people replied. “Everyone this is my girlfriend Katie. Katie this is Brian and his wife Leighanne, Kevin and his wife Kristin, AJ and his girlfriend Sara, and Howie and his girlfriend Danielle.” Nick introduced. “Hey.” She said shyly. “Hey.” They all replied. “Why don’t you guys come in the pool?” Leighanne said. “You want to?” Nick asked Katie. “Yeah, but do you mind if I use your phone first?” Katie asked. “Yeah sure. I’ll show you where it is.” Nick said and led her to the phone. “Who are you going to call?” Nick asked. “Well, do you mind if I call my mom if you don’t want me to, I can just call my aunt.” Katie said no knowing if he wanted to make a long distance call. “You can call your mom, I don’t care.” He replied smiling. “Thanks. I’ll make it quick.” She said. “You don’t have to. Take as long as you want.” He said. “You might want to take that back. My mom will talk forever.” She joked. “I know what you mean. I’m going to change and meet you out in the pool. The bathroom is right there when you are ready to change.” He said and walked upstairs. Katie dialed her mom’s number surprised to hear a man answer. “Is Pam there?” Katie asked. “Yes, who may I say is calling?” He asked. “Her daughter.” Katie said. “Katie?” The man asked. “Yeah.” She said figuring that her mother had told him about her. “Katie it’s me…dad.” He said. Katie stood there shocked and slammed down the phone. “What’s wrong?” Nick asked walking down stairs in just his bathing suit. “My dad answered the phone.” Katie said in disgust. “Maybe you should call back and talk to your mom.” Nick said. “No, it’ll ruin my day and I don’t want your friends to think I am always like that.” She said. “Will you promise me you’ll call later so it doesn’t eat you up inside?” Nick asked showing how much he cared. “I will. I promise.” She said and kissed him. “Can I have the car keys to get my suit?” She asked when the parted. “The cars unlocked.” He said. “Ok. I’ll be there in a minute.” She said and then turned around and left while Nick went to the pool. “Hey Nick what’s up? Brian asked his best friend. “Nothing. So what do you all think of Katie?” Nick asked. “She seems nice.” Sara said. “She’s hot.” AJ said. Sara hit his arm. “You know I love you baby.” AJ aid and kissed her. Nick rolled his eyes. “What about the real people here?” Nick asked. “She seems like a cool person.” Kevin said. “Wait till you really get to know her.” Nick said getting in the pool. “She went off on Kurt, that was pretty funny.” Danielle said laughing. “Yeah, he was getting on both of our nerves. He was like breathing down our necks the whole time. You should have seen him.” Nick said. “Well you are so he had a reason.” Howie said. “Yeah but we don’t want to tell anyone yet. We want some time alone.” Nick said. “Yeah same with us.” Howie said holding Danielle. Katie walked out of the house and slipped in the pool next to Nick. “What are you guys talking about?” Katie asked. “Nothing.” He said putting his arms around her waist. The next few hours they did nothing but sit in the pool and talk. All of the guys loved Katie. Katie became really good friend with the girls, but Danielle didn’t seem to like her very much. “So is Danielle always this snotty?” Katie asked, since Danielle was the only girl not talking with them, but hanging on Howie as he was trying to talk with the guys. “Yeah, She doesn’t love Howie. She is only with him for the money. She is like that to all of us. Just ignore her.” Leighanne said. “But don’t say anything in front of Howie about her. He won’t be to happy.” Sara said. “He loves her so much. He is going to be a mess when she just drops him one day.” Kristin said. “That is why Nick is lucky to have you. You didn’t know he was famous until you got to you cousins house. And you like him before that right?” Leighanne asked. “Yeah, he was so sweet to me on the plane.” Katie said smiling. “See. That is true love you two have. An instant true love.” Kristin said. They continued talking about random things and the girls got to know Katie really well. “Well, I think it is time for all of us to go it is getting late.” Leighanne said. “Yeah, I am tired are you ready to go AJ?” Sara asked. “Yep.” AJ said. They all soon left leaving Nick and Katie alone. “So what do you want to do?” Katie asked Nick after he shut the door. “You are going to go call you mom.” He said. “I don’t want to, I’ve had a good day I don’t want that to ruin it. Come on lets go out to the beach.” She said taking his hand in hers and tried to walk to the beach but Nick just held her back. “You need to call.” He said grabbing the cordless phone and handing it to her. “Fine. But can we do something afterwards?” She asked. “Sure.” He said giving her a smile. She returned it and then dialed her number. “Hello?” Katie’s mom, Pam, said. “Hi Mom.” Katie said. “Katie I am so glad you called! Where are you?” She asked her voice full of worry. “I’m at Nick’s.” She said smiling at Nick. “Was that dad earlier?” she asked now full of seriousness. “Yes it was.” Her mom said. “Mom, what is he doing there, after what he did to us, I thought you were never going to talk to him again.” Katie said. “I wasn’t but we ran into each other and just decided to eat lunch together and then I invited him home…” she began but was cut off by Katie. “Now he knows where we live? I thought the whole point of us moving away from my friends and everything I loved was to get away from him!” Katie exclaimed getting very angry. “Katie, everything is fine. He has changed.” Her mother said. “Mom he is going to do what he did before he left! He will never change! Can’t you tell he is dragging you back in!” Katie said getting up and walking into the other room. Nick just sat on the bar stool that Katie was sitting in. He had no idea what she was going through or what her father had done, and it was eating him up inside. He knew that when she was done no matter what he was going to make her tell him what happened with her father. “No, I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t want him near me or you!” Katie said angrily walking back were Nick could hear. “Katie.” Her father said on one phone with her mother on another one. “I want you out of my house now, and away from my mother! I hate you. And I will never forgive you for what you have done to me! You have no idea what you put me through! Go away and the next time I call I don’t want you to answer or be there.” Katie demanded. “Kathryn. Is that anyway to talk to your father!” Pam yelled at her daughter. “Mom! I want you to get away from him. Make him leave. NOW!” She said. “Kathryn! Apologize to your father for what you just said to him!” Her mother demanded. “No, it is more like him apologize to me for all that he had done to me and put me through! But no matter how many sorry’s he says and what he buys me I will never help. So why should I apologize?” Katie snapped back. “Fine, he isn’t leaving though! He is staying!” Her mother said. “Then I am not coming home. Not until he is gone. I don’t even want to be in the same state as him. So I guess I am not going to college till he is gone!” Katie said in all seriousness and meaning every word. “Katie you worked to hard to get in IU, to just not go.” Her father said. “How the hell would you know? You don’t know anything about me.” Katie said. “I told him Katie. I showed him every project, every report card, everything.” Her mother said. “Does that mean he knows me? No it doesn’t! He doesn’t know anything!” Katie said. “Dad who was my boyfriend for two years? Why did we break up? What was the name of my first play? What do I love to do more then anything? What is my best talent? What is my favorite color? Who is my boyfriend right now? How old am I?” Katie asked firing the questions. “I don’t know the answer to any of those. But I will love to find out and be the best father I can.” He said calmly. “You don’t even know how old I am?” Katie said feeling hurt; she thought he would at least know that answer. “No I don’t.” He said. “My God! My boyfriend of 4 days knows more about me then you do! And I lived with you for seven years.” Katie said. “I want to find out. I want to be the father I never was.” He said. “Jay, he cheated on me, Fiddler on the Roof, singing, writing music, green, Nick, and 18. There that is the answer to all of the questions and the last thing you will ever hear from me. I never want to talk to you again. I love you mom.” Katie said slamming down the phone. Nick walked up to her and looked into her eyes, which were welling up with tears. “I’m so sorry I made you call.” He said holding her tight. She cried on his shoulder for a few minutes and then pulled away and walked out to the beach alone. She sat down in the sand and just watched the waves crash on the shore. The sun was already down and the stars were shining above her. She sat out there alone for about five minutes when Nick came out and sat next to her not saying anything. “I was seven years old when he left.” Katie began knowing that he had every right to know what was going on. “My mom and dad got married when they were both 18 and had me 11 months after their wedding. They were both really into drugs and when I was born I had heart problems, and breathing problems, from my dad forcing my mom to smoke marijuana while she was pregnant with me because he though that he wasn’t ready for a kid so he tried to kill me by making her do that. It didn’t work so I guess he came up with a new plan. When I was seven he made me smoke. He told me that it would taste like candy and since he was my father I believed him. He made me smoke three times, sniff four, and he injected me once. I had been really sick a few weeks before that and he told me that if I did all of this I would never be sick again. So I did it. And my mom said that she found me in the back of her car, beaten senseless, and tied up. She got me to the hospital just in time to save me. Social services took me away from my mom till she cleaned herself up, and then when I was eight I went back to live with her. She had to go in for a drug test once a month, every month after that. We had never heard a word from him after that day. The police went after him but never found him. I have had so much trouble trusting people after that. Jay and I had known each other since we were like five so I knew I could trust him. I hate him Nick. I can’t trust him. What if he brings my mother back to her addiction? What if he tries to kill me again? I can’t live in a world of fear, Nick.” Katie said breaking down into tears. Nick pulled her close trying to calm her down. “I won’t let him hurt you. You can trust me. I won’t do anything to hurt you, or let anyone hurt you.” Nick said holding her. Nick helped her up and they walked back into the house. “Do you want me to take you home?” Nick asked. “I don’t care. Whatever you want.” Katie said. “No, do you want to go home, or stay here. Either one is fine.” Nick said showing that he truly cared about her. “I’ll stay here.” She sad not wanting him to drive home this late. “Ok,” He said. He showed her to her room and she went to bed. Nick walked back downstairs to hear the phone ringing. “Hello?” He said. “Hey hun. What’s up?” His mother said. “Oh hi mom. Nothing.” He said. “Anything wrong? You sound kind of depressed.” His mother said. “Mom?” Nick said. “Yes dear?” She asked. “I love you. Tell dad I love him too.” Nick said realizing how lucky he really is. “We both love you very much honey. Is something wrong?” She asked. “Well. You know how I told you that my girlfriend didn’t have a father?” He asked. “Yes.” She said remembering. “Well I found out why. And it made me realize how lucky I am.” Nick said. “What happened?” Jane asked concerned. “Well, you have to swear that the only person you tell is Dad and don’t let him tell anyone. She doesn’t want a lot of people to know.” Nick said. “I promise sweetie, what is it?” She urged on. Nick proceeded to tell her what had happened that day and the long story Katie had told him. “That is horrible!” Jane said. “I know.” Nick said. “Does she do drugs?” Jane asked. “Mom?” Nick exclaimed at the question. “What?” She asked. “Do you think I would date someone that does drugs?” He asked. “Well, no, but you never know, she might have gotten addicted at that one time and never stopped.” Jane said. “No, mom she doesn’t. She doesn’t even drink. Anything that you can become addicted to, like drinking and medicine wise, she is scared to death of.” Nick said. “But mom, I don’t know how to comfort her. I want to just hold her, but that isn’t enough. I don’t know what to say to her.” Nick said. “Sometimes, Nick, holding her is the best thing you can do. Just letting her know that you are always there without saying anything.” Jane said. “You sure?” He asked. “Positive.” She said confidently. “Thanks mom. So what did you call for?” Nick asked. “Oh just to check up on you. Make sure everything was ok.” Jane said. “Oh and did you talk to Katie about coming to meet us?” She asked. “No, not yet, I will talk to her later about it and call you when I do.” Nick said. “Ok sweetie. Well I got to go. I love you.” Jane said. “I love you too mom.” Nick said and then hung up. He walked upstairs and checked on Katie. “Nick?” She asked, as he was about to shut the door. “Yeah?” He asked walking over next to her. She scooted over in her bed, as to tell Nick that she wanted him to get in. He did and held her close as she began to cry again.