“Baby, wake up.” Nick said knelt down next to Katie’s bed brushing a hair away from her face. Katie slowly opened her eyes to see Nick’s smiling face. She returned the smile and sat up. She looked at the clock, “4:30?” she said falling back down on her bed, putting a pillow over her head. “Come on, get up.” Nick said pulling the sheets off of her and the pillow off of her head. “It’s to early,” she complained. “I guess you don’t want your surprise then.” Nick said turning around folding his arms across his chest. Katie stood up on her bed quietly and jumped on Nick’s back. “What’s my surprise?” she asked. “You’ll have to get dressed and find out.” He said with a mysterious smile. Katie got off of his back and went to her bag. “I will be right back.” She said and then went to the bathroom to change. She came out a few minutes later with a black turtleneck tank top on and jeans. “Ready?” He asked. “Yep.” She said excited to see what Nick had planned for her. Nick grabbed her hand and led her to the lobby. “Are we waiting for a cab?” Katie asked not knowing why they were waiting. “Nope.” Nick said as a bellboy walked up to them. “Here is your car Mr. Carter. Have a great day.” The boy said handing Nick the keys to the silver BMW he had rented for the day. Nick walked to the passenger side door and opened it for his awaiting girlfriend. She smiled and walked over to her seat. Nick stopped her before she sat down. “Sorry, baby, but you have to be totally surprised.” He said putting a blindfold over her eyes. He helped her in the car and then drove off. They drove for a half an hour, when Katie felt the car stop, and Nick turn off the engine. He helped her out of the car and led her somewhere. He told her to watch her step as she stepped down on what, to her, seemed like a boat. They drove for about twenty minutes when she left the boat stop. Nick helped her up and then led her to her surprise. He took the blindfold off of her, letting her see her surprise. He put his hands around her waist, pulling her close to him. “Surprise.” He whispered in her ear. She gasped at the view she saw. “Nick, it’s beautiful.” She said leaning back against him. They were on top of the Statue of Liberty and the sun was just about to rise. “Do you like it?” Nick asked softly holding her close to him. “I love it.” She replied. They stood there in silence watching the sun slowly rise. When it had risen all the way, Katie just stood there watching the city slowly get busy and enjoying every second of it. Katie turned around and put her arms around Nick’s neck. “Thank you so much. I love it.” She said looking him in his dark blue eyes. “I’m glad.” He said. They slowly leaned in closer when all of a sudden they saw a bunch of flashes. Nick turned his head to see tons of reporters. “God! Can’t you leave me alone for once?” Nick yelled. He grabbed Katie’s hand and then walked passed the press and got in the boat and left. He didn’t say a word the whole ride. He just looked out at the water. Occasionally he would look over at Katie, who was sitting in the passenger chair next to him also looking out at the water. He could tell that she was upset also by what the press had done. When they got back to the dock they walked to the car silently. They got in the car and left without saying anything to each other. “I’m really sorry.” Nick apologized breaking the silence. “It’s ok.” Katie said understandingly. “No, it not, they always do this! They never just leave me alone.” He said frustrated. “Nick, it’s fine. They didn’t ruin my surprise and I loved it.” Katie reassured him, moving closer. He looked at her and smiled. “You want to get something to eat?” He asked. “What ever you want to do.” “But you are the one who has never been here before.” He said. “But you know where all the good places are.” Katie said. “Ok.” He said. They went to a fast-food restaurant and spent the whole day sightseeing. Nick told Katie about crazy fan encounters that happened around the city and stories of the guys. They went to a nice fancy restaurant for dinner they really got to know more about each other. They talked about their family life the most. Katie tried to avoid the subject knowing that it would somehow lead to her father but Nick was so close to his family that it was hard for her. “So what are your parents like?” Nick asked noticing that she was listening to him more then saying anything. “Well, my mom is great. I couldn’t live without her. She is like all of my world.” Katie explained. “What about your father?” Nick asked forgetting about how he walked out. “Well I don’t know. I don‘t really like him.” Katie said. “Oh, sorry I forgot.” Nick said remembering. “No, its fine.” Katie said. “Why did he leave?” Nick asked. “Well, I don’t exactly want to talk about that right now.” Katie said. “Sorry.” Nick said. “No it’s ok. You didn’t know.” Katie said. “So any brothers or sisters?” Nick asked. “Nope, I am an only child.” She said. “What about you?” she asked. “One brother and three sisters.” He said. “Wow, big family.” She replied. “Yeah, their great. I want a big family when I am ready to be a father.” Nick said smiling at the thought. “Me too. I hated being an only child. I don’t want any of my kids to go through that.” She said. “And I swore to myself that I would never leave any of my kids.” Katie said softly looking down. “I’m really sorry about your dad.” Nick said. “No, it’s fine. He left for his own reasons, they were stupid, but he felt that we weren’t good enough for him.” Katie said. “Are you going to tell me the reason?” Nick asked wanting to try and understand where she is coming from better. “Not now, maybe later. It is a long drawn out story and I don’t like talking about it.” She said. “Ok, whenever you are ready, I am ready to listen. But I want you to know that I won’t think any different of you, once you tell me. If that is what you’re thinking.” Nick said. “Thanks.” Katie said noticing that he practically read her mind. They ate and continued talking. Then left to sightsee some more.


Katie came out of the bathroom, and saw Nick sitting on his bed watching TV. “I’ll be right back.” She said and left the room. Twenty minutes later Katie came back. “Where’d you go?” He asked. “Somewhere.” She said walking over to him and taking his hand. “It is time for your surprise.” She said and then led him out of the room. She took him to the elevator where they road to the top floor. Then she walked him around the floor till they came to a door. “Close your eyes.” She ordered. He did as he was told and then she opened the door and took his hand once again. She led him out to his surprise. “Open.” She said. “Wow.” Nick said. “How did you find this?” He asked amazed. “I know my way around hotels.” She shrugged. Nick moved closer to the edge. He was standing on the roof of the hotel with a breathtaking view of the busy city. Nick turned around and saw Katie standing there smiling widely. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close, looking into her eyes. “And no press.” She said putting her arms around his neck. “Thank you.” He said. “You very welcome.” She said smiling. Then they slowly leaned closer to share their first kiss as a couple.