Third person

Right as the doctors had prepared Stacy for surgery. The Doctor had went back to check the X-Rays from before.
"Mr. Littrel may I speak to you for a moment" the doctor asked
"yes of coarse" Brian answered back
" well it seems that what happened today was cause by more then her broken ribs. I knew from Mr. Droughs explanations of what happened the broken rib piece was the cause of her condition, I went and checked over her X-Rays again and it seems that a piece of her rib bone has strayed away and i am not sure were it is now, since the X-Rays we last took were so long ago. Due to not having enough time to give her more X-Rays, we will have to wing this and there is a 70 percent chance she may not make it. You will have to sign a form agreeing to this since you are her only family here and that she is already out. If her parents are here i will need them to sign instead of you." The doctor explained.
"NO this can not be happening"brian explained."her parents will be here in 2 hours."he got out
"that is to far from now i will need you to sign" he said. Brian agreed and signed. He went over to every one else and told them. And Kevin stormed out not being able to take it
"no this can't happen i love her" nick screamed and brian looked at him strangely but aj cut him of before he could say anything
"Nick how could we be so stupid and get mad at her like we did" aj said taking nick away from everybody else. Nick and aj only could turn to each other after what they did they knew that howie was mad at them at the moment.
"Aj do you think this is the feeling she had about not making it?" Nick asked.
"Nick shes going to make it i know it. Nick don't think like this she loves you and im sorry i never saw that before i should of realized she wanted you and not gotten in the way." aj apologized.
"Aj you would have never known either way i don't this she really thought of either of us this way at that point and we both thought she did so we went after her. WHEN she get out of this lets let her have her own space. She just got out of a relationship and need time to think about what she is going to do with her" Nick said
"I totally agree i feel like such a jack ass. We need to go give the other guys their letters"Aj said getting up. They gave their guys their letters and a hour later stacys mother had arrived their frantic.
"Where in the world is my baby... can i get some help now...Brian where are yo....Oh brian what is going on" Stacys mother yelled. Brian greeted his mother with a big ole hug and explained the whole deal and what was going on. She had calmed down a lot and everyone was in the lobby waiting for results. The nurse came out and said their was an hour left in the surgery and that she was fine so far or so they thought.
Meanwhile brian had pulled nick aside to talk to him about the letter stacy wrote him.
"Nick stacy told me about you and her so i asked howie about it and he told me EVERYTHING that happened. How could you do this to my sister? You had no right to call her any of the things you had called her that night. After this surgery if she makes it out you and my sister are not to be in a relationship. OK" brian said madly
"No its not ok I love your sister I'm only happy when im with her and you can not take that away from me not matter what you do. You can split us up but I'll find a way to see her. And wether you kill me or she dies, God forbid, i will still love her and you can't stop that."nick said
"Nick do you realize what you did to her you broke her heart i would be suprized if she ever evan wanted to see your ass again" brian yelled back.
"Brian i do not want to fight about this i want to tell you that me and aj have discussed this and we have decided to let her have space after this and to let her figure things out for her self. Im not going force her to do anything."nick explained back.
"Well ill talk to you about this later i have to much stress on me right now" brian said and walked away. Nick just assumed that brian was really mad and didn't mean anything he said, so nick hoped.

It had been an hour later then the nurse said and she still had not gave them any information on Stacy.
Everyone was getting restless and angry. Some were pacing around some were praying(hmm) and some were reminiscing. Nick couldn't take it any more he was going crazy and he bolted up to the counter.
"Can i please talk to somebody."Nick said and the nurses ignored him"How the fuck can i get some damn help" he yelled and aj bolted up after him trying to pull nick back. He sat nick down but nick jumped up again."I want to know something about what is going on you shity fucking idiots."
"Nick sit down please"aj pleaded at that moment a nurse came out and nick ran up to her
"well how is she" nick asked
"Mr. Carter will you please sit down so i can explain what happened here to everyone"she said and nick obeyed" well we have finished the surgery and she has now entered coma territory. She is not completely in a coma but she is very close. We need someone to talk to her to try to wake her up. The best way this can work is if you pick someone who had a resent encounter with her that she has on her mind. Only one person can go in their since people are still working on her. And the surgery went fine but if she makes it she will not be able to do anything for 2 months and will need constant care.
"Well thats easy I'll go." nick said standing up
"nick this is my sister i think i would like to do this." brian said
"Brian you have not evan talked to her lately. Just because shes your sister you have to think for the best and i think that nick and her have been going through a lot and she will most remember their encounter." Howie said.
"I guess your right"brian said walking up to Nick. Brian began to cry and gave nick a hug." nick please try your hardest to wake her up and if something does happen to her tell her i love her. Nick i trust you" brian whispered in nicks ear
"Brian iv known her for many years and i love her too i hope you will under stand that. I will try my hardest."nick said and the nurse lead nick in to the emergency room. Kevin walked up to brian and put his arm on his shoulder and gave him a hug
"Brian im just as worried as you are don't worry nick will do fine."

Nicks POV

as i walked in i saw the worst sight it was stacy but that was not the bad thing stacy was still beautiful but all these wires were hooked up to her am she looked so miserable
i went up to start talking to her but stopped and then the doctor nudged me toward her so i continued
"Stacy its me nick i-i-i just wanted to say that i love you and we need you to wake up. After everything that happened i just need to tell you how sorry i am. Everyone needs you and i need you. With out you i wouldn't be able to live a day with out constantly thinking of you and how unfair this is. You make everyone so happy. I am so glad that brian came to see you or else i would never have seen you again. Throughout the whole time i hadn't seen you life was empty and when you came back it was full. You a great person and your so young and unfair for this to happen to you. But this will wake you so much stronger then you already are. Me and aj promised to lay off and let you have time to your self after this hard break up and i want to be friends with you until you are completely ready...

Stacys POV

everything that nick was so sweet but i didn't know what he meant by wake up. Their was this light in front of me ant i already up. I cant see nick but i can hear him, i want to touch him. I really want to see him. I know he means every this he say. I forgive him can i just tell him BEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP..........


brian and every one love you and said hi " i said when i heard a hard stead beep like before, also i was pushed back like before but this time it felt like I had failed. I ran out in tear i kept running to my car when i saw aj brian and Kevin on my tail i ran fast trying to think of what to do, i got in my car and drove off leaving the guys in my dust...

3rd person

brian kevin and aj stood their wondering what happened and kevin hoped in his car and followed nick.

*Back in the hospital with out kevin and nick*

the nurse came out with a bad look on her face and brian sat their hopeless.
"Im sorry to say but she is in a coma and we would like to tell nick it was not his fault. By the time he got in the room their was little hope any way she was pretty but already in the coma just when he got on their she put up a harder fight then before but didn't make it out. Nick really helped and i wanted to thank him" the nurse said and brian just looked down and sighed
"How long do you think my daughter will be in this coma" Mrs. Littrel asked
"it could be days i have no clue but your chances have gotten better there is a 50 50 chance of life" .the nurse replied
"Well thank you" brian said" he was a little relived that their was a better chance but still very worried."you guys can go home I'll call you guys if i get and more news. And call me if you hear about nick and kevin i hope that boy didn't get in to any trouble.