* Stacy's point of view*

A hour later Howie Nick and Leigh and I were all in the living room watching T.V when Brian and Kevin walked in.
“What happened!?!” I asked jumping up
“Well he won’t bug you again.” Kevin said sternly sitting down.
“What did you guys do?” Leigh asked
“ Well he’s in the big house now” Brian said referring to jail
“your joking Brian right?” I asked
“NO after what he did to you he deserves it!” Brian said.
“well he can’t just go to jail like that can he” Leigh asked
“well we have to go to trial” Kevin said
“NO NO and NO. I am not going to trial, I can not take this any more. We are not going to trial this is over with, he will not bug me anymore! and I know it” I said
“Stacy it is not over. how many more people will he have to hurt before you will do this. he is not safe out there.” Brian said.
Nick leaned over to me and whispered in her ear.
“Stacy you can do this I'll be there don't worry.” Nick said
“OK” I chocked.
“Whoa nick How long have you been here?” Brian asked
“ I just made up with my best friend here." Nick said
“ Oh well I got to get going right Leigh” Brian said winking and I laughed.
“Yea well I have to go to “ Kevin said and got up
“ok Bye you guys” I said giving them all hugs
“Well nick I think I'm going to stay here tonight” I decided not wanting to have to keep moving around.
“Why don't you come over to my place since your stuff is here” nick said
“yea but I haven't seen Howie for a while and I think it would be nice.”
“oh ok I think I'll be leaving right now” nick said giving me a kiss on the cheek.
Nick went home, and Howie and I are going to dinner to catch up on old times. Howie was like my second brother. He was always their for me. I thought this would be a good time to spend with him after everything had happened. I mean yea nicks great, but I think he is better for fun and at serious times nick might just help me buy going to kick Marks ass again. I'm really glad that me and nick are friends again, I wonder what happened between him and Mandy? Well I will have to find out later I have to get ready for dinner. I took a shower and decided to wear some jeans and a sweater.

*At Dinner*

We walked into a nice restaurant and got privet seating, I guess that's what you get when your a ‘Backstreet Boy’
“so when are you going to go through with the surgery” Howie asked me as I cringed.
“I’m not that scared any more as long as Nick is there. I felt to safe last time I want to the hospital. I had never felt so safe. the morning of the accident Nick was right there ready to help me. I said
“ you like him don’t you?”
“ Like Who, Nick” I said amazed he had caught me
“ Yea you know who I a talking about!” he said and I laughed.
“Yea but please don’t say anything to everyone. I know nick knows I like him but I'm afraid of what Brian would say” I emphasized
“don't worry about it. Now about Aj that's really harsh about what you said to him. you know you need to apologize right.” he said concerned
“I know but he has to apologize too. he did try to take advantage of me. I mean please I had just got hurt and he just wont give it up. it was his fault about mark he kiss me. I DID NOT kiss back I stopped him. He knew I had a Boy friend.” I Said very mad that Howie took his side
“ I know I know but just think he saved from going through this more in the future. Mark was not good to you. you need to get out of that relation ship.” he said but I did not accept it
“Well it wasn’t wroth the pain I went through to get out of this relationship, I am sure it could have happened more painlessly
“That true but I don't want to get in the middle of this this you guys need to work this out.
“ Yea I know.” I said
“How about after dinner you go to Aj’s house?” Howie said
“No, I don't feel like going out.” I said.
“Come on, this can’t go on forever...” Howie said
“I really dont feel good howie” I said, not wanting to go.
“Alrite, but im just saying that i dont want you guys to fight about something stupid and losing your friendship” howie said, sounding kinda disappointed.
“ok, maybe, can we just eat dinner first?” i asked
“yea ok” howie said.

*After Dinner*

“So, are you going over their?” howie asked.
“yea ok, but im not staying long.” i said.
I really didn't want to go, but howie really wanted us to be friends again so i decided to try at least.
Howie and Stacy got in the car and drove off to Aj’s house.

*Aj’s House*

“Ok, can you just stay out here and ill be back in like 20 min.”
“Ok” howie said with a smile.
Stacy walked up the front door and was kinda nervous, 1st of all becuz she hasent talked him since then, and 2nd she doesn't know what he is going to say.
*ring ring* went the door
Aj answered the door and they looked at each other for a little bit.
“hi” Stacy said.
“umm..hi, come in” Aj said and opened the door a little. I walked in and sat on the couch.

*back at howies car*

“ring ring* went his cell phone.
“hello!!!!” howie said(just a little too happy)
“umm hi, is Stacy there, cuz i called your house and you guys were gone.” Nick said.
“umm yea, we went out to dinner, and i just dropped her off at Aj’s house, there making up.”
“umm hello, nick, hello??” howie said
“uh o” howie said.

*Back with Aj and Stacy*

“so, y are you here?” Aj asked
“umm i just wanted to say that i am sorry for saying what i said to you, i shouldnt have said that, i know it hurt you a lot, i really do like you, but not like that.” Stacy said wanting to get outta there.
“you know you really hurt me leading me on like that.” Aj said
“i never leading you on! i came to you becuz me and nick were in a fight! i was sad and confused and i didnt come to make out with you!” Stacy said mad about what he said.
“You were too leading me on! I know what leading on is and it is that!” Aj said
“umm aj sorry to tell you this, but i am not your type of girl!” Stacy said.
“Oh and what do you think my type of girl is?? im not the type of guy you think i am!” aj said
“Then what kind of girl is your type?!?!” Stacy said.
“you.” aj said very quietly.
“oh so now i am a whore?!” Stacy said really loud.
“You know what maybe you did deserve what mark did to you!” Aj said cruelly. I just sat there and just looked at him and thought of how true it could be that i deserved that. After a min of thinking i jumped up and cried as i ran out.

*back at howie*

I saw nick drive up really fast in the pouring rain. He then parked and ran up to me.
“ What the hell do you think your doing let my girlfriend go to this GUYS house!?!?!” he yelled at me.
“Girlfriend? There just making up, you need to calm down!” I said.
“do you know what making up is to her?? It is making out!” he yelled again
“look nick she really lik----” i started to say, but saw Stacy running out of aj’s house crying.

*back at Stacy*

I ran as fast i could to get away from him, i saw howie and nick arguing and started to run towards him, thinking he was there to help me. I was almost to him when yelled..........
“WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN THERE!?!?!” nick yelled. I was so frighten of him at that moment, i just started crying harder.
“i was in there making up--” i started to say
“YEA RITE MAKING OUT!” nick interrupted me.
“a slut,” Aj said as he walked out.
“y are you trying to steal my girlfriend!?!?!” nick said
“Girlfriend? im not your girlfriend!!?!?!” Stacy said.
“ yes you were, at least i thought you were, i never just make out with nobody....” nick said
“oh yes she dose nick, she is a slut, or did you not hear me? Here let me spell it out for you S-L-U-T!”
“oh dont worry i already knew that!” nick said.
“nick come on in, we dont need a girl like this ruining our lifes.” Aj said. I watched in disbelief as i saw nick following him in.
“come on lets go home ok?” howie said. i followed him to the car and we got in.
“does everybody really think i am a BIG problem in their lifes?” I said crying.
“No, just rest ok?” howie said.
“ok”, i said as i feel asleep.

*at howies house*

Howie carried her in and laid her down on her bed.
“howie?” I asked.
“yea im here, its ok, just go to sleep.”
“i wish i could find a guy like you.” I said as she feel asleep.
“you’ll find your man sweetie.” he said kissing me on the forehead.

*Next Mourning*

I woke up and just had a really bad headache for the nite before. I went downstairs and howie was making me breakfast.
“hey howie!” i said.
“Good Mourning!” howie said.
“Mourning” i said still kinda tired.
“so are you ok from yesterday.” howie said
“no not really, i mean how could i be? the two people that i could trust the most just hate me and the guy that i really really like hates me even more, Oh and y did he think i was his g/f?!?” i asked
“iunno, maybe it was from that incident that you had earlier, ummm, upstairs?”
“yea, so, well, wat are you cooking?” i said not wanting to answer that ?.
“umm pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, cereal, fruit, oatmeal, hashbrowns and omelets!(sorry we were just a little hungry wen we wrote this. lol. ok back to the story!)” howie said.
“umm that sounds really good!” i said, i was really hungry cuz i didnt eat dinner.
“well good, i made it just for you” howie said.
“hey do you think that we could go by nicks house and get the rest of my stuff, cuz i dont think i can stay there nemore” i asked
“umm yea sure” howie said.
“thanx” i said.

*in the car outside of nicks house*

“well do you want me to go with you?” howie asked.
“no i think i will be alrite, wat is he going to do to me, call me a slut again?” i asked. I got out of the car and went up to nicks house. I admit i was a little nervous and scared about seeing him again.
*ring ring* nick opened the door wearing only boxer.
“what are you doing here?” he asked
“is it ok if i get my stuff, ill leave right after that” i said, trying not to stare.
“yea, ok watever” he said coldly. He let me in and i saw that Aj was in the living room.
“what is the SLUT doing here?” he said so i can hear. I pretended that i couldn't hear him and went straight upstairs. All of my stuff was already out of my drawers and on the bed. It kind of hurt me to see that, cuz nick really didnt want me in his life. i packed my stuff and looked around.
“im really going to miss this place” i said to my self
“you better not tell Brian any of this ok?!?!” nick said.
“i wasn't going to nick, you may hate me, but im not going to ruin your friendship with Brian, i know how much it means to both of you” i said and left. i went outside and was kinda having cramps. I felt really bad towards my rib area. I just collapsed to the floor and howie saw me and ran toward me.
“OMG WAT IS WRONG! ARE YOU OK!” howie said.
“i think i need to go to the doctor, i really hurt!” i screamed in pain.
Howie ran into the house.
Nick ran over to the phone and called 911 and they were coming right now.
Nick came outside.
“omg are you ok!?” he asked me just as i passed out.

*at the hospital*

I woke up with howie, aj, nick, kevin, brian, and leigh.
“omg are you ok?!?!” brian said.
“umm yea im ok, i guess, could i have some time alone to myself.” i said
“umm yea, sure, thats kewl,” everyone said. I had this pit feeling in my stomach that i would not make it, so i decided to write everyone a letter.

1st to nick.

~*~Dear Nick~*~

hey its me! i dont know if im going to make it or not, but i just wanted to tell you, i really like you a lot. Not just as a friend, but really really like you! i dont like fighting with you and it really hurt me when aj and you called me all that shit. I never even thought you looked at me as a g/f. If you would have asked me i would have said yes. I would love to be ur g/f! The only reason i was at Aj’s was that i wanted to make up. NOT MAKE OUT! oh and about kissing him b4, i would have never have done that, if i knew you had feeling for me. If i do make it out, i hope you still have feelings for me i hope we can still have a future, weather it be friends, enemy's, or lovers. Hope you never forget me and i hope you’ll be there for me while im going through this!

Love you,
P.S.-You one of the sweetest people i know(and cutest)!!

2nd to aj

~*~Dear Aj~*~

hey its me! I wouldnt blame you, if you throw this away rite now, but i hope your read this. The reason i am writing this to you, is that i dont think i am going to make it. Ok 1st of all, im sorrie for all the shit i put you through and all the stuff i said. I didnt mean any of it. i have to tell you this though, i really like nick a lot. i dont want u to feel bad. i really like you too, but not in that way. Could you really think of us doing very intimate stuff together? That would be some fucked up shit. j/k. You are my dawg and i want to keep it that way. I want it so, that i can i always run to you and tell you stuff. I always have fun with you and im afraid that if something were to happen to “us” it would all disappear. well, i love you and i hope ill see you soon!

Love always,
P.S.- Your truly one of a kind!

3rd to brian


hey big bro! The reason I am writing you this letter becuz i dont think i am going to make it. Dont get all sad and stuff shit happens. I need to tell you something though. I really really like nick(no not like best friends, as more) Dont kill him or anything k?!? I think he really likes me too! I mean i just cant help falling for him. Well, neway, i wish you and leigh the best for the future. I want to tell you that you have been the best brother and that i love you! We have been through sooo much and i dont want you to forget those good time( u can maybe forget the bad times). Well, i have to go. Love you 4ever and always!!!!

Love you!

I wrote the rest of the people and it was mostly about how much i love them and how they are impotent to me.

*3rd person*

After Stacy had finish the letter she called nick and aj in to give them the letters.
“hey guys i wrote you letters, dont read them until i go into surgery k?” Stacy said weakly. She handed them the letters and then suddenly like it was planned her pulse starting dropping and nick and aj looked to the right and saw it dropping too. The doctors came in and pushed them back and told them to leave. They then took her into surgery.
Nick and Aj went to read there letters.......................................