After we stoped kissing the first word out of my mouth was "no".
"What" aj asked
"i said no" i said " we can't do this"
"Because it is just wrong" i said
" Why is it just wrong you said it urself that you don't love your bf anymore?"
"Well i don't love you either"
"well it not always love"
"ya you would like me to be your little sex toy" i said back
"no like can turn into love" he said
" How can this like turn into love if i don't even like you" i said as i ran out the door.
I ran right to howie d's house and knocked on his door and he answered it.
"Howie doin'" he asked
" umm hi can i come in" i said
"sure what's wrong" he could see my eyes were red. We went over and sat on the couch.
" Me and aj had a fight" i said
"Why were you at aj's house" he asked
"Cuz me and nick had a fight" i said
"Why did you have a fight with nick? he asked. I told him about the thing with mark and and then the thing with aj and all
the crap that was going on.
"well why didn't you go to brian or kevin?" he asked
"umm cuz they were a little busy"
"well lets just call them"
"no it's ok howie i don't want to bother them"
"no no no i am going to call them and tell them we need to talk" he said. He called kevin and kevin said he would be over in a minute. Then he called brian.
"hello" brian said, there were noises in the backround.
"brian can you come over here, i need to talk to you"
"umm i really can't right now me and leigh are a little busy" he said
" Ok ok but can i bring leigh too"
"ya ok" he said. They hung up and howie went back over to the couch.
"i heard you yelling is everything ok" stacy asked
"ya everything is fine they are on there way over" he said. A little while later There was somebody at the door. Howie went to answer the door. It was kevin.
"hey what is all this about" kevin said acting kinda angre
"umm hey" said stacy. The door bell rang again and it was brian and leighanne.
"hey ok now stacy looks fine to me" brian said a little annoyed that stacy looked okey to him.
"no something happed to her and i think you are going to be a liitle mad a least" howie said
"ok so tell me" brian said
"ok so you know mark right........." she went on to tell the whole story about how he hurt nick and her ribs and aj and all that stuff. When she finshed kevin and brian got up and walked towards the door.
" where are you going" stacy said
" we are going to have a little talk with mark"
" No you guys don't i still love him" stacy pleaded crying
"well ya" stacy said
"well you know what i don't let anyone or anything do that to my sister ok stacy so i we going over there and talking to him" brian said
" brian shut the hell up and do as your sister says, i want to have a talk screw mark what are we going to do about nick and aj . it is more important that we all get along we are all like family to each other., or are family in some cases"howie said in one breathe
" ok what do you want to do D" kevin said
" ok i know that nick may be mad but that is one stupid reason" howie said
" well i kinda did not tell you one thing. nick hurt his leg and wrist" i said
" so he still should not be mean like that, is that all?" brian said
" well... mandykindabrokeupwithhim" i whispered fast
" what" everyone said
" uh well mandy broke up with nick... for another guy " i said
" i knew this was comeing" brian said "but why would you say that to aj" brian asked
"well i dont know i have been under so much i just blew up and he happened to be their at a great time" i said feeling bad about what i had done.
" i dont know how we can solve nick and Ajs problem but i know how to solve mark" kevin said geting up amd brian followed
" NO you wont i wont let you" i yelled as i began to get pissed. brian came over to me and gave me a hug then whispered in my ear
" stacy i know u are mad but we cant do anything else. he hurts u this is what he will get. stacy you are better then this and i know you will find the perfect guy. so can we just do this" brian said and all i could do was nod . brian gave me a kiss on the cheek and kevin did the same . when they left leigh brought me to the bath room to clean up
" stacy when r you going to get ur ribs fixed" leigh said
" i dont know if i do i want nick to come i felt safe when he was their"i said while leigh and me walked to howie extra room he said i could stay in.
" you like him dont you" leigh said
" i dont know i think i do but i know he dosnt like me so screw that" i said
" i have an idea how about i call him" leigh said and i nodded ring ring
" hello " nick said
" hey nick its me leigh i was wondering if you have seen stacy latly we havnt seen her"
" um she was here this morning but left" nick said
" do you know why"
" no she just left" nick anwsered
" oh i am getting worried "leigh told nick" well how was your day"
" crapy" nick said
"why"leigh asked him
" oh well nothing" nick said
" no nick you can tell me"
" well mandy dumped me " nick told her
' what i am so sorry nick"
" it the for the best " nick said
" well anyone you like" leigh asked while stacy giggled
" maybe why" nick questioned her
'well we always tell eachother things " leigh said
"ok yeah their is one girl i have had my eye on" nick said
"and who might that be"
" Stacy"
"omg seriously well i think you should get you ass over to howies got to go" leigh said and hung up
"who does he like leigh"
" well i always keep promisies with my little nicky" leigh said giggleing
"well clues" stacay said
"well he like some one who is close to his best friend" leigh said and stacy choked out 'me'"yes but act like u dont, know he is coming over and you have to work out the fight you had ok "
"yeah i guess, thank you leigh" stacy said
"i know i know" stcay said. the girls talked for about 10 more minutes and they heard the door bell
" hey what you doin here nick" howie said
"oh leigh told me to get my ass over here. do you know whats going on"
"nope but i have an idea" howie said with a grin. righ tthen leigh walked in the room.
" hey nick i have something i need to show you" leigh said taking his arm.they walked to the second room and leigh stuffed nick in their
"you to have to make up or you never get out" leight told them both and slamed the door.
"hey" stacy said to nick
" what does she mean make up" nick asked stacy
" well if you noticed we havent been geting along since Mand..... i mean since we left marks house" stacy anwsered
" what you must have been the one not geting along i never did anything"
" WHAT are you talking about you yell at me for using yoru bathroom and act to busy to evan talk to me " stacy yelled
" well i have been mad about something"
"what that you bloned bimbo girlfriend dumped you well sorry thats no reason to be a jerk"
" wait how do you know that" nick asked
" i heard you on the phone"
"ok now u are yelling at me but at least i dont listion to your damn phone calls" he said
" well i was looking for a house so i called some guy and when i picked up it was mandy" i said
" you know what stac we are being pretty stupid we have been friends for 8 year on and off you want to just forget this fight we had" nick questioned stacy
"NO" stacy said
"what?" nick asked
"your cute when your mad i want to remember it forever"stacy said
nick went up to stacy and gave her a big ole hug when they stoped huging ther stood there holding hand looking into eachothers eyes for 1 minute when nick bent down and started kissing stacy. after awhile it became making out. 5 mins later leigh knocked on the door, no awnser so she let herself in "so u friends yet"
" go away were making up" nick said
" sure u mean making out" leigh said before she left the room. when folowed by nick and stacy hand in hand