" nick" i said as we walked out of the house
" yeah" he said
"do you think it would be alright if i drive back and let you rest" i asked afraid he was mad
" whatever i don't care" nick said and i knew he was made i would be. i didn't say a word all the way back to nicks house, afraid he would snap. but i also said nothing because i was thinking of mark. what had got into him? i keep asking my self.i thought he loved me. as i pulled up to the house i just sat their as i realized what had happened, so i ran up stairs crying. i layed on my back crying and crying why did this have to happen every thing was perfect

~ 2 hours later~

i woke up and noticed i was in the bathroom
*knock knock*
"how is it" i asked
"who do u think" nick asked
" o sorry" i said as i opened the door
" can i use the bathroom" nick said kinda in a bad mood
"yeah sure " i said as i put my head down and walked out. i felt bad that nick had got in a fight because of me i went down stairs to get the paper and look at houses i could rent or a apartment for the time being as i found a house i really like i was about to call i heard nick on the phone
" hey babe what's up" i heard nick say
" hi honey" some girl said"so whats up"
" well nutin really just resting" nick said " well want to come over"
" no um i have uh been meaning to tell you something" mandy said
" well whats up" nick said
"um i kinda well we can't go on anymore" she said" well i have found another man and i think i love him"i heard mandy say i could not believe it poor nick
" you want to break up with me" nick said sounding like he was on the verge of tears.
" yeah i am sorry we can still be friends" mandy said but i knew nick did not care about being friends with her.
"yeah whatever i gtg " and nick hung up and so did i. i heard nick come down the stairs so i acted like i knew nothing happened
"hey "i said i wanted to find out what hapened to see if he would tell me " did you fall down toliet or something" i asked
" no i wish i did though" nick said and i could tell he really liked that girl.
" well u want to help me look for a house i should be moveing soon" i said and he just sat down and turned the tv on and starred
" whatever i really dont have time" nick said watching tv
" nick whats wrong with you ever since we came back you have been a jerk" i said
" well maybe i am just not in a good mood ok lay off" nick said to me meanly
"well sorry for interrupting your great day bye " i said and left the room to go out side. i knew that brian lived kinda far away to i went to a payphone
"hello" i heard brian say
" hey brian do u think i could come over for a while" i asked but as soon as i said that i heard in the back ground leighanne ' brian hurry up i am waiting ' and i laughed to my self " well brian i see your busy can i have kevins phone number" i asked
" o yeah it's (999) 999-9999 well gtg bye" brian said i dialed kevins number and he picked up
" what" he said
" bye" i said and just ung up i guess everyone was to busy i could call aj i had his number. so i called
"hey" aj said
" hey aj this is me stacy"i said
"oh hey whats up" aj said
"well i wanted to know if i could come over i need to talk to someone" i asked
" why didn't you call brian or kevin" aj said
' oh if you don't want me to come its cool" i said
" no it's just i would think you would call them first" aj sai dtrying to sound nice, or well it seemed like he was
" you see brian was busy with leigh and kevin is being a jerk"i said
" what do mean kev was being a jerk" aj said
"well i was not sure but he seemed mad he anwsered what do you want" i said " well do you think you could pick me up" i asked
" yeah where are ya" he asked
" um down at the park near nicks place" i told aj
" why are you their " aj asked me
" long story i will tell ya when you get her" i told aj " well bye" i said anf hung up i walked to a bench and sat down i could not belive that all this was happening. was i going to break up with mark, if i did i would have to move out because mark did pay the rent. i knew i had no way to pay for a huse half te size. i huess i would stay with him maybe we could make up. i sat there in thoughts for about ten minutes when aj came up to me
" whats wrong stacy" aj asked me
" alot" i said aj hug me and sat next to me
" start from the beginning" he told me
" ok it started the night when mark saw us kiss, that night he went crazy" i said i stoped becasue i did not want to think about this but knew it was for the best that someone else knew" and we got in a fight he pushed me down the stairs and i went to sleep on the coach. the next morning nick called so he came over sence mark was at work. nick noticed my eye and lip and ribs. he talked me into going to the doc. the doc said i had a few broken and seperated ribs and need surgury. when me and nick got to his house he guess about mark. he told me to stay their for a while then this morning nick and i went to my house to get some stuff. their nick and mark got in a fight . now nick has been ignoreing me and pissy" i said
" omg stacy i am so sorry' aj said" but is this is about nick" aj asked
" no but i trst you so if i tell you something you have to promise u aint going to say anything" i told aj and he nodded" well i was about to call a place to asked about their rent sence i want to move, but when i picked the phone up nick was talking to mandy and" i stoped" she dumped nickfor someone else" i finished
"man thats though" aj said" nut what is this about you moving why"
" well i thought it was a good wy to get away from mark but i relized i cant do shit without him so i guess i wont leave him"i said
" no u are not going to go back to him no matter what " aj said" you will live with me "
" no way i aint going to live with no one that is wrong" i said
" i dont care then you will stay with me for a while, till you find another man" aj said
" ok fine " i said then i started to cry " why am i so uh just i cant take care of my self i hat ethat every thing i do is wrong"
" no its not stacy u are prefect nothing is wriong with you but luck" aj said i got so in to looking in to his eyes i just wanted to kiss him he was so sweet. how could this be i had a bf and i was falling for two backstreet boys"stacy are you rady to go" aj asked
" y-yes" i said inbetween sobbs when we got to he lead me to his coach.
"stacy what are you going to do about mark" aj asked me nicely considering what mark did
" i dont know i have no clue, i hate him, but i am nothing with out him" i said to aj
" well you cant go fall back into his arms after what he did to you" aj said taking my hand" stacy can i do something i have meen wanting to do sence we were at the park" aj asked me
" and what might that be" i said jokingly
"this" aj said has he bet over and kissed me, but not just any kiss like before this kiss showed more passion. as we broke apart i thought ' damn '