When i woke up, i looked at the clock and it was 12:00. I went downstairs and saw nick talking on the phone looking upset. He hung up the phone and turned to look at me.
"hey good afternoon" he said
"hey" i said sleepily "who was that on the phone, you looked upset"
"oh ummm that was mark, he wanted to know where you were" he said
"oh what did you say"
"i said that you were here and that he can't come"
" oh did he sound mad" i asked
"umm a little...ok a lot" he said
" umm i guess i need to go there and talk to him and get my stuff so i can look for an apartment ok?" i said
" ok do you want me to come with you??" he asked
"uhh ya that would be good" i said. I went upstairs and changed into my cloths. I meet nick downstaris and we headed to the car.
When we got there i was so scared, but nick was their and i knew he would not let anything happen to me. I walked in and i didn't see mark anywhere. i went upstaris and told nick to stay there. When i went upstairs mark was lying in bed. I thought he was asleep so i went over to my dreeser and started packing.
Mark turned over and started watching me.
"so you finally retured" he said. I turned around suddenly because i thought he was asleep.
"umm ya i came to get my stuff " i said
" why? r u breaking up with me? baby i luv you don't do this to me" he said begging
"i am just leaving for a little while. i just need some time alone ok?" i said trying not to look in his eyes. I tuned away to go but he grabed my arm.
"Where the hell do you think your going!" he yelled at me
"leave me the hell alone you bastard!' i yelled back at him.
"don't you ever back talk me you whore" he said and then slapped me. Nick heard it all from downstaris and ran up there when he heard the sound of someone slaping someone.
"What the hell r u doing" yelled nick when he saw stacy one the ground holding her face and mark trying to rape her.
"oh i see you brang your boy toy" he said. nick charged at him and pulled him off her and they started fighting(AN: ok i don't want to write the whole fight sceen, you all know what it is about) Nick came out wth a sprained wrist and a hurt leg. Mark came out with a black eye, dislocated sholder, and a sprained ankle. We left mark on the floor and me and nick went to his house.