as we got home mark draged me up stairs and started yellling at me
" why the hell did you kiss him" mark yelled at me " i thought you loved me"
" i do i did not mean it i wasn't thinking" i said
" dont bs me you know u did and you do not love me you slut. why not go sleep around with every guy" mark said and something i thought would never happened, happended. mark punched me in the face. everything happened in slow motion i could taste the blood in my mouth, it discusted me thinking this had been done by the person i loved most . when i tryed to get up mark had swung again slapping me across the face. i could feel my eye burn and i rolled over in pain. i thought mark was finished, but i guessed wrong. when i had got up i was near the edge of the stairs and mark had punched me in the stomach, which caused me to fall down the stars.i could see all the good times i had with mark flash before me. as i hit the floor i weeped in pain, not only because i was hurt very badly but because the pain was not brought by just anyone it was mark .

* the next morning *

as i woke up i saw that i was on the coach. i had almost forgot what had happended but the taste of dry blood reminded me. i felt like my ribs were broken that fall also hurt my leg. i could remember crawling to the coach last night
*ring* *ring* i hubbled my way over to the phone and picked it up
" hello" i said tiredly
" hey this is nick"
" oh hi what's up" i said trying to act normal, no one could know what had happened last night
" nutin i was just wondering if i could come over and hang out" nick said. i thought for a second was mark at work i asked my self. well duh he goes at 8:00 and it was 9:30
" yeah sure be over in 45 minutes" i said
" yeah thats cool" nick said
" ok bye" i said
" l8ters" nick said
i went stright to the bathroom i took a shower which felt good on my sore leg and stomach as i got out i relized i would have to make up a story about my eye and lip.' well i can say sence i was drunk i had fell down the stairs ' i said to my self. i put my make-up and tryed to cover up the bruises with lip stick and eye shadow.. i heard the door bell ring and went to open the door
" hey nick " i said as i let nick in
" stacy what happened to your eye" nick said
" o well last night i had feel down the stairs, had a little to much to drink" i said hoping he would beleive me
" oh why are you wearing lip stick then" nick said
" whats wrong with that" i said wishing he never notised i wore it rarely
" well you never wear it why start now" nick said
" i dont know just thought i could use a change" i said looking down at my ribs they had hurt very badly " hey nick u can watch tv i will be back i a sec" i said
i walked over to the cabneit and got some pain pills out then went to the kicthin to get some water i took the pills and mudured to my self ' is he worth it'
" is who worth it"nick said as i turned around
"oh uh um a-aj yeah you heard about the kiss right. i did not mean to do it i was just so drunk" i said hoping he would believe me
" oh ok so what were the pills for?" nick asked me
" oh for my ri-ribs" i could not lie all the way to him" when i fell i uh hit my ribs on the last step" i said
" let me take a look" nick said" if that is alright with you" i nodded he lifted up my shirt high enough to see my ribs only. he followed the lines of my ribs and stoped at one point" stacy i think you broke a rib or two." nick stoped and put preasure on one point of my rib and i let out a yell " yeah i think you should go to the doctor" nick said i knew he was right but i couldn't
" nick i cant i am afraid of doctors" i said
" well dont worry stacy i will be therewith you and nothing bad will happen" nick said
" well what if they tell me i need surgury" i asked
" well then you need it or else something bad can happen but i doubt you will need surgury" nick said
" umm ok i guess" i said
after i got x-rays i went to the waiting room to see nick and he gave me a hug
" see was that bad" nick said looking down at me
" uh not really but my tummy hurts" i said in my best baby voice. nick started to rub my tummy and i giggled
" now is the big baby better" nick said and i nodded
a few minutes later the doctor came out " well miss litterll we have you results come this way"
can nick come to " i asked not wanting to hear alone
" well if you want him to
" nick you want to come?" i asked
" of coarse" nick said with his smile as we walked down the hall i looked in to one room i saw a lady who looked as though she was preagnat and she was crying. as we walked further along i notised this hospital was not a very happy one.
" ok well miss. littrell it seems as though the two top right ribs are broken and seaperated pretty far on the left their are just dents " the doctor said
" so what does that mean doc" i said trying to bring some happieness
"well you are going to need surgery to bring the ribs close together and sence we will be there we will fix the dents" the doctor said and i could not believe it
" d- doc when do i need the surgery" i asked
" well some time this week you can call this number to get a time and date" the doc said handing me a card as me and nick walked out i was about to cry. " stacy do you want to go to my house " nick asked and i nodded because the cause of this was at home
when we got to nicks house we went to his living room
" stacy when you were in the x-ray room the doctor told me the only thing that could cause the way the ribs broke would be a fight did you and mark get in a fight " nick asked all i did was cry i could not tell him i mean i love mark he was just mad. but nick was one of my best friends.
" omg " was all i could say" why me" i yelled" what did i do to desearve this" i said
" nothing stacy you are a nice person and you dont deaserve it tell me what happened" nick said
" ok w-when mm-e and A-jj wer-e dancing to a slow song i kind u-uh kissed him then ma-rk he he " and i continued studering through the whole thing " and thats when he punched me twice in the s--tom-ch a-nd i ff-eel " you finish as you were crying.
" ok stacy you know i am not letting you go home you will stay in my room and i will sleep on the coach( in this nick does not try to show how rich he is he just bought a small house)
"ook i guess but i can sleep on the coach" i said
" no you sleep in my room" nick said and lead me to his room when i got there just went stright for the bed
" nick will you stay here till i go to sleep " i asked
" oh of coarse" nick said and got in the bed no nothing happed we are just friends
" nick you know what you are my best friend evan though i havent seen you in a long time i really missed you " i said
" stacy you are my best friend to " nick said
a while later i fell asleep and nick went down to the coach and went to sleep