When we got to the church Leighanne came and gave me a big hug.

"Hey girl i missed you soooo much" Leigh said

"I know me too!" i said hugging her back.

"umm sorry to interupt this, but we have to get to the wedding rehursal(?)" said the priest. Leigh and Brian and all the other people that were there went on with the rehursal and when it was over the boys went to brian's house and me and leigh went to the mall.

"So what are you planing to get?" asked Leigh

"oh i don't know maybe a dress or something" i said

"ok maybe we can get you a sexy little dress for the engagment pary tomarrow!"said Leigh. I laughed and rolled my eyes and we headed off to the mall.

When we got to the mall we went to forever 21. I went stright for the dresses. I got 4 dresses to try on,a strapless black ankle lenght dress with little flowers on it, a light pink dress that was knee lenght with a white flower on it, and a blue one and a dark blue on. I tryed all of them on and Leigh said that she liked the black one so i got that one. Since it was strapless and i would be cold i go a small velvet jacket with fur at the top.( AN: kc you know what i am talking about, Prom???) Leigh got a dark blue knee lenght dress that had dimounds all over it. When we got all of our shoping done we went over to brian's. Everyone was there brian, nick, aj, kevin, howie, nicks gf mandy,and kevins wife kirstin. When i put my stuff down we all went into the living room.

"Hey so what do you guys want to do" I asked

"How about we play truth or dare?" asked brian

"Omg i haven't played that since 10th grade" said Leigh

"ok ya, oh wait i will be right back ihave to call mark, he will be worried" i said. I went over to the phone and called mark. I told him that i would not be home tonight so he said that he would come over. I hesitated before saying ok. When he came we all took a seat in the living room and started playing, aj went first.

"Nick, truth or dare?" he asked

"umm truth" he said

" Oh boring, but ok ummm is it true you liked stacy before she left?" he asked

"Umm mabey ummm a little umm" nick said while stacy blushed.

" ok nick your turn" aj said

"umm howie" nick said

"true" howie said

"is it true that you have never had a g/f?" nick said laughing.

"umm ya umm no umm ya ok I AM PICKING SOMEBODY NOW!!!" yelled howie. Howie looked around the room and picked aj.

"I dare you to make out with stacy for 3 min. in front of everyone" said howie.

"ok" said aj. Both mark and nick got a twing of jealiously.

"No, she will not do that dare!" yelled mark standing from his seat.

"God mark it is just a dare!" yelled stacy. Mark then sat down still mad about the dare. Then aj and stacy went in front of everyone and started kissing. When their 3 min was up they went back to their seats.

"So did you like it stacy?" asked mark sounding very mad. Stacy just ignored the comment and they kept playing. When everyone was done they all went to bed.

The next morning all the girls and boys woke up around 2:00 and the girls went to stacys house and the boys stayed at brian's When the girls got to stacy's house they all went and took showers and did all their girly stuff. When then got ready and did their hair is was about 5:00. They all got in there car and drove to brian's and all the guys were there. When they walked in the house the boys looked in awe at what the girls looked like.Brian went over the Leighanne.

"You look beautiful" brian said grabing her hand and kissing it.

"Thanks," Leighanne said "you don't look to bad yourself" she said blushing. Then kevin went over to kirstin.

"Hey there beautiful" he said kissing her on the lips.

"Hey" she said blushing. Then nick went over to mandy.

"Hey you look nice" he said. She looked up and smiled at him and walked over to the door. Stacy went over to nick and started talking to him. Mark was watching this whole thing and got kinda jealous. He went over to stacy and put his arm around her waist.

"you want to go now" mark said in a evil tone.

"umm ya" she said kinda scared at his tone. When they got to the party they all started dancing and having a great time. Then mark said he was tired. Nick came over and asked if she could dance. She said yes and they went dancing. Right then a slow song came on and they got closer. Mark watched this whole thing and decited that they would talk later. When the song was over stacy went and got something to drink. When the guy asked what she wanted she said that she wanted a vodka. Aj came up to her.

"Are you sure you want such a strong drink" aj asked

"hey it can't hurt my life right now" she said

" why not?" he asked" well for one thing my boyfriend is being a jerk everytime i get close to even one guy and i miss my family so much" i said.

"it's ok stacy you always have us guys, just promise me one thing?"

"what?" she asked

"just don't have to much ok?'

"ok aj don't worry." When the bartenter gave her, her drink she gulped it down and asked for another one.

After about 5 drinks she was, well lets just say not that sober. She grabed aj and asked him to dance. There was a buch of fast songs playing and they were getting all freaky. When aj got closer she didn't know what got over her and she leaned in and kissed him!

Mark was just coming out of the bathroom when he saw aj kissing stacy! He stormed over there. "So this wasen't just a dare!" he shouted grabing her by the arms and slowly tighting his grip. "omg mark i am so sorry!" said stacy crying. He pulled starcy out of the party and stuffed her in the car(mark came in a different car). When they got home stacy was so scared she didn't say anything.