As me and nick walked back to the house we talked about all the fun times me and him had, all of these memories brought me in to a flash back

*~* flashback *~*

" HELP HELP" I yelled as i drowned at the beach. i saw all the guys heads turn from the volleyball game they were playing

" OMG!" brian yelled, right as nick swam twords me

" stacy are you alright " nick asked as i passed out

the next thing i knew i was in a coma and heard every thing going on around me. but i could not evan move my eyes, talk, or move. all the movement and talking around me stoped. i heard the door open

" hey stacy" i heard nick say " i know you can get through this stacy you are a fighter. all of the guys and i are scared and mostly brian. stacy your my best friend but also a sister to me. so many people love you. and its not cause we can it's because you are sweet, funny, and easy to talk to, which is why i am telling you this. if you die it would make me want to die because the world would not be as fun any more. nick said right as he was going to leave i begain to wake up

"n-nick" i said weakly

" stacy!" nick said as he took me into a hug

~~~ end of flash back~~~

" nick?" i said as i stoped walking

" yeah stacy" nick said turning to face me

" i am really happy to see you again, i missed you so much" i said as i looked into his beautiful sparkling blue eyes

" i know what you mean i really missed you" nick said as we both stared deep into each others eyes. the next thing i knew nick had leaned down to kiss me but not for long ' what am i doing i have a boyfriend i love' i thought to my self and i pulled away.

" i am sorry nick but i have a boyfriend" i said

" omg i am so sorry i dont know what came over me" nick said shyly

" no it's ok i did it too" i said looking down

" yeah i don't want to ruin our friendship because i had to be stupid, i also have a girl" nick said i could tell he meant what he said to " yeah so we will keep this as our little secret kay" i said and he nodded

( nicks pov)

' man why do i have to be so stupid i mean please she has a boy and i got a girl , but damn can she kiss' nick thought to him self as they started to walk back

" brian i brought someone for you " i said as we entered the house

" hey babe we have been worried" mark said to stacy . he walked up to her and they started to kiss like the would never kiss again. i could tell it was only because i was there, us guys are just like that so nick did not blame him.

" yeah me and mark have been talking" brian said

" yeah brian has a good reason and you should listion" mark said stil looking at me

" me and nick also had a talk and i agreed to talk to brian

" ok baby me and blondie over her..." mark said but stacy cut in

" you mean nick babe" stacy corrected him and nick was glad she did so

" yeah well Nick and me can talk in the dinning room

i followed MARK in to the other room

" so nick what brings you here i mean who are you" mark said

" oh brian, stacys brother, me and 3 other guys are in a group called backstreet" i said not evan wanting to be in that room

" oh yeah so what happened with you and stacy you guys ever go out" as mark said this nick laughed

"oh now that is funny no never, god no" as nick said this confussed mark

" what she not good enough for a BACKSTREET BOY " mark said

"no it's just i would feel like i was going out with my sister. ya know what i mean?" mark laughed he was jeaulus over this guy who would never thouch his girl

" you know what nick you alright " mark said and him and nick continued to talk

(brians pov)

" stacy the only reason i left without saying bye is because i knew you wanted nothing to do with me, and stac if i tryed to say anything would you listin?" brian asked

"yeah i guess you are right i am sorry bri" stacy told me as she huged me i could not believe i was huging my sister again and she began to cry

" stacy whats wrong " i asked stacy

" it's just if i was not so stuborn my life would be better" when stacy told me this i felt to good

"so stac are you going to the weding and engagment party?" i asked stacy

"oh coarse i would not miss my brothers engagment party for the world" stacy said

" good cause leigh wants you to go shoping with her tomorow" brian said happily

" you know what i need to go shoping tell her to call me" stacy said with a grin

( nicks pov)

i saw brian and stacy enterthe room both with a grin on their face

" i am guessing things went well" nick whispered to brian and brian nodded

" so stacy are you going to the engagment party, cause if you arn't you boyfriend here will have to meet all thoses nice girls all by him self" nick said with a laugh.

"well i guess i will have to go and meet them too. darn!" stacy said snaping her fingers

" well nick and i got to leave we have rehersal for the wedding you want to go?" brain asked

" well i can't go i got work, stac why don't you go" mark said

" yeah maybe i will go, and after leigh and i can go shoping" stacy said

" ok lets go "