A few more weeks went by and everyone came home for a break from the tour. Becky was having her wedding in a couple of days. But that day Katie had to go do the press conference that she had been promising for the last month. She was sitting at a long table. There were eight seats. Everyone took their seats. It went Howie, AJ, Kevin, Kristin, Brian, Leighanne, Katie, and Nick. Then a man started to talk.
"We are going to start with an opening sentence with Kevin Richardson. Then it will be open for questioning," said the man and then sat down.
"Ok well the reason we called this press conference is because we have been asked so many questions about why we postponed the first tour and if it was for Nick and Katie's wedding. We have also been asked why Nick isn't on our tour. First of all, the reason we postponed the tour is because Nick was in a serious accident and he was unable to perform at the time. His leg was injured at the time and he couldn't dance. Then Nick and Katie thought that it would be a good time to have time to themselves so that is why they got married then. Second of all, the reason that Nick isn't on this tour is because Katie was and is very sick. We heard from somewhere that Nick had broken away from the group and that is not true. We are all still together, but Nick wanted to be with Katie while she is sick. Now we are going to open up for questioning," finished Kevin. All the press jumped up for their questions to be heard.
"The lady in the blue jacket," pointed Kevin.
"Hi, Holly Becker, J-14. Katie, what is it that is making you sick?" asked the woman.
"Well..." began Katie and looked at Nick and he shook his head. "Well, the last day that Nick and I were on our honeymoon we went to this café. I got food poisoning from there and I later found out that I am pregnant," said Katie, she heard everyone gasp. "The food poisoning endangered the baby. The doctors didn't know if the baby was going to make it. But the baby is fine now. Nick and I would be on tour but I am suppost to take it easy and not dance so Nick decided that he wanted to stay home with me until I have the baby," she finished. Then everyone started to yell again.
"Umm. The man with the black hat," said Kevin.
"Dan Havert, Teen, Katie, how far along are you?" asked the man.
"About a month," replied Katie.
"The lady in the red dress," said Kevin.
"Erica Johnson, BOP, May I ask why are Leighanne and Kristin here?" she asked.
"Well we have another announcement to make. Do you want to say it?" he asked Leighanne. She nodded her head yes.
"I am also pregnant," announced Leighanne. Then she looked at Kristin.
"I also am pregnant. We are all three about a month along," said Kristin. Then people just started asking all kinds of questions. Katie was just sitting there listening to everything that was being said. She started to feel a little dizzy. While Howie was in the middle of saying something Katie got up.
"I will be back," said Katie to Nick.
"Are you ok?" he asked concerned.
"I am just getting a little dizzy," replied Katie.
"You want me to come with you?" asked Nick.
"No just stay here," said Katie and then she got up and left. Then everyone started asking questions about where she had gone. She was gone for about 10 minutes and Nick was getting worried. Nick told Leighanne that he was going to check to make sure that Katie was ok. He walked out of the room towards the bathrooms. He saw Katie sitting against the wall with her head in her hands. He ran over to her. He put his hands on her shoulders.
"Katie, are you ok?" he asked.
"I am just really dizzy and the room won't stop spinning," replied Katie. She was crying because her head hurt so much. Nick sat up against the wall.
"Here just lay down," he instructed. A few minutes later Brian came out of the room and saw Katie too. "Brian," called out Nick quietly. He didn't want to yell because he new that it would hurt Katie's head. "Go get some cold water, and get a cold, wet washcloth," he said.
"Is she ok?" asked Brian also concerned.
"She is really dizzy," replied Nick.
"OK. I'll be right back," said Brian. He went and got everything and then told Katie that he hoped that she feels better. Then he went back into the conference room.

~~~In the Conference Room~~~

When Brian walked back in everyone started to yell again. "Katie is just a little dizzy right now," said Brian. Then Nick came running in.
"Bri! Call an ambulance!!" he screamed. With out any hesitation Brian called 911 and then ran out of the room. All of the other guys followed. The security held back all of the press so they couldn't come back to where Katie and the other guys were. Katie was lying down in the middle of the hallway.
"What happened to her?" asked Kristin.
"She said that she was ready to come back in so I helped her up and then she passed out in my arms so I laid her down and ran in and called Brian," replied Nick through tears. Nick was crying not knowing what to do. Then the EMT's came running into the room. They put Katie up on a stretcher and took her out of the building and to the hospital. They were only a couple minutes away from the hospital. Nick rode with Katie there. She was drifting in and out of consciousness. Then she blacked out. She was taken into the hospital. Nick was told to wait in the waiting room. A couple minutes later the other guys ran in. Nick was sitting in a chair crying. AJ walked over next to Nick and sat down.
"Everything will be fine, man. Katie is strong we all know that she is going to make it through this," said AJ trying to reassure Nick.
"I can't live my life without her! I don't know what I would do!!" exclaimed Nick.

~~~An hour later~~~

"WHY HASN'T ANYONE COME TO TALK TO US!!!!" yelled Nick out of frustration.
"Nick, it takes time. You are just going to have to wait," said Howie gently.
"I can't wait anymore. I have to see her. I want to be with her!" yelled Nick.
"I know, man, but Katie wouldn't want you to be all depressed like this," replied Howie. Then a doctor walked in.
"Mr. Carter," said the doctor. Nick ran up to him.
"Is Katie alright!?!?" he exclaimed.
"Well I don't know how to tell you this but she has fallen into a coma," replied the doctor. Nick turned pale and then just fell. He couldn't believe what had happened.
"Why? What is making her so sick?" he asked.
"The baby is cutting the blood supply and the oxygen supply from Katie so her body has to work more to get oxygen. That is the cause to all of her head aches and dizziness and this time for some reason this time it got completely cut off for a while," responded the doctor.
"What about the baby?" asked Nick.
"Well that is a decision that I need you to make," said the doctor.
"What do you mean?" asked Nick carefully.
"Well you have a choice. Either have Katie lose the baby and I can almost guarantee that Katie will get better, or have Katie carry the baby to full term with the chance to lose her life and the baby's. The only thing is with the second choice. There is almost no chance that Katie will survive," said the doctor. Nick couldn't believe that he had to make that decision. He didn't want to lose Katie nor the baby.
"I don't know. I don't want to lose either one," he said sadly.
"Well I will give you time to choose, but you need to make your decision soon because we need to get Katie to the OR if you are choosing to lose the baby," said the doctor. Nick was in total shock. He couldn't believe that he had to make that choice. Nick could hardly speak.
"Give... give... Give me a minute," he uttered.
"Ok. I'll be back after I am done checking on Katie," agreed the doctor. Nick went back and sat down in shock. He didn't want to have to make this decision.
"I think you should give the baby up. There is less a risk that way. The doctor even said that if you chose to let Katie have the baby that she would most likely die and so would the baby," said Brian.
"He's right Nick. That is what you should do," agreed Kevin.
"Leighanne what would you want? You know Katie the best and you are a woman," asked Nick.
"I don't know that is a tough decision. Umm. Well I would. Have her live Nick. The first three months on a baby are the most important ones. And with the food poisoning, Katie always being sick, and now her in a coma that is only going to cause more problems. I think you should have her live," replied Leighanne.
"Ok then that is what I am going to do," said Nick coming to a decision. A couple minutes later the doctor came back.
"Have you made your decision yet?" he asked.
"Yeah. I hope Katie doesn't hate me for this but I want her to live," replied Nick.
"Ok. That is what I was hoping that you would choose. Ok well she will be going in to OR soon so you can go in one at a time to see her," said the doctor.
"I am going first. What room is she in?" asked Nick.
"271," said the doctor.
"Thank you," said Nick and then ran to Katie's room.

~~~Back in the Waiting Room~~~

"He really loves her doesn't he?" asked the doctor.
"Yeah, I am afraid to see what he is like if he ever loses her," commented Kevin.
"Will she make it through this? I mean now that Nick is gone you can tell us straight up. You don't have to sugar coat it," said AJ.
"Well her chances are really good of coming out of OR successfully. But her chances of coming out of a coma are good but not as good," replied the doctor truthfully.
"But the chances are with her right?" asked Kristin hopefully.
"Yes they are with her, but when she gets out of OR we are going to give her 3 months to come out of a coma and if she doesn't then we are going to take her off life support," said the doctor.
"What!! You can't do that. What if her body needs more than 4 months! What if it needs 4 months and a week? You can't just take her off like that," exclaimed Howie.
"I'm sorry but the longest you can have someone on life support here is 4 months. AND we are the hospital with the longest life support rate!" informed the doctor.
"When did you plan to tell Nick all of this?" asked AJ in disbelief.
"I will tell him when she gets out of OR," replied the doctor.

~~~In Katie's Hospital Room~~~

Nick ran into Katie's room. He started crying when he saw all of the IV's and tubes that she had coming out of her. He went and sat down next to her and held her hand.
"Come on Katie you have to pull through this. I know you can. I love you more than anything. I can't live my life without you... I had to make a decision. Either keep you or lose you and have the baby, with the chance to lose you both. I chose to lose the baby. That is what Leighanne thought you would want. I hope you wont hate me," begged Nick. Then he started softly singing 'Don't want to lose you now.' He sat there until the doctors took Katie away for her operation. Nick went back out in the waiting room crying, with the thought of losing her. All of the guys tried to get his mind off of it by talking about different things, but Nick always found a way to associate it with Katie. After a while they just gave up and waited for the doctor to come out.

~~~An hour and a half later~~~

The doctor came out. He had a smile on his face. Nick went up to him.
"Is she alright?" he asked anxiously.
"She is fine. She is still in a coma but the surgery went well," replied the doctor. All of the other guys were still sitting knowing what the doctor was going to say.
"So when do you think that she will come out of a coma?" asked Nick.
"Well that is what I want to talk to you about. Please sit down," said the doctor.
Nick got a sinking feeling in his stomach. "What is it?" he asked.
"Well there is a good chance that she will come out of it, but there is always that possibility that she won't," responded the doctor.
"But you said that there is a good chance that she would right?" asked Nick.
"Yes, but, our hospital only allows patients to be on life support for 4 months. Then after that we have to take them off of it. So if she doesn't wake up in four months today then we will have to take her off of it," said the doctor. Nick put his head down in his hands and started to cry.
"Now I know that you all want to see her and visiting hours are almost over, so I am going to let you all go in and see her," said the doctor.

As I steped out of my new Orlando home, the sun shining in my face,I went to open the mail. Bills, Bills, invatation to Brian's engagement party! "How did he get my address and when did he start caring" I screamed to myself.

I ran in the house and called my mom.

"hello" said Mrs. Littrell

"mother what is this about brian" I said

"well hello to you too" Mrs.Littrell said sarcasticly

"mother this is no time for joking, you know i didn't want him to know my address"

"Well brian and Leighann wanted you to be there"

"mom i ..."

(Knock, Knock)

"mom i have to go someone is at the door" I said as i hung up on her.

When i went over to the door i was so mad i didn't care what i said.

"what do you..." i said when i saw who was before me.

"hi" said Brian shyly

"what do you want" i said atempting to slam the door.

"wait! i can explain" he said putting his foot in the door.

Being the sister that i am i decided to let him in. As i closed the door behind him i saw a very cute guy in the car..'that can't be nick can it?' i thought to myself. I snapped out of my thoughts hearing brian calling my name.

"What" i sapped at him. As i said this he went over and sat on the couch.

"Look i really want to explain......" brian begain to say.

"What! that you left your only sister who LOVED you very much behind without saying "goodbye" to me" I sapped at him. Just then my boyfriend mark came downstairs.

"What's going on here! Arn't you my girlfriends idiotic brother!" Both brian and i turned around and yelled "shut up" Once i realized how much i missed him and what i just said i ran out of the door as fast as i could.

I started running to the place i always went to, to clear my thoughts, the park. I passed by brian's car and just realized that the cute guy was in the car, that just made me run faster, cuz i didn't want him to see me.


(Nick's P.O.V)

Brian got out of the car and walked up to stacy's house. When the person opened the door and i saw stacy. 'Boy has she gotten pretty' i thought to myself. As brian walked in I saw her look at me and looked away. I waited for a while when i heard the door slam and stacy running towards the park. Brian didn't leave the keys in the car so i got out and started running. She ran and ran until she got to the place she wanted to go and stoped. I stood and watched where she was going. She went to the nearst bench and sat down with her head in her hands. She looked so beautiful. i got out of my daze and went over to her.

"Hey" i said shyly

Stacy looked up and looked surprised. We caught eye contact and then it reminded me of how we used to be great friends. We would always joked about her liking aj. We used to laugh and laugh about that. When she looked away, i went a sat down beside her and began to talk.


(Stacys P.O.V)

Nick sat down beside me and put his arm around me. Just then i felt chills go down my spine. I started to cry.

"Why do i have to be so stupid" I cried out.

"About what" he said

"About not letting brian explain and running out on him like that! I can't face him again after what i did!"

" You're not stupid stacy, i mean you havent seen hm for what 2 years" he said trying to comfort me.

" Nick i miss being able to talk to my brother and his friends, and then him and leighann r getting married and i didn't even know about it until i get a invitation in the mail saying i could come. He probely only invited my cuz i am his sister. And what happened to you, why did you never call or contact me in any way. We used to be such great friends NICK!" I said as i started to cry even harder. " Mabey i should just jump off a mountain, i mean no one would even notice i was gone, brian wouldn't care he might even have a party."

"No Stacy! Don't even say that about yourself. Look brian never contacted you because you just moved out and he thought that you hated him and for us guys you know we all loved you, espeacily me," He said.

I started crying even harder than before because of what he just told me. I had just remember that i had told y mom not to give my address to anyone cuz i was mad at him.

"Here, why don't we go back to your house and strighten eveything out" He said while trying to pick me up. I nodded and we walked back to my house.