Tony’s Pizza Plaza is the main hangout in Naples, Florida. Katie and her four friends: Becky, Jessie, Erin, and Jackie, sing there every Friday. All five of them are HUGE Backstreet Boys Fans. The BSB songs are the only songs that they sing. They call themselves the Backstreet Girls. The only difference in the music is when they say girl, they say boy. All five of them like different guys. Katie like Nick, Becky likes Kevin, Jessie likes Brian, Erin likes Howie, and Jackie likes AJ. They sing their boy’s part. Ok now about Katie. Becky is her cousin. Katie is from Indiana. She doesn’t want to live with her parents. Her aunt, Lora Corey, is trying to get custody of her because she knows how her parents treat her. Her aunt was never married. She has to switch between high schools. At Estaro, the Florida High School, she is head cheerleader, starting pitcher for the Varsity Softball team, and starting Point Guard for the Varsity basketball team. She is the most popular girl there. Although, she has never had a boyfriend before because the boys are to afraid that she is going to leave once they start going out with her, so none of them ask her out. I think that is it so now on with the story.