The next day Katie and Nick woke up at 12:00, noon, their time. They got up and went sightseeing. It was so beautiful there. It wasn't touring season in Hawaii so there weren't very many people there. The two them stayed there for 2 weeks. They were away from everything. To Katie's amazement no fans asked Nick for his autograph and there was no one from the press there to bother them. It was just the two of them. Katie and Nick were lying on the beach watching the sunset.
"Well we better like this while it lasts," said Nick.
"Like what while it lasts?" asked Katie.
"Having a normal life. How often do we come out and no one is taking pictures of us or asking me for their autograph? I mean I am glad that I have fans but when I want to be with you, I want to be with you alone like a normal person," replied Nick.
"Oh yeah I guess your right," agreed Katie.

~~~Two Weeks Later~~~

Katie and Nick had just gotten home from their honeymoon. They were lying in bed just looking at the ceiling.
"Aren't you going to unpack?" asked Nick.
"What's the point we are just going to go on tour in 3 days anyways," replied Katie.
"Yeah. Have you called the girls yet?" asked Nick.
"Yeah I called them about an hour ago," said Katie. She was still looking at the ceiling.
"What is so amazing up there?" asked Nick. Just then Katie got up and ran to the bathroom. She slammed the door shut. Nick ran after her and opened the door.
"Katie, are you ok?" he asked.
"Go get me a cool, wet washcloth," said Katie.
"OK," said Nick. Katie was leaning over the toilet. She had just thrown up. Nick came back with a cold washcloth. Katie was lying on the cold tiles on the bathroom floor. Nick put the washcloth on her forehead.
"Katie, are you ok?" he asked again.
"I don't know," replied Katie.
"Do you want me to call a doctor?" suggested Nick. Katie started to sit up.
"No I'll be f…" she began to say but then she passed out.

~~~The next day~~~

Katie woke up in the hospital with a really bad headache. When she opened her eyes she saw Nick. His eyes were all red and puffy.
"Nick," said Katie. She sounded really weak.
"Shhhh. I'm here, Katie," said Nick.
"Where am I?" she asked.
"You are in the hospital. Go back to sleep. The doctor said that you need plenty of rest," replied Nick.
"I'm not tired. I just want to talk to you. Why am I in here?" asked Katie.
"I don't know the doctors haven't told me anything. All they said it that you need to get plenty of sleep," answered Nick. Then a doctor walked in.
"Well, it is nice to see you up, Mrs. Carter. Ok well, we have established what is wrong with you," he said.
"What is it?" asked Nick.
"Well, I am not sure if you would like to know this it is kind of good and bad. The good thing is, Mrs. Carter, you are pregnant," said the doctor. Katie was shocked by what he just said. She looked at Nick. His eyes were full of excitement. He looked at her and smiled.
"I'm pregnant?" asked Katie in disbelief.
"Yes, but there is still the bad news. Where was the last restaurant that you ate at?" asked the doctor.
"The Honolulu Café. Why?" said Nick.
"Well, Mrs. Carter, you have food poisoning. And Mr. Carter we need to take you in for testing to make sure that you were not contaminated also," informed them the doctor.
"Will it hurt the baby?" asked Nick.
"We don't know yet. We will have to keep Katie here to keep check," replied the doctor.
"For how long?" asked Nick.
"To check and make sure that everything is ok I would say for about a week, but if anything funny shows up then there is no telling how long she will have to be here," answered the doctor. Nick looked at Katie very worried. Katie was shocked by what was happening. Then she looked at Nick.
"What about the tour?" asked Katie.
"I will call the guys and tell them that I can't come," said Nick simply.
"Nick, I really want you here with me but the fans are already upset because we canceled the tour once. Think of how mad they would be if you didn't come," said Katie.
"They will understand. And I am sure the guys will to. Hold on let me go talk to them," assured Nick.
"Where are they?" asked Katie.
"They are in the waiting room. You were only aloud to have on guest at a time so we all took turns," replied Nick.
"Well, she is not supposed to have more than one but I will make an exception. You can have all of your friends in here," said the doctor.
"Did you call my grandfather?" asked Katie.
"I can't, remember they left for their trip to Greece? I didn't have any of the numbers and neither did Becky," said Nick.
"Oh yeah I forgot," said Katie.
"Yeah. Ok well I will be right back I am going to get everyone," stated Nick.
"OK," said Katie. About 5 minutes later everyone, Becky, Matt, Jessie, Nate, Erin, Jason, Jackie, Scott, Brian, Leighanne, Kevin, Kristin, AJ, Amanda, Howie, and of course Nick, came in. None of them knew what was going on. They didn't know the reason why Katie was in the hospital either.
"Should we tell them?" asked Nick looking at Katie.
"Yeah. You can," she said.
"Ok. Well the reason that Katie is in here is because she got food poisoning, and…" started Nick.
"Are you ok?" asked Nate.
"Yeah I am fine but let Nick finish," said Katie.
"And Katie is pregnant," finished Nick. Everyone started to congratulate her.
"So when you will you be out of this place, it gives me the creeps," asked Brian.
"Well that is the bad part. She isn't aloud to leave for another week so they can make sure that the food poisoning didn't affect the baby. But if something goes wrong then they don't know how long she is going to be in here," said Nick.
"But what about the tour?" asked Kevin.
"Well I don't know what we are going to do about that. I want to stay with Katie," said Nick.
"Maybe you guys should just cancel this tour altogether, because I just found out yesterday that I am in the same position as Katie. Minus the food poisoning," announced Kristin.
"OMG!! Really! Congratulations!!" exclaimed Katie. Kevin smiled.
"Thanks," said Kristin.
"Well since we are just throwing out good news. Scott asked me to marry him last night!! And I said yes!" said Jackie.
"Congratulations!! Wow this is really cool," commented Katie.
"Yeah. Matt and me finally set a date too!" announced Becky.
"When?" asked Jessie.
"September 20th," replied Becky.
"OMG! That is in like a month!!" exclaimed Katie.
"Yeah I know," said Becky.
"We have all the arrangements made. Now we just need to send the invitations out," said Matt.
"Well this is just going to make everyone else happy to, but me and Nate are engaged also. He asked me right before Nick called us," said Jessie.
"Sorry," apologized Nick sheepishly.
"No it is ok. Just as long as Katie is ok," assured Nate. Him and Katie had been best friends ever since Katie was a freshman in high school.
"So it is official the tour has been canceled?" asked AJ.
"Yeah I think we should," said Kevin.
"Ok. I will go call out managers. Should I tell them everything. I mean about Katie and Kristin?" asked Howie.
"And me," added Leighanne.
"What?" asked Brian.
"Well I didn't know when to tell you and since everyone was announcing their engagements and babies, I just thought I should say something," said Leighanne.
"That is great!!" exclaimed Brian and gave Leighanne a hug. She was shocked that he was so happy.
"Just tell them that Katie is in the hospital and that we are canceling the tour and we will have a press conference when she gets better," said Kevin turning to Howie.
"Ok. I'll be right back," said Howie and left the room.
"This is so weird," said Katie.
"Yeah I know. So is there anything else that anyone wants to say?" asked Nick. Everyone looked at each other to see if anyone was going to say anything. Then Howie walked back into the room. He didn't look happy.
"What did they say?" asked Nick.
"They said that we ALL still have to go on tour, including all of the girls. They said that they could understand if Katie is sick but when she gets better they will fly her to wherever we are," replied Howie.
"WHAT!!!" yelled Nick. "I'll be right back," he said.
"Nick, just do what they say," said Katie.
"NO! I am not going to leave and go on tour while you are sick and in the hospital!" exclaimed Nick.
"Nick! I'll be fine!!" exclaimed Katie.
"I'll be right back," said Nick and grabbed his cell phone that was on Katie's nightstand.
"He is right Katie, the management shouldn't make him leave you," said Kevin.
"I know and I really want him to be here with me but..." started Katie but Kevin interrupted her.
"Then that is how it is going to be," he said determinedly.
"He is right. That is how it is going to be," said Jessie.
"But I don't want to be the reason that you guys don't go on tour and disappoint millions of fans," said Katie.
"But they will understand," said AJ gently and then Nick walked in.
"What did they say?" asked Brian.
"They said that I could stay as long as when Katie gets better, we both come to where the concert is," responded Nick.
"Well, that sounds fair," commented Howie.
"Yeah I guess. As long as I get to be with her," said Nick. Then the Doctor came in.
"Sorry to break up this family session but Mrs. Carter needs to get her rest," he informed the group.
Everyone said their goodbyes and that they'll see Katie the following day. They left so then it was just Katie and Nick in the room. Later that day Nick got tested and he came out negative.
The next few days went by really slow. Katie was so worried that something was going to happen. Nick was with her the whole time. The only time he left was to change his clothes and take a shower, and he always left when Katie was asleep so she wouldn't miss him. Katie hadn't heard anything from the doctor. He hadn't come in to see her since he told everyone to leave a few days before. Everyone had already left for the tour. They were still going to have a press conference, about the babies, but they were still waiting until Katie was better. Nick was really getting mad at the doctor. He was getting ready to go and talk to him when the doctor walked in.
"It's about time you came in to see her," exclaimed Nick.
"Nick!" said Katie. The doctor gave Nick a dirty look.
"Well Katie we have good and bad news. The food poisoning is out of your system for good but things aren't looking to good for the baby," said the doctor. Katie started to cry with just the thought of not having her baby.
"What does that mean?" asked Nick.
"Well you haven't lost the baby yet, but its heart rate keeps dropping and then rising. It isn't very promising. I'm very sorry," said the doctor apologetically and then left. Katie was crying really hard. She didn't want to lose her baby. Nick looked at her.
"It's ok. Everything is going to be fine. We haven't lost it yet," he assured her.
"Yeah I know but just the thought of losing it scares me," admitted Katie.
"I'll always be here for you no matter what happens," promised Nick.
Another week passed and Katie still wasn't allowed to leave the hospital, but she was allowed to leave her room and walk around the hospital. Her and Nick walked around a lot.
One day Katie and Nick were getting ready to walk around when the doctor came in. Katie and Nick were both standing up.
"Where are you to going?" asked the doctor.
"We were going for a walk," replied Nick.
"Oh well I think you to need to sit down," said the doctor. Katie and Nick sat next to each other on Katie's bed. Nick put his arm around her waist holding her tight. "Ok well we know what is going to happen with you baby. It is going to live," told them the doctor. Katie was so happy. Nick turned to her and gave her a huge hug. "But I don't want her to go on tour. The baby is going to make it through IF Katie takes it easy. She needs to get plenty of rest, but dancing would shake the baby around too much. Plus, I want Katie to come in once every week," added the doctor.
"Ok. We can do that," said Nick. Katie looked at Nick confused.
"Katie, I am going to tell the desk that you can leave today. Nick, you will need to sign her out. I will see you next week Katie," said the doctor and then he left.
"What do you mean 'we can do that?'" asked Katie.
"Well I will just talk to the management," replied Nick.
"They are just going to say what they said last time," said Katie.
"No, I don't think they will. Come on let's get out of here. I am sick of this place," urged Nick.
"Ok," agreed Katie.
"We will call them when we get home," said Nick.
Katie got all of her stuff together and Nick signed her out and they both left. Then Nick drove Katie the 15-minute drive home. The whole time she didn't say anything.
"Is something wrong?" asked Nick.
"I am just trying to figure out what I am going to do when you have to leave," responded Katie.
"Well stop thinking because I am not leaving," said Nick.
When they got home Katie put her things away and went downstairs and sat next to Nick on the couch. She lay down so that her head was on his lap.
"Did you call the management?" she asked.
"What did they say?"
"They said that I could stay with you. That you need me more than they do right now," replied Nick. Katie sat up at those words. Nick had a big smile on his face. Katie gave him a hug and then they started kissing. Then Nick pulled away.
"Are you ready to go to bed?" he asked.
The two of them went to bed. Katie feel asleep right away because she was so tired. It took Nick longer to go asleep. He was thinking about what life would be like with a kid running around the house. He wondered what his job would be like with a kid. Then he just fell asleep with thoughts about the baby.